Coheed And Cambria - Cuts Marked In The March Of Men Lyrics

Listen to the world out on the outside pressing in
are you ready on my mark?
fingers given names and with the last word they ascend
on the comfort of their well arms
into something they can't stop but wish that they could kill
you're the answer to their prayer

in your last hour stand
you'll notice the one that you had loved in dreams is here among the others
chase it's you I want but if I can't have her
then why should I spend any more time in a world that's going to end pretty soon?
I need you now more than I ever did
I'll hand myself over for you
this comlink's lost its frequency and I feel that we're coming home short
here take me instead I'd rather not see her off alone

scattered amongst the killing streets the children slate defense
is god's work to have us fail?
rivered blood streams out the dead as bodies foul the air
I'll make peace when this is done
in arms...we storm
slowly the streets begin to fill with new flesh bound to bone
armed and ready it begins again...


tonight we storm

deliver a favor to my love [x4]


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Coheed And Cambria Cuts Marked In The March Of Men Comments
  1. Clark Kent

    Who is he talking to??? I think he's talking to multiple entities in this song. And one is God.

  2. Jake Downs

    Hands down top 5 Coheed song for me even after 12 years

  3. Andy Ginestra


  4. Masterson Brito

    Conheci essa banda no ROCK In RIO e de lá nunca mais parei de escultar

  5. William Porter

    Yes im in 9th grade all over again!
    I always felt like Anthony green and claudio should see who has a higher voice 😅

    don't even

    I feel like their voices would only be comparable sometimes tho like in circa survive Anthony green doesnt have a similar vocal style at all to Claudio, esp since claudios voice changed a lot (I think) as years progressed w coheed but maybe like claudios voice in sstb compared to Anthony green in tsoaf?

    William Porter

    @don't even i was getting that much into it
    Simply saying how high both their voices are
    And every so often i can hear a similarity

    Michael Welch

    Claudio would destroy

  6. Andy Ginestra

    Travis’s guitars are blocked.

  7. Joshua Aleman

    Well .......Being ........ In arms.

  8. Jack Tainsh


  9. Adam Lewis

    Here take me instead. I would rather not see her off alone....

  10. Brian McMaster

    I fucking love this song!!!

    thirdeyegaming Kkw


  11. ian rockel

    How do you not have more likes, sir? I am appalled and ashamed I hadnt done so sooner

  12. paula

    This is their all-time best song.

    Jordan Gentsch

    Nah either welcome home or the secret song

    Mubarak Raza

    Welcome Home is a bit of a sellout. This is another level.

    Rogue Planet

    It's honestly so hard for me to choose. But for me it's Backend of Forever or possibly God Send Conspirator.

    kush Kush

    @Mubarak Raza oh shit its a sell out cuz the game that rock music listeners mostly like ? Or what

  13. chynq

    4:04 still gives me goosebumps in 2018

  14. David Baugh

    There's an album for each phase of life. Cycle and repeat (without playing-out too much) =)

  15. Pascal Sinor

    Love this song

  16. TheSlammurai

    I can't be the only one that noticed that Sizer and Chase are a lot like Coheed and Cambria, respectively. Although knowing that Jessie made them, I guess it isn't a surprise. He just wanted his siblings back. :(

  17. Fatefullyyou

    and i feel that we're coming hoooome! shoooort!!!

  18. Casha Mac

    "Is God's work to have us fail?"


    Casha Mac the funny thing. is that they're not referring to God. in the story Claudio is the creator a.k.a god of the Amory Wars universe more his role in controlling and killin off characters is explored in From fear through the eyes of madness

    kush Kush

    @JAYHOUSE COMICS where can i find these comic books

  19. Zachary Is Legend

    But if I can't have herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    then why should i spend any more time in a world that's gonna end pretty soon~

  20. NoNoDigUpStupid

    Chase, its you I want!

  21. Bill Stakum

    great fuckin album this and second stage turbine blade is there best work of all time HANDS DOWN!!!


    +Burning Star V this entire album is a masterpiece but yes the willing well is amazing

    Bill Stakum

    I feel u but the title song for in keeping secret of silent earth is a masterpiece, there best album


    I'd add the Afterman duology as well. Honestly, everyone thinks the YotBR is bad, but I love all of their albums to death.


    Cytheiod I used to agree with you for a LONG time. I loved For Fear Through the Eyes of Madness the most for 12+ years. But now, just within the past month, I have to say, I think IKSOSE3 is the better album. It has more emotion and creative songs, and I just love it so much.


    I love how there are legitimate arguments to make for which album could be their best, for me Second Stage Turbine Blade feels like their greatest for having songs which all feel completely cohesive and have multiple changing parts with really dynamic structures but obviously catchy melodies, something that continued on In Keeping Secrets but for better or worse there are songs on this album that are the designated "pop song" versus the more "epic" songs which actually works for the album, but in SSTB every song on the album feels both epic and extremely catchy like a pop song, with more obvious punk elements in the guitar tone and more notable drum presence in the fills (The Crowing being the only song with crazier drums than any particular moments from SSTB) but honestly there are days where IKSOSE seems like their masterpiece, it's great that they were in such a prolific state for years pumping out classic songs without missing a beat.

  22. Johnny O'Graddy

    This flippin kills it

  23. Brian Sper

    brings me back to 2004

  24. DrAssman5542

    love this song, love this whole album...thanks for all the uploads man, brings back awesome memories :]

  25. PyrHead

    @givemesumemore20 I agree :)

  26. Chris Harper

    this should have allot more likes thn six

  27. Chris Harper

    this is my fav song

  28. PyrHead

    @ThatFrigginHacker Of course! Go and spread the word!

  29. PyrHead

    @ThatFrigginHacker Thank YOU for commenting! It's the first comment this album got since I uploaded it.