Colbie Caillat - Goldmine Lyrics

If all I had was a dollar and your bright smile
I'd have a dollar more than I would need to get by
Cause I'm a billionaire if you count every sunrise
Wakin' by your side, and every good night
If all you had was the way that I love you
You'd have more honey than the honey bees in June
I'll keep you laughin', keep you smilin', keep your dreams true
Long as I have you, nothin' we can't do

Fly me back to the moon where you took me
The very first time that you kissed me
In the sweet starlight of your endless eyes when you lit this fire
Feels like we're sittin' on top of a goldmine
Flame so bright that it won't die
In a billion years it'll still be here cause our love is a goldmine
Yeah, our love is a goldmine

If everything we ever owned disappeared today
We'd build a castle in the sand somewhere far away
Don't need no money, no TV, don't need no microwave
Just the ocean waves, and the love we make

Fly me back to the moon where you took me
The very first time that you kissed me
In the sweet starlight of your endless eyes when you lit this fire
Feels like we're sittin' on top of a goldmine
Flame so bright that it won't die
In a billion years it'll still be here cause our love is a goldmine

We'll be rich in wrinkles, old and gray
When the risin' tide sweeps us away
Until then...

Fly me back to the moon where you took me
The very first time that you kissed me
In the sweet starlight of your endless eyes when you lit this fire
Feels like we're sittin' on top of a goldmine
Flame so bright that it won't die
In a billion years it'll still be here cause our love is a goldmine
Feels like we're sittin' on top of a goldmine
Flame so bright that it won't die
In a billion years it'll still be here cause our love is a goldmine
Yeah our love is a goldmine

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Colbie Caillat Goldmine Comments
  1. John Ling

    John ling

  2. John Ling

    John ling

  3. Rick Davis

    Put a dog in the video and you have a sure winner 🐕

  4. Deion

    The most underrated female artist

  5. high roller

    Who here July 4 2019

  6. Maressa Ruani

    I love ❤️

  7. Sharmaine Dionisio

    Chilling sound.😘

  8. foxman

    Concerts are far away from Arizona. 😢😭

  9. luine dirley

    I'm sooo in love with you Colbie💓

  10. Luan Martins

    Muito boaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥

  11. happy 23

    this is what we call pure art, pure talent, music at its purest!

  12. Hagar Ponce Barreda

    2019 always <3

  13. K.M.J. Coutinho

    I love how she keeps her music classy and clean! That, as well as her characteristic voice, is her strength. ❤👍 (By the way: this song is in a Hallmark movie: The Perfect Catch.)

  14. Kolde Thompson

    You ripped off chance the rapper Sunday candy

  15. Vanessa Sanchez

    Asco tu musica amix

  16. Romina Tallada

    Come back to the Philippines Coco , you're such a wonderful person'll always be my favorite ..

  17. Jirka

    Best song🙌💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  18. Larry Moore

    Now that's a good song ! "Love is a golden mine". The whistling reminded me of the Andy Griffith show.

  19. Chester Didzena

    ima bachelor so yeah u would've been a gold mine just keeping things in checked

  20. Loira

    Beatiful 😍😍😍😍😍Love Colbie 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Leslie Lane

    Gorgeous music, Colbie! Please never change. You are a rare artist in this day and age, with a stunning voice and beautiful meaning. Thank you for your music! 😍😍😍

  22. Charlene Soares

    Aqui é Brasil!! #Bolsonaro 17# 😎
    Curto demais essa loira👏👏🙆

  23. Sergio Ballesteros

    So so true

  24. Matthew Fisher

    Great song, she puts so much emotion into her songs/voice. Interesting but funny video

  25. Lynn Tarintek

    Amazing song Colbie! Much love from Thailand! 💕

  26. s.M. c

    🎵I don't need money, no T. V., no microwave. I just need the waves.🎵 For a beach goer, lover or surfer, saaaaaame.😊😎🤙🏽

  27. Mr. NUNYA

    love to see you still producing great music! Keep it up!

