Coe, David Allan - Pledging My Love Lyrics

Forever my darling our love will be true always and forever I'll love only you
Just promise me darling your love in return
Make this fire in my soul dear forever burn
My heart's at your command dear to keep love and to hold
Making you happy's my desire dear loving you is my goal
I'll forever love you the rest of my days I'll never part from you and your loving ways

My heart's at your command...
This is my last letter end of the song my life is so miserable I can't go on

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Coe, David Allan Pledging My Love Comments
  1. Robert Dunham

    Fine job

  2. Troy Shaw

    Dac can sing !! Amazing

  3. packingten

    Best version EVER!.

  4. Donna Elrod

    My love Johnny and dedicated this song to me

  5. Linda Daniel

    My life is so miserable, I can't go on...

  6. Curt Ekstrom

    I have this Album for sale. Played only once when I taped it into Reel to Reel. Has not been played since 1978. Not Scratches.

  7. gdh1984

    That takes me back to putting one in the chamber and everybody laughing and saying "aww he's just drunk and stupid" then laughing along with the demons comforting me saying "you hear all these cocksuckers? Lmmfao!!! Listen to them laugh" then when I cocked the hammer back they all said "no! You crazy bastard!" but I pulled the trigger and it just said "click" but it was 6 to 1 odds. They beat my ass and said I was sick... One pussy puked in the corner... Which spoke volumes saying "is your life different than mine?" real and death stares at us laughing saying "really? Show me" I wanted to die then all because of what everybody thought, fuck them...

  8. Stevie Jo

    As he knows..its no where close to the original. But it's good.

  9. William Thieshen

    One of the last true outlaw country singers first time I've heard this by him!

    Chris Bodkin

    In my opinion he has the best version. This song is in my top 10 favorite of all time.

  10. Robert Dunham

    Just right

  11. T Clodfelter

    I've listened to EVERY version... from Elvis to "everyone else"...and THIS version is the only one that GETS IT!! Everyone else sings it from the sheet ... David Allen Coe sings it from his HEART & SOUL!!!

    Caio Paes Ramalho

    Totally agree.

  12. Robert Dunham

    Just fine

  13. Benjamin Marchese

    Johnny aces pledging my love words and music top 10 r/b songs of the 50's. Love you Johnny word for word.

  14. LILMANlc

    Good gosh dang hill Billy love I love u Marylou ❤️😝🌪️

  15. Adonis Theseus Machiavelli

    Hell of an homage to johnny ace.

  16. Mickey Bowser


  17. Larry Sidenstick

    We know about b.I.s in Lancaster ohio. Hard times

  18. Robert Dunham

    I believe him

  19. xeno_ripper

    you can tell he truly loves this song

  20. Jennifer Dugas

    You may never know ❤❤

  21. Franklin Mendez


  22. karenhick7

    The best !!!!

  23. Pauly York

    I dedicated this to my first love only one I ever dedicated it to

  24. Pauly York

    Great singers both of them love both versions

  25. Dorothy Cothran

    Love this song every time I hear this song makes me think about my late husband

    Pauly York

    Sorry for you're loss

  26. Killer Cade Gaming

    Bad ass music man

  27. Pauly York

    Awesome david you nailed it Johnny would be proud

  28. Kent L

    Never could drink myself to death in the short term but added some methadone and my sister just happened to show up and and saved my life. The gun will put you out 99% of the time if your serious

  29. Enzo Roberto

    First time i heard this song was because my father to, he told me the story about Johnny Ace. Amazing memories

  30. Conway Conway

    David Allen coe is has and always be the best of the best of any and all outlaw country music singers of all time...and he should be recognized as the leader the king the fucking all time number one motherfucker 2 god damn ways about it...i love you Dave Coe....wish I could meet and then shake your fucking hand some day before I I would just bout give anything to do that....your still to this day are most definitely one of the most played icons that I listen to in my house hold...hell the next generation,my 17 year old son loves your music as well guaranteeing you that your music will be played in my faimly for gd forever and a day brother..Big Joe from Perryville missouri.

  31. L. A. Baird

    G. L. .J.
    The first time you played this song for me, you said every time you hear this song, it will remind you of me.. Till this day it does..
    I miss you every damn day.. I miss everything about you.. Crazy we live a few miles apart, and not one word is spoken between us.. I know you miss me, as much as I do you..
    Or else you wouldn't be on my mind..
    They say every time someone comes to your mind, its them letting you know they are thinking of you..
    You're forever in my heart babe.. ❤ L

  32. Margaret Langton

    Just wonderful but love Elvis singing it as well

  33. Robert Dunham

    He means it...

  34. Betty osborne

    David,Sings This Song Wth His Beautiful SOUL!

  35. Steve Baer

    I like the way Johnny Ace who sang it way much wonderful and soothing

  36. Leroy Shipp

    Out law way is one of my mostest favorites

  37. Leroy Shipp


  38. Edd Ter

    I think he may be Toby Keiths kin..sure looks and plays like em

  39. Crystal Oldham

    I dedicate this song to you my loving wife an best friend ill never part from u yours truly sugarplumb princess

  40. kjun03

    He tells the whole story!!!
    Sad and superb !!!

