Coe, David Allan - The 33rd Of August Lyrics

Well, today there's no salvation
The band's packed up and gone
And I'm left standing with my penny in my hand
There's a big crowd at the station
Where the blind man sings his song
But he sees, Lord, what they can't understand

It's the 33rd of August, Lord
And I'm finally coming down
Eight days from Sunday
Finds me Saturday bound

Once I stumbled through the darkness
Fell down to my knees
A thousand voices screaming in my brain
Woke up in a squad car
Busted down for vagrancy
And outside my cell, it sure as hell, it looked like rain

Now I've got my dangerous feeling
Under lock and chain I've killed my violent nature with a smile
Though the demons danced and sang their songs
Within my fevered brain
Not all my God-like thoughts, Lord, were defiled

Yesterday's newspaper forecast no rain for today
Yesterday's news was old news
So I threw it away
Some time's at night, Lord, you know
I can still feel the pain
And, outside my cell, it sure as hell, it looks like rain

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Coe, David Allan The 33rd Of August Comments
  1. An McCLO

    I, got
    times, of
    yesterday yelling,
    my mystery
    wisdom; find
    that holy
    gathered story
    one; pick
    up loving,
    crossed hands,
    battle man
    and its,
    just a
    short ranged
    long, story
    that held
    both ups,
    wondering, do
    you remember
    corn lord
    story its,
    only me

  2. David Rogers

    I've seen David Allen couple times live every time was as powerful as the first time. I first heard him at around 7 years old my dad who is a trucker gave me tape cassette of him the first ten years and I was hooked as a child I'm 34 now and I'm still listening to him.. I got to party with the band in Laughlin NV couple years back he came in shook my had and it was crazy the man I run so many miles listen to the one man dad introduced to me as a kid was standing there in front of me shaking my hand. Love ya David Allen wish you could last another 20 years or we could go back 30.

  3. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly


  4. Robert Beckett

    From one Ohio good ole boy convict to another You got no idea.

  5. 44wetwater 44wetwater

    D.A.C does a spectacular job on this Mickey Newberry song !.

  6. rocker2009s


  7. John D

    Wish I was drinking now. Thanks DAC

    Melissa Sales

    Drinking one now for u brotha at 6.59 am in Polk city Florida brotha

  8. Travis Harper

    It's odd how things works out. Last day of August 10:52 . My wife & I having a few drinks. Only I'm getting wasted & not coming down for the next few days. It was so sad to see this great man helped to sit down and play.

    buel Roberts

    Saw the same thing last night.


    @buel Roberts Same for me last week, he keeps going by the grace of God almighty.

  9. OG Jesse James

    im here cause i asked a chick we need to plan our wedding she said the 33rd of august lol

  10. Mike Barker

    My favorite DAC lp.

  11. Luke Hall Sr

    Man dac got this one right! ................I'm sure Mickey Newbury aproved! !!

  12. NewDOTP

    So poignant. So incredible. Buried treasure, obfuscated by what, exactly? ... just not the point. If this hurts you good, I love ya. Please refrain from bastardizing my genuine remark. ... Fuck it, I can't change you. Go on and do what you do but don't lose sight of this absolute gem.

  13. Tony Zwienenberg

    the best ever

  14. Андрей Горбатов


  15. Michael Adkins

    momma said he held me while she partied when I was 3 years old I

  16. Nancy Tucker

    absolutely outlaw fabulous

  17. tippimail1

    Today is the 33rd.of August.R.I.P. Mickey.Pete Drake[R.I.P.] on steel guitar.

  18. Gustavo de Freitas

    33rd comment

  19. J Climb

    Nobody can sing em like DAC. Classic COUNTRY voice. A true great one for country music

  20. Colton Welsh

    im 23 years old and i would kill to see this man live i listen to him everyday

    Baxter Adventures 1971

    Colton Welsh I have and it will change you for ever.

    Taco Gillespie

    You will not see the same man who recorded this song soer 30+years ago

    Andy Zuh

    So true. In that regard, the legend is already gone.


    1983 Louisville, KY I was 19 years old, one of the best concerts I ever saw and I've seen a few.

    Stuart Davis

    I saw him about the time you were born. Was close enough to smack him. Only regret is, I didn't. He is a bitter human being.

