Cold - Strip Her Down Lyrics

Everybody played a game
How come you won't tell me the rules
I'm tired of tryin on a new skin
I never listen; I'm a fool
And everybody ran away
How come you won't tell me where
I guess I treated them too wrong
Now the sun won't shine on me
Now the rain won't even fall

Could of stripped her down
And made the world a mess for her
Never thought she could be this way
Could of stripped her down
And fucked the world all up for her
Never thought she could be this way
Could've stripped her down

Now that the love has gone away
2 blind to see my way to live
I waste away from all the pain, for you I'd kill myself
I hope you get to play your games, I hope you
Get to see your friends
I hope the guilt mixes the pain, I hope you
Never love again


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Cold Strip Her Down Comments
  1. Sam Jones

    What a album 💪🏽

  2. Asilia African Animal Ranch

    All the games I played, on longest days, all the women that has passed on by, none to stay... Now I have found no pain in the rain with nothing to gain, such a shame..She never remained nothing more then a silent stain. I Truly hope you never love again... I truly hope you never love again my dear friend...

  3. Mama Monster

    God I missed this song

    Josh rodriguez

    Mama Monster you’re my soulmate

  4. Gerardo Douresseaua

    Omg this music has such a amazing unique sound to it.very witchy.gonna lay down and think about witch stuff now..

  5. lucyfur

    Favorite Cold song this had to be about there women bc they were always at the bar

  6. Bobby Belle

    Share Cold music 🎶 simply one of the best

  7. David Beck

    It breaks my heart this only has 1k views!

    Mama Monster

    No shit right


    Under rated album.