Cold Chisel - All For You Lyrics

I get home and clean up, put on my best shirt
Put on my good shoes
My arms are hard from what I do all day
And it’s all for you, all for you

As I drive over by the steeple, by the hill
The rain is gone, the night is new
The constellations are coming out again
And it’s all for you, all for you

It’s all for you there are songs in the world
I’m singing softly as I drive
It’s all for you, cause you’re the only girl
And I’m young again
And it feels so good to be alive

I’ll take you out, we’ll find a place to eat
Somewhere small, with a view
And later on we’ll go dancing if you like
All for you, for you

The old anger has given way
To clear eyes and open hands
I’m getting stronger with each new day
Cause now I understand

It’s all for you there are songs in the world
I’m singing softly as I drive
It’s all for you, cause you’re the only girl
And I’m young again
And it feels so good to be alive

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Cold Chisel All For You Comments
  1. Bev McGeechan

    Memories: I'm still me, sitting at the computer, listening to this, another world away, space invaders game in the corner was mine, bar bottom right through a swinging door, stage top L, dance floor left, no wonder I'm a bit deaf....Saturday Night....ManlyVale Tavern... great place :-), memories allow us to time travel, anyway that's a bit strange.... Back to the here and now.....It would be good to be able to soak standing up in the shower ..


    It’s Aussie offcourse it’s brilliant


    Always brilliant

  4. Wolver ine

    Fantastic song. Cold Chisel going back to their roots. Love it.

  5. Klaus Ebner

    This will eventually become a classic. In a hundred years time, people will play rock and roll with the same esteem and regard as the 20th Century played classical and baroque music. Rock & Roll will become a bona fide tradition as is Irish folk music.

  6. Guillermo Hoffmann

    great song guys!....


    Extremely talented and gifted band

  8. Ned

    You guys take me back to my 20's (where I made I made all my worst decisions) so I love you forever.

  9. MagicThys

    lyrics on screen in music vids always a good idea

  10. Aussie Mitch and Zac

    Barnsey! My two boys when they were only months old, they love sleeping with your songs! I remember my 4 yr old now, was singing Forever Now haha! Now my 4 months old is loving your music playing in our lounge room tv with very loud volume haha!! They love Cold Chisel songs, made them having a good sleep!!! 😂😂😂👏👏👏😍😍😍

  11. Fran Crisp

    A beautiful song love it

  12. Bjterry Coulter

    Watching Jimmy presenting Rage and he drops this one in...thought I had a pretty good handle on him and Chisel, lived here for 32 years and first time I’ve heard it!! Saved immediately to my playlist, great song from a great group and Jimmy, I really enjoyed your song choices, nice to see what music influenced you

  13. Melissa sharon Garlett

    Beautiful song all for me


    this man is magical jimmy!!!! ;) love those aussies ;)

  15. L. Lisa Wilson

    A beautiful song by Don Walker. Great album. Barnsey's voice sounds fantastic. RIP S.P.

  16. Sarah & Jason Stedwell

    This song is as good as any of Chisels hits 👌

  17. Chris Trosch

    Another amazing Chisel song for the ages - magnificent, great writing by Don Walker!

  18. Kaylene Petersen

    Beautiful in its simplicity. Love this song. Love all their songs, but this is a standout for me.

  19. Daniel Webb

    This is dedicated to the love of my life love you bub

  20. Marty Clinton

    I'm young again!
    & it feel sooo good to be alive! It's all for you! Britta!

  21. djovani29

    Listening and loving Chisel in Zagreb. I don't know if it's bad managment or lack of relentless touring USA/Europe like AD/DC and INXS,but there is no logical explanation to why this band is kept secret from the rest of the world all these decades.I feel cheated!
    The songs are sooooooooo good!

  22. Lorna Strachan

    I still listen to this......beautiful peace of music.... could mean so many things to so many people

  23. Brian J

    To the one I love..this is all for you x

  24. Bev McGeechan

    "feels so good to be ALIVE"... it sure does () ()

    Michelle Mazzone

    Love this song my boyfriend Darren sent me love u baby 💋💋💋

    Bev McGeechan

    how things can change in a month, feeling stress, strain and the loneliness of Christmas, being alive doesn't feel all that good :-(

  25. Scott Mollan

    beautiful. simple and beautiful.

