Coe, David Allan - Would You Lay With Me Lyrics

Would you lay with me in a field of stone
If my needs were strong, would you lay with me

Should my lips grow dry,
Would you wet them, dear
In the midnight hour,
If my lips were dry

Would you go away to another land
Walk a thousand miles through the burning sand
Wipe the blood away from my dying hand
If I give myself to you

Would you lay with me
In the stream of life
When the moon is full,
Would you bathe with me

Will you still love me,
When I'm down and out
In my time of trial,
Would you stand by me

Would you go away to another land
Walk a thousand miles through the burning sand
Wipe the blood away from my dying hand
If I give myself to you

Would you lay with me
In a field of stone
If my needs were strong,
Would you lay with me

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Coe, David Allan Would You Lay With Me Comments
  1. Tara Wilson

    My sister's wedding song. LOVE IT!

  2. Toecutter

    I will never tire of this song or that voice. DAC 4eva 💜

  3. latest plague

    Anybody else see a strong similarity to Townes Van Zandts song "if I needed you" ? These 2 songs are super close to one another. DAC great songwriter and musician.
    Also the absolute best version I have ever heard of Van Zandts song was done on Amazons show the patriot. Those 2 guys nailed the song, it's the only time I have ever heard it and felt the emotion of it.

  4. swat91172

    I have had the pleasure of working security for one of his shows. Great man.

  5. James Coe

    Check out my country music on my profile and SoundCloud

  6. rumpleforeskin73

    Interesting that this purdy ass the same crazy bastard I saw singin Cumstains On The Pillow and some others ; ) when I was in high school.

  7. Steve Spitler

    Up until now I had only heard Tanya Tucker's version. This one literally made me tear up.

    Dr D

    yeah, After all these years I just discoverd Coe wrote it.

  8. Becky SHIPP

    Bob's girl loves this song 😚

  9. richard smoker

    TVZ ripoff

    Dub Reed


  10. Jacqueline Sabin

    Got me Again

  11. Dawn Nelson

    Love David AllenCoe, would you lay with me in a Field of stone, played it aty hubby's funeral sevice,sung it to me the day before he passed away on 9-11

  12. Jerry Archer

    One of the backup singers sounds like Dolly.

  13. Dorian Gray

    My needs are strong and where is my love

  14. John Willett

    Yes David Allan Coe wrote this song for Tanya Tucker Tanya Tucker sings backup vocals in this song to

  15. Texas Hippie&cowboy

    Gives me chills every time

  16. eustice j flywheel

    I asked you this by the end of the river bank , till that day ........

  17. Lisa Nunery

    One of my late brothers favorite songs!! RIP Lynn Nestlehutt!! You are so missed!!! ❤❤❤

    Robert Stroud

    You and your family are in my prayers. May peace be with you

    Jay Scraggs

    Right on

  18. johnny buckles

    Old David never got the credit he deserved one of the best country music singers of all time,but his xrated songs were frowned upon over the years and the Johnny Reb songs he was accused of singing that he denied of singing

  19. Roy Adamson

    The songs David does well he does really, really good, this is one of them.

  20. WVgunnut !!

    Must under-rated country song ever

    Indy Debauchery

    I just mentioned that yesterday to a friend.

    Jim Billy Ray Bob

    He got black-balled by the Nashville music industry mafia

  21. Spooby

    If you know 10 chords you know 90% of country music, there is no “stealing”
    In Americana music, it’s all too similar to be talking about stealing

    Rhandie Parker

    Yes there's plenty of rogues in country music then and especially now. They " contemplate " that a copyright is legal till the gods honest truth is told. Tennessee whiskey isn't a new song,although ms Chris Stapleton changed most of its lyrics, it is not a new song. The copyright parasites has leaped from music genre to music genre, a theif is a theif no matter how them dudes tie their lace on their brand new silk panties, while many true singers and many true songwriters don't even get radio coverage for not being unkind to our heritage, not to mention the foundation of "country music" which is nowadays a pop singer that has somebody's else's chevy truck in their over glammed music video. The video is worth more to the music producers than the reason of songs that are truly unique in ways that their unable to write their damn selves , you say it all sounds the same when you've probably never written one lyric let alone a whole song, with all the patience in my heart,ignorance of music isn't your fault in the least bit it's the ignorance of the radio stations ,the magazine editors, the hosts of music countdowns, their the ones that have to look them theives in the eyes and nod and shake hands and most importantly thank them for the interview they just did that they know is full of nothing but God forsaken lies and deciets. All I ask is that you study who really wrote these country and any person who says I don't know them can stick their own head up the ass of who their blocking, that would help the world more than saying I don't know.

  22. Lady Ingenious


  23. We all Seek the same

    Doesn't get any better... don't care how many times 'he stopped loving her' is played this will always be the best...

  24. lisa rayfield

    Is that Tanya Tucker singing with him? Her voice is beautiful! She doesn't sound the same by herself that is y i was wondering

  25. JM Thompson

    David wrote it. He just doesn't have Chris Stapleton's pipes.
    David also wrote Tennessee Whiskey, the combination David and Chris is a full Amen.

