Coe, David Allan - Three Time Loser Lyrics

Once I tried my hand at stealing
Trying to fill that empty feeling
Trying hard to keep from dealing drugs
I was much to young to take it
Back, when it was hard to make it
On the run with a gun
Or with a gang of thugs

Three time loser, its all behind me now

Twice I fell in love and married
Thinking that the past was buried
Funny how those women carried on
Swearing that our love was dying
Like the weeping willow crying
Through the night and every fight
Until our love was gone

Freedom lost and love gone sour
Losing minutes by the hour
To afraid to let my sorrow show
Dying slow from to much drinking
Quitting when I started sinking
To the bottom of the bottle
That's to far to go

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Coe, David Allan Three Time Loser Comments
  1. Stevie Lee

    love it your the best Killer Coe

  2. Neil Ladd

    Hard lesson learned.

  3. Mike Brinkhoff

    Well MrKK I was just saying that there is nothing wrong with Coe being an outlaw! I have had all of his albums from Penitentury Blues (and the "Nothing Sacred") album when we listened on 8 track. So thanks for your quick Ray of Sunshine.! Not a slam to Coe. I was happy with the damned old ticket that I bought!

  4. Mike Brinkhoff

    @MrKK221 So?

    Milker 2005

    Mike Brinkhoff what did he say

  5. cheryl palya

    that i was a three time loser when jesus was a rumor he now lives in me jesus