  26. Tomy E

    For my godfather Ty ♥️😻

  27. filthy muk drums

    People!!! Listen very closely to these amazing lyrics ? This is a true Australian love song ! Fuck all this bullshit shows like the Batchelor bla bla find a real man who thinks like this ! Happiness will follow?
    Australian Music the father of real true love & happiness! Love Ya chisel ! Bret

  28. UnleashedTraining101

    Love this song guys. Another legendary chisel track. Still going strong.

  29. Brian Steuerman

    Wish more people knew Jimmy's music (like this great song) and not from just a meme from a music video

  30. m050181

    This is probably the best song they ever wrote

  31. laurence ngaia

    cant wait to see the concert in wellington nz new and old material totally awesome

  32. Robert Avaient

    very moving song.

  33. lisa viglione


  34. Clara Patterson

    My wedding song! Such lovely words to this song! Reminds me of such happy times!

  35. don't hate appreciate be happy with your own life.

    One of the best songs ever made by Jimmy Barnes. 💯💓🔥👌

    Matt Townsend

    LOL.....written by Don Walker

    Lorna Strachan

    its a Chisel Song....

    Lorna Strachan

    nothing to do with Jimmy

  36. Rob Hasey


  37. marky tarbins

    Love this song, but the fucking music now days is getting crap and boring not enough great bands anymore ... Cheap wine,Bow River, Standing on the outside and When the war over.

    Spin my head

    Dude their can’t ever be another chisel.

  38. Wayne Stevenson

    can relate to this song alot of un warranted.anger in middle years need to years

  39. Robert Parums

    What a great emotive song. One of Chisel's best. Legends.

  40. Burkie Turkey

    melisa jason love each other..they love this song UNNA...

    remarcables d

    unna? as in unna? First time Ive seen this on Youtube and wondering if it means the same as it does around here.

    Russ Pearson

    remarcables d innit ,inny , unna , dinna , dunna, wanna, coulda , shoulda , woulda, etc etc, yu get the drift.

  41. Philip Crammer

    thanks :)

  42. Ngoc Minh Bui Thi

    this song will be played at my wedding with the man of my life ♡♡

  43. Michelle Swan - Ridel

    This is just love love it <3

  44. Stephen Milham

    love this song..

  45. Quicknstraight

    Seeing Chisel in the UK (Manchester) in 2012 was one of the highlights of my life! Seeing Barnesy on a solo tour in the UK (Newcastle) the summer before was, too! Such a shame they haven't toured overseas more often over the years.

    Stephen Formosa

    You should of seen them in their prime . Seen them in 99 at Coogee Bay Hotel and they went off . Very different from today

  46. loswaldo777

    So lush.

  47. Leigh Mason

    It's all for you.

  48. loswaldo777

    We need to find 'the 10' and brand them all on the forehead with 'I'm a Cunt'.

  49. Patrick Russell

    Those cunts can't write a song that would evoke any meaningful emotion..chisel know how touch lives.. Still the best..

    Lorna Strachan

    Yes they do

  50. Patrick Russell

    Yeah they were the best Aussie band back then.. to me they are still the best..,Still the bloody best..

  51. Outlawzand1

    Butt hurt much

  52. Tim Frugtniet

    Always inspiring...

  53. Zane Archer


  54. Sandra Cottrill

    love it

  55. MrDubstep360

    9 cunt dislikes cause....they are ALL CUNTS !!

  56. TheSuperCharger98

    Cold Chisels the bomb, end of story

  57. Col02177

    A great song.

  58. rasigs

    he just gets better and better ian moss jimmy and they rest of the chisel family awwsome

  59. JayJ AccaDC1

    Such a beautiful song, love it, and the video clip is awesome! Cold Chisel are one of Australian's greatest bands, Love em to pieces =) Wish they would do A Day On The Green in Armidale

  60. Danii Hayes

    u rock Barnsey

  61. waikato south


  62. Shane Jarvis

    Love this song. Dedicated to my next girlfriend. babe.

  63. William Samuel Filice

    Nobody rocks like the Chisel. Their music is timeless!