  21. J. Hale

    I also have studied THE MAN all my adult life. And from one Ohio boy to another- they broke the mold. I have seen the man over 10-15 times over last 30 years. I Shook his hand and conversed with him the first time backstage at Ross county fairgrounds when he appeared with Waymore and Marty Stewart. Talked to him on his bus a few years later. I have drank hard and ran up some rail while listening to him full blast with my brother. Recently I have appreciated him sober. He has been many things to many people thru the years. Most good some bad. When he dies there will be a void like all the other Country greats. Having recently lost me brother and recently discovering DAC singing this wonderful and haunting song, the steel guitar gets me everytime. Thank you David Allan. For everything

    Henry Cooke

    Man,if thats true thats amazing.

    Dan Burns

    J. Hale

    J. Hale

    Dan Burns ...Yes Sir.......all true

    Carol Diane

    thank you for sharing💖 I'm sorry for your heartache

    Holy Grail

    Seen live only once. Knew many of his Brothers, most now dead and gone. sylo

  22. David Martin

    David Allan Coe is such a talented songwriter and singer he has to be my favorite entertainer And yes we know he has copied this song from Micky Newbury .I can listen to either one sing this song

  23. brad dovel

    Been studding this man most of my adult life. Between the lies , the gimmicks and the stories' of multiple wives . I loved it  all but think it all was  hoax.


    +brad dovel what do you mean with hoax? his stage persona/outlaw attitudes?

    brad dovel

    I think a lot was made up , the math doesnt work (example just divorced albulm) he was  married to jody then

    Bob D

    the greats always seem like a hoax. no one could be as cool as elvis and love his momma join the army etc. no one could write songs that speak to you like waylons did.

    Brandon Murphy

    He makes up a bunch of stories for sure

  24. Tim Brady

    As long as everyone knows this is Micky Newbury song I'm cool. Most of you don't know it though. All the rain sounds and analogies are straight off of Mickey's songs, DAC does them justice but it needs to be known that he straight up lifted this off another talented artist. 


    @Tim Brady I was thinking the same thing.....It's the exact same arrangement..   .....personally I've heard /Waylon's version, Joan Baez's version, this one and I still love the Mickey Newbury version the best

    Taco Gillespie

    Mickey was the best. It came from his heart. It's simply his song.

    Brent Rice

    Been a DAC fan from the beginning but his story about Death Row are just that a story. Dont doubt he spent a few times locked up but not to the degree he tells it. That aside DAC is one hella singer/songwriter

  25. 85bigsky

    Check out Waylon's version if you're interested. ;-)

    David Hull

    85bigsky Waylong never fell short

  26. Jerome Shumate

    jerome shumate david bad ass allen coe I Love This Music. I Thank God For Your Talent.

  27. J Reina

    Nice! Could listen to this song all night. DAC, Waylon and Mickey.

  28. SMPfilmfan

    id kill a man for that belt buckle

    Johnathon Mcdaniel

    SMPfilmfan just look on eBay lol

    Curt Ekstrom

    He probably has it listed on eBay or Craigslist. David is piss poor broke and would sell Kimberly's underwear if he knew someone would buy them.

  29. Rosa Jones

    I have never heard this song, it is really good. Thanks for posting. Love all of his songs.

  30. terry flynn

    about the 33rd time I've heard it fantastic

  31. Nancy McIntosh

    D.A.C true rebel

  32. tippimail1

    Pete Drake[R.I.P.]on steel guitar.DAC from The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy[1974 on Columbia].Excellent album-it's my very favorite country album[and i used to be a country DJ].

  33. tippimail1

    Maybe my favorite DAC song ever.Great,great song.I saw DAC in Phoenix, 1984.He was excellent.

  34. chris shu

    and this song is beautiful

  35. chris shu

    I want that belt buckle

    Curt Ekstrom

    Write and ask him to sell it to you. David is so Broke he would sell Kimberly's underwear if he knew someone would buy them.

  36. Glenda Carr

    It is such a shame that to so many young people miss this amazing song. David Allen Coe is a storyteller and an amazing talent. Thank you so much for posting this, it''s the first time I heard his version.

  37. yvwic50

    Thanks for posting this; so much of DAC's best work is far off of the public radar, and it's great to be able to access it via 'net!

  38. vampireLOREN

    what a beautiful song.....I saw DAC about 20+ years ago....just me and my girl and a dear friend too. Now both of them have passed away and this wonderful songs lives on and I have wonderful memories.

  39. aldodio donadio

    god bless all on this thanksgiving, pray for us all.

  40. stuwad1

    DAC made this one his , i love Mickey , but this one is killer


    I have seen in concert DAC for 45 years. In University's in dives. I new and loved his dad.

    Mike Murphy

    Dac glendale heights friday