  28. John Ling

    John ling

  29. Bob the Hat King

    if your love is a gold mine, who's the gold digger? 😂😉🤣😆😜

  30. John Ling

    John ling

  31. YeshuaisShekinah

    someone fell off

  32. Volha Korban

    Belarus & Russia ❤

  33. The Winningest Duo

    I love this song

  34. Riddled Rhythms

    What wonderful content you have on your page. You must spend a lot of time working on it! I need some of that “magic sauce” for mine as well. 🖤💞💚👏

  35. Fernanda Soares Nascimento Soares Nascimento


  36. Jasmin Castillo

    colbie over beyonce any day

  37. Tangled Tunes

    You should upload some videos about your process when you are creating. A lot of us that are newer to the game would like to see how you come up with so many wonderful ideas. 🎧😍

  38. Remixed Rhythms

    Thanks so much for posting. Always a excellent way to start out the day! Even better way to start out a studio day. 💝👌😍🖤💟

  39. Ana Beatriz

    Brasil ❤

  40. Joseph Prado

    Meow I love this

  41. Shisir D' Chhetri


  42. Atticus Thach

    What a wonderful song.

  43. Richard Cranium

    Rich Hipster done fell off.

  44. Sara Prado

    summer of 2018

  45. Samuel Olufowote

    Her voice is everything <3

  46. Andrew Burns

    Another wonderful upload. I can’t get enough of your content! Time to make some music myself.

  47. marcileia silva


  48. Yonah Edens

    This was played so much at Busch gardens that I had to look it up and it became my theme song

  49. Amierah Deapaty

    Feb 2018?

  50. Dabby Potter

    I love Jason Reeves is there i love you guys

  51. Ximena

    Post more :(
    Also Mrs.Kennedy (Kate) Was my 4th teacher! (Only Colbie will get that)

  52. Tuan Matheus


  53. Terry Tschoepe

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    Terry Tschoepe

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  54. petrus davies

    Good good

  55. A lan

    Bubbly Army forever

  56. A lan

    my singer number 1

  57. Daniella ._.

    Missing your songs and your sweet voice. ♡

  58. addi

    i love you colbie

  59. Acre

    I love your song so much greetings from Philippines

  60. Fonzi2905

    Thank You Colbie for that song. Greetings from Poland.

  61. Josh Powell

    Publix brought me here

  62. Bianca frança

    Gente eu amo a Colbie que saudade quando ela fazia músicas frequentemente. Triste vez uma cantora tão talentosa, com uma voz tão maravilhosa, com a carreira tão apagada assim. Deveria ter milhões de seguidores.


    Bianca frança. As pessoas só estão dando valor a porcaria musical, principalmente aqui no Brasil.

  63. Cyanna Sapphira

    I recently found the love of my life and this song just describes our love so well! 😏💘

  64. Joseph Tyminski

    Your an all American Dream ........keep it up......god bless.....

  65. Kevin Keene

    I was suicidal until I heard this

  66. EtZy

    And this is the last time we saw her

  67. aunicornfishisabot :D

    Colbie where are you? I love your singing

  68. Jirka


  69. Wanderson Martins

    Beautiful song

  70. Mike Merrill

    Love this song and video.

  71. peachyvibessx

    The professors miss you

  72. Izat Azmir

    great song....

  73. Thamirys Thayna

    Come to brazil

  74. Wa Zai

    love this remedy^^

  75. Luana Carvalho

    Sdds da Colbie ❤

  76. Paul Mattia

    Interesting ability.

  77. Guilherme Oliveira

    we luv her voice! ♥♡♥♡★☆♥♡

  78. Manuelle Medeiros

    amei música dela quem gostou também curti o comentário ❤

  79. Moreh Meir

    Working at Sprouts Grocery Store brought me here.

  80. Maryjane Labrador

    Imissyou colbie...... You're back.......

  81. Eduardo Luis Alvarez Jimenez


  82. Driko Vieth


  83. Harmony Pianist

    I really like this video style! Reminds me of good old youtube dayz!

  84. Mr Boy Sarawut

    When you come black again Colbie ?

  85. Elijah Hauber

    Colbie keep being you. You are an Impressive lady.

  86. Akumienla Aier

    Colbie all time fav.. love the song❤

  87. Marlo O'Blue

    Where can I buy the Ukulele, they used in the video??? :)

  88. Julia Fernandez-Cuervo

    thank you Starbucks

  89. Josiane Machado

    The best! I shivered, what a beautiful voice. 😍😍I love you, Colbie ❤ I've been listening to your songs since I was about 13 years old. Come to Rio de Janeiro, please 🙏

  90. laurice nuñez

    i miss colbie ~ her angelic voice is everything~



  92. Marth

    I. LOVE. HER.

  93. Victoria Elizabeth

    Luv her & her voice so much 😍😊

  94. Adriana Pereira

    Amei essa música.
    Quando vem ao Brasil???