  64. Dekka Nix

    Can't fukin remember the last song that I liked more than this ;) FUKIN A !!!!

  65. Anne Marie Ladegaard

    Jimmy and Chisel ROCK!! Love 'em! :)

  66. Nick Dudman

    saw them last night in Glasgow... fantastic show. Ian Moss' guitar solos blew my mind.

  67. jackson clarke

    well said n if i could fuck myself i would but cold chisel all time fav band love jimmy barnes

  68. Robert Avaient

    steve l will miss your english humour. robert avaient

  69. korn74

    took over were they left of brilliant

  70. nolene woolley

    I think this is the best song cold chisel ever put out as I play it 3 or 4 times every time I hear it, to me it's every woman's dream cheers guy's love ya xxxxxx

  71. Robert Avaient

    proud of you boys lm sure steve looking will be proud and happy. robert

  72. Keith McMecking

    Ive only just learned today that Steve has passed away. I looked at the new CD in the shop today and checked this out to get a taste. Long live Cold Chisel. I have always loved this band.
    I know what im doing tomorrow on my way home from work, buying a Cold Chisel album.
    Im a drummer too. Steve was one of many special inspirations in my playing.

  73. mick vass

    This song came out just after my beautiful wonderful brother inlaw died of the age of 43. He just loved Cold Chisel and this song sounds like him singing to his beautiful wife. I miss you brother and will always love you x

  74. robelinda2

    The guitar work is beyond stellar really, Ian Moss is a true god. The tone, the touch, the note choice, the phrasing, all ridiculously classy.

  75. robelinda2

    Really fucking great song, that long outro is so classy, MOSS!!!!!!!!

  76. milnergmservices

    I agree if you dont like Chisel! Fuck right off!!!


    milnergmservices dam straight mate you have no place on this earth

  77. Chris Jennings

    This went off at the Auckland show and hardly a dry eye in the place. RIP Steve Prestwich.

  78. burtpet

    thats gold first time ive herd it love love love ,

  79. Toby knightley-day

    i love chisels - teh most influential band in my life. this one sums them up, all passion, heart, feeling and raw emotion. they still are truly great, even without steve, RIP

  80. William Samuel Filice

    Cold Chisel is great!

  81. vansawk

    its good to see the old chisel still got it!

  82. David Bechaz

    Great stuff. Still.

  83. @DC-FC79

    Not sure if i like this or not,

  84. 10babiscar

    who is the singer in this song

  85. miami061213

    Whoever disliked this isnt a true Aussie

  86. Greg Andrew

    Great song! Good to hear some decent music for once !

  87. Sue Elliott

    What a great song!! Barnesy and the boys sure do have a soft side to them......It was great to walk into JB HIFI here in Modbury S.A. today and have chisel playing while I was shopping rather than some tunes of today. Keep doing what you do best :-)

  88. Lester Dale

    Cant wait to see em perform it tomoz at the Laver !

  89. Jane Bui

    What a wonderful song !!!!

  90. STOKEOZ1967

    love the new single, gutted that i cant be in sydney for the tour...ive seen barnsey live in birmingham, back in 2001, but id love to see cold chisel over here, in england asap!!!!,

  91. Mad Dog

    my drunk parents made me watch this

    Todd Sharpville

    This comment wins the fuckin’ internet!!!! 👍😂


    Thank them

    Lorna Strachan

    Your lucky,,,

  92. Dale McCamish

    @gregcoffs yOU LUCKY [email protected]@rd, I am hanging for Nov 26.

  93. Dale McCamish

    @longjonno31 Lookin forward to 26 Nov @ Sandalford Margs. Best 'cn live band EVER. Baby boomer who just happened to see the BEATLES. CHISEL still the BEST LIVE !!

  94. Yvette Doumbos

    @deanjohnwoods Lmao....yep!

  95. Greg Brown

    coffs harbour on friday night so pumped

  96. Tim Brooker

    who the fuck disliked this ? what is wrong with you ? this song is all for you !!!

  97. dazal0

    A very Mellow Chise Love It!!

  98. imlay imlay

    it looks like someone finally missed the like button?

  99. Jason Weimer

    fuck yeah thats the shit