Cold - She Said Lyrics

I'll be here alone
Bury everything around me
Her destinations unknown
I can't believe how she drowns me
Well I won't deny, it's all the
Little things she said

All alone
Searched the world until she found me
Her destinations unknown
I can't believe how she drowns me

Well I won't deny, it's all the
Little things she said

All this talkin'
Where's it goin'
Take the needle
Rewind the show

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Cold She Said Comments
  1. Darrell Durocher

    Oh the memories.

  2. ChrisS82

    The piano makes me tear up everytime. Then the beat drops and I go into headbanging mode, then comes back the piano and tears return...

  3. Travis Ray Hawkins Jr.

    Robbie Gordon Unplugged brought me here!!!

  4. Andrew Price

    Still listen to this in my car over and over again. Sometimes i crank it up so high my car vibrates lol. What can i say i love Cold.

  5. Mike Becker

    Maybe it is best "you"don,t ever show up; At least that way you can do what you want to "ALL the time" I don,t believe this will ever work between us.

  6. Jabbar Muhammad

    I actually like this band

  7. The Way

    I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane lately. I was 16 when this album came out..

    I loved this song back in the day

  8. Jules Black

    Loved this album when it came out. My tastes have changed dramatically since then, but this album will always be special to me, and will always remind me of being 14 years old: such easy and care-free times that I'd give anything to have back.

  9. Baby hand Grenade

    In my opinion this was their best album. The earlier music usually is the best for any band. Sad to see that their new music is horrible because they're from Jacksonville Florida where I live and apparently they're wrapping up a new album and I was hoping that they would Play Welcome to Rockville but now this kind of puts me off all that. But I guess we'll see because good music is in the ear of the beholder.

    Danton Steele

    yea you got theory of a deadman to get to

  10. Kevin Lundin

    Year of the spider was and Awesome record. Top to bottom.

  11. James Blundell

    Fuckn theBEST BANd ever

  12. Luvbie Burroughs

    Cold Kicks Ass

  13. James Blundell

    Rewind the show..

  14. WM Station to Station

    it's Tod's birthday
    I'm buying him a house. it's our little secret.😎

  15. Edith DuFoe

    How I loved the days when we didn't have to worry about our Circus administration blowing up the world!

  16. TrephineArtist

    I'll be here alone
    Bury everything around me
    Her destinations unknown
    I can't believe how she drowns me
    Well I won't deny, it's all the
    Little things she said

    All alone
    Searched the world until she found me
    Her destinations unknown
    I can't believe how she drowns me

    Well I won't deny, it's all the
    Little things she said

    All this talkin'
    Where's it goin'
    Take the needle
    Rewind the show

    Nick S

    Cool lyrics sike🖕

  17. Nicole K

    This album defined my adolescence <3

    garry horak

    Ohhh yeah!! This shit is church!! All my awkward teenage Adolescence teenage relationships.. brought me here too cold

    garry horak

    It makes me feel so old and listening to cold but I love it

    Jamie Horn

    Ditto so good

  18. Dan Mugnai

    fucking love this album...

  19. Omnipotent Quinn

    One of the main reasons i love them so much is lyrics cool ass guitar riffs and Scooter singing his ass off.

  20. Omnipotent Quinn

    They're not as hard Scooter needs to hurt to write some better lyrics. Its like they turned up the vocals and puscified the guitar. Only thing original is drums and Scooter but shit jam that shit and sing over it.

  21. lady newunit

    666th like \m/

    lisa crawford

    Cold bleed

  22. Steele174

    fuck you bitch I did nothing to deserve this shit I'll never I'm done listening to what she says...

  23. adamscott

    That opening piano riff *melts*

  24. mrbejam


  25. chrono050

    I Like Wicked World An Thats A Newer Song If They Would Just Stick To That Kind Of Music AN You Have To Remember For What 1 Or 2 Of The Newer Albums Wasnt The Original Band With Out Their Guitar Player Its Just Not The Same Band Now Hes Back An I Hope They Make 1 More Good Album

  26. Cole

    they have newer music and it's horrible. As a teen I loved them. they'll always hold a special place in this grey heart.

    Early 2000's nu-metal days will never happen again

    Roger Rabbit

    Cole they currently are working on a new album that is coming out soon that is more emotional sounding from what I've heard. Don't give up on them completely just yet.

    garry horak

    Nothing gold can stay pony boy.. I said "GOD DAMN" I love this song too!!


    Cole wait a few years and stick to your beliefs and maybe that grey heart will have some color . Maybe scooters music lacked later because he grew up and his shit wasn't as fucked....

    Jeremy Stillwell

    Lol horrible? Not a great ear for music there

  27. Trina holliday

    love this band so much,, you guys need to make more music !

    Jeremy Stillwell

    New album out

  28. K James

    amazing album this one.