    Appalation Restoration

    Stapleton is just a little boy compared to the man DAC!

    Randall Pickard

    Chris Stapleton wishes he had the talent of Mr Coe. Yes is is one of the purest country artists with mass exposure, but he's nothing compared to DAC

    Dub Reed

    Dean Dillon wrote with another writer David probably claimed it like always

    Dub Reed

    @Randall Pickard I hope u are kidding??? What does Coe do bettter??? Cant write as good. Cant sing as good. Def not close vocally or guitar wise

    Dub Reed

    @Appalation Restoration I usually agree witg the older musicians im not a radio fan but Coe is no where close to Chris body of work writing and alreadyvmore chart success and vocally and guitar wise nooooo waaay

  26. Tyler Perez

    This song kicks ass!!!!

  27. Terenass Jenkins

    He wrote this for Tanya Tucker,,,, if y'all didn't know...

    Lane Giesbrecht

    He wrote it for a friends wedding

    Hank D

    Quit making shit up.

    Ashley Marie


    James D

    Terenass Jenkins he doesn’t mean he wrote it romantically for her.. he means he wanted her to sing it

  28. Dustin

    To 17 fuckers who disliked will 🔥 in hell

    Will Wimberly

    you damn right

    Will Wimberly

    you damn right

    Will Wimberly

    you damn right

  29. Mary L Dougherty

    I will always remember Hampton, Virginia and a young man Barry Brown 1984...wonder whatever happened to that man.


    Mary L Dougherty that Barry Brown

  30. baler johnson

    One of the greatest songs ever written by the greatest song writer since old Hank.

  31. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it.

    excellent. and just wondering how many songs this man wrote an or co-wrote. i read somewhere long ago that he couldn't get a record deal singing or writing, so he set up outside on a curb writing and selling songs in Trashville for $5:00 and $10:00 a pop. the man has had one helluva rough life. i tip my hat to him for his writing skills and he's one mean hombre, even at his age now.

    Mike K.

    This man is THE true music outlaw. One if the last ones standing. MAD respect!

  32. michael dell

    David Allen Coe this wrote song plus many other great ones. He was true poet but, such an outlaw Nashville refused to give him exposure. His life is one insane story.

    Dub Reed

    I like him but he ripped this melody off from Towns. I was a huge fan years ago but the mote u know the more u realize how full of shit he is on so many levels

    Jacob P

    He’s still alive so you mean he is a true poet

    vegas higdon

    @Dub Reed I agree. But, truth be told, he is a DICK.

    Dub Reed

    @vegas higdon he tried so hard jump on outlaw train. Watch Heartworn Highways. He is embarrassing to watch mostly at prison concert. Used to be a fan but he is sooooo full if shit Cash Waylon and crew all bagged on him as being a wannabe and 2 faced


    When I met him years ago. He was pretty cool. Sat and talked in a little diner in Jersey for awhile after a show.

  33. Marvin's Mugs, Vinyl Music and More

    There is alot of songs that have similarities. Just because they similar does mean he ripped it off. Even if did all he did was improved it by miles. You can tell its he's song by listening to other songs of his. He's style

  34. John Houlgate

    Beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics.

  35. Don R

    don't care who wrote it , don't care if he stole the chords , just care about this great song ! let them sue him if that true !

  36. jerrydaniels99

    Totally ripped off from Townes Van Zandt

    J Rey

    Put down the Wikipedia, and slowly walk away.....

    Randall Pickard

    So if that's the case, many song writers have ripped off other writers. Country music is such a broad spectrum of music with influences from everywhere. You could say that Chris Stapleton rips off the Outlaw movement of the late 70s and 80s, or Reba ripped off Dolly and Loretta Lynn. Inspiration and influence does NOT equate ripping off. I write poetry as a hobby, and my poetry is influenced by Johnny Cash, Waylon, Jones, Haggard, Stapleton, and many more country, rock and a few metal groups. Doesn't mean I'm ripping them off, just their music wakes up my own creativity

  37. Jason Steele

    I wrote the song.

    R B

    i think I love you

    angry ah 'murican

    Na I wrote that shit

    Daniels Circus Adventures

    Did it make the whole world sing?

  38. Crystal Hamman

    I love this song it's so. special to me.

  39. Naomi Luter

    ours too!!!

  40. Kat Cowart

    This was our wedding song. 2/13/2015!!

    Marcus James


    Marcus James



    Kat Cowart god bless your marriage.

    Autumn Odette

    Mine too

    Dr D

    Excellent choice

  41. Laura Evans

    David wrote the song.


    Laura Evans no shit

  42. Laura Evans

    David wrote the song.

    Larry Friddle

    He may have wrote the words but he flat out stole the music from If I Needed You which came out the year before.

    no no

    +Larry Friddle so?

    Tobacco Road

    Larry Friddle To quote David "I might have stole a little of his melody, but the words they just seems to come along"

  43. Javen Javits

    who wrote this wonderful song d a coe does justice to

    Hollywood Sheavy

    +Javen Javits Coe wrote it.

  44. Chet Wolfe

    amazing there are no comments on this song