  29. Kámen Zde

    welcome to my life

  30. Bernice Casket

    This song brings back memories of freedom and rebellion when I was 15

  31. asphinxkat

    I remember this!...I really liked this album way back

  32. jetlife502

    that is soooooo true. because cold used to one of my favorite bands

  33. Omerta

    This is the best song in the universe.

  34. Matthew Bishop

    Good, good album. Brings me back.

  35. bodyguard2301

    There new shit sucks!!! I never thought I would say this, but maybe when bands get there millions they lose focus and there music! Because most bands that make music after they make IT! Lose there gift to produce good music! Lazy or just live'n the good life so there's nothing bad too write a song about!

  36. TheSum1005

    That's THE stuff to respond with to yet another idiot making a thats-what-she-said joke.

  37. Danton Steele

    so lifehouse...its that video......take a bee bopping stand-still headshaking and toe tapping EXCLAIM that sh*i about grammys' know what I mean,, AND if we can. we can crack jokes about bisexuals and the NBA or even state stuff about vaginal muscle you know what else...hell yeah! rock that sock that....this is the bomb that was not the bomb by so many others.

  38. Mia C

    totally forgot about this song. glad i saw this. LOVE IT!!!

  39. DayFul

    Awesome song from an album full of them.

  40. Molly Barbian

    By far one of my favorites by Cold.... it brings back alot of memories...

  41. Japopeye

    this was the shiznit back then still is now. memories

  42. Chris Jordan

    @xxmortified I had it on cd i thought i was out after they did away with cassette tapes wow

  43. stkvox

    Going to see these guys next week with one of my favorite bands Volbeat. Should be a great mix between the two bands.

  44. ladastic

    This is my favorite Cold song! :)

  45. Robert Stewart

    74,780 viewer. I have listened to Cold before but not this song. I'd have to say it rocks!!

  46. yinyanium

    I'll never listen to the little things she says

  47. lonerstonr

    @rageagainst6363 yea you and evey other person who listens to cold!!!!!

  48. DarkEnigma Evans

    Cold 4 Life

  49. TheJesusFiles

    @pimpypimperson 67,535

  50. pimpypimperson


  51. zenthemind

    I have been a cold fan since the start! Check out my band " Von Travesty"

  52. David Lynn

    911 was staged watch zeitgeist 911 here on youtube... I know comments should be about the band but killing people like that is fkd up i dont beleive in conspiracys except for this one... its messed up something that big can be that ignored... world aint going anywhere its already been man still about being scared into religion into wars and into being held down by the man..

  53. Mike Vázquez

    This is a Real song ahhhh

  54. dan h

    wow this song brings back memories

  55. Tristan Strach

    @nikolasjames48 y bitch?

  56. Tristan Strach

    Cold never gets old

  57. Tristan Strach

    @CraigPhilipMyBeer why man, its good but why u think its the best? My fav is like.... all of them, lol

  58. Tristan Strach

    @CraigPhilipMyBeer why man, its good but why u think its the best?

  59. CPW1109

    This is my favorite song on the album!

  60. yinyanium

    All this talkin'
    Where's it goin'
    Take the needle
    Rewind the show

  61. Islam is Fascism

    @C1osur3 ^^

  62. Islam is Fascism

    remember me a bit on nirvanna

  63. paje r

    Don't talk to you? Really now, are you in any position to say that considering you commented me first?
    Does calling me "gay"and a "candy ass" make you feel tougher? I sure as hell hope so because in reality your opinions are shit to me.

  64. tentonbrick

    i feel ya there.

  65. redfirebird2739

    damn i dinno that, thanks for the update

  66. TheSho

    i mean look at what your doing i haven't even really called you anything just saying your pathetic for what your doing but look at you you must be hurt by this sooo much name calling me and just saying all this stupid immature shit and i need to grow up lmao yah sorry do yourself a favor and heed your own advice cause this whole conv you really are just making yourself look like an illiterate moron like really go back and read and see who started all the name calling stupid crap

  67. jessica lawson

    7 fucking years ago hard to believe...

  68. TheSho

    lmao yah just like no one cares about your fucken delayed ass message why would u even respond back fucken loser i posted that comment 3 weeks ago lmao your that pathetic XD

  69. Marianna Maillis

    are you still trying to give your opinion on things? noone cares

  70. Marianna Maillis

    stfu poser

  71. TheSho

    now for a real comment cold is an amazing band this is one of the better songs they have done but in no way shape or form is this dark music unless your all a bunch of emo faggots then i guess it is but then what wouldn't be? lol anyways great song but no where near dark music

  72. TheSho

    lmao fucken loser you clearly don't kno what dark music is if you think this is dark

  73. Nepid

    it probally wont be but then again im judging it by his new project The Killer and The Star lol so i dunno

  74. dovetailjointfan

    I hope the new album is as hard and dark as "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage".

  75. Chris Kruger

    any one wanna make a piano cover of this please? D:

  76. d4thCharmed1

    wow, juralo...
    este disco es como del 2001