  41. chaniqua smith

    It was a accidental shooting. He was playing with a gun he put the gun to his head saying it was not loaded but it was and he died. RIP Johnny Ace.

  42. mwms71

    That DAC belt buckle!

  43. Terenass Jenkins

    I love this song so fucking much. IV never heard Johnny Ace sing it. BTW Johnny Ace is a black guy for y'all that didn't know... But I love how COE does it it's awesome though I love all of COE'S music.... OYeah I was also in S,C,I.. which is the prison he is talking about in the song Lancaster's. located in Lancaster OHIO....

  44. Donna Moreno

    I always think of the movie "Christine" that came out in 1983 with Johnny Ace's version, the BEST!

  45. Debbie Stier

    My 1st Husband dedicated this song to me when we first met and he passed away 2 years ago on 8 17 2015- Rest In Peace my darling Jeffrey

  46. thomas carter

    very good. Tom Jones did it but not as good

  47. lawyerep

    I was 9 in 1955 and have always loved this song. Simple lyrics, simple melody, but such a wonderful song. As an amateur guitar player and singer I love to play this song.

  48. Kevin Dupre

    reminding me of my soon to be ex wife, Naomi, 😢

  49. Jacob Moore

    This is my favorite song of all time

  50. Kevin Perkins

    beautiful song

  51. Caio Ramalho

    Maybe this could go to all those who say he's racist...

  52. Donald Donn

    Absolutely in the TOP 10 of 1950's R&B... Coe does Ace justice singin this.

  53. rick james

    How have I not heard this before.. This is the perfect song, has me speechless.


    rick james the original is heard in the movie Christine

    one king zoro

    Its a beautifully written piece its a shame its not better known

  54. Don White

    get u laid every time

  55. Don White

    puss geter every time. i have been there done that! !!!!!!!

  56. Don White

    puss geter every time. i have been there done that! !!!!!!!

  57. Waylon Garrett

    man this song hits home...I love u kimberly n Garrett lways and forever..

  58. alrick wright

    every one is racist

    rick james

    Do you even realize this is a Johnny ace song and Johnny Ace was a black man? Guess raciest jokes are only funny from black comic's right? Dude this isnt 1930 any more...times change, get over it.

    T Bone

    I would say every one has prejudices but not racism. Racism is reserved for the select dumb asses. In Heaven there is no white church, black church, yellow church, red church or brown church. There will only be the blood bought church of Jesus Christ. Nuff Sed.

  59. karen Loucks

    love this song...thanks johnny ace....touches deep

  60. Gustavo Hernandez

    it sounds like you're the one who is a racist.... think about it

  61. cindy Queen

    Isn't he a racist?

    James Milton

    cindy Queen not at all, his x rated songs were all just for fun and he's said himself that he's not a racist. even his drummer was a black man during that time

    Steven D

    why because hes white.

    Johnathon Mcdaniel

    cindy Queen no Johnny rebel his old song writer was However he isn't he grandchild is half black and he speaks highly of his grandkids. dac is a blues singer it would be a oxymoron to be racist

  62. Arabion knight

    johnny ace was tipsy and he was playing Russian roulette, back stage while talking to big mama thoughton. she sang. you ain't nothing but a hound dog, about 10 years before Elvis Presley. and way rhe gun went off. also latasha lee age 32 from Texas dogs a beautiful renditions of the song. plus see is very polite on the eyes.

    james boyer

    That is the official version, however there are those who feel the police had something to do with this, we know this could not have happened, a Texas cop shooting a black entertainer, racist police in Texas, really? Read the book, The Thin Blue Line and form your own opinion.

  63. Arabion knight

    johnny ace was tipsy and he was playing Russian roulette, back stage while talking to big mama thoughton. she sang. you ain't nothing but a hound dog, about 10 years before Elvis Presley. and way rhe gun went off. also latasha lee age 32 from Texas dogs a beautiful renditions of the song. plus see is very polite on the eyes.

  64. Steve

    life is barely worth living

    Johnny Rocco

    stop thinking that way. It can get better, but you have to want it. I know this because i too was once just barely holding on. You have to try, try again, if all you do is lose, you have to find a way to win. may God Bless you.

    Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Life has no meaning, and that alone is the only reason worth living for.

  65. Audio Garden

    this just broke my fucking heart made me think of my ex.. But after a while crying feels numb also

  66. Irish American

    At the end of this song I'm taking my revolver and killing myself. So long people..

    Personal Jesus

    Are you doing OK


    so long, paddy

    Conway Conway

    You dumb fuck if I could find you I would whip your ass 0for even thinking about killing yourself,suicide isn't nothing to make fun of or to poke fun at...ive lost 2 faimly members due to that kinda shit and have talked a quite a few others including myself out of killing them selves over the by the time I was done with you suicide would be the furthest thing from your ever loving mind....just a big ole county boy from s.e.missouri


    R.I.P man.

  67. Loren Muskett

    My dad sings this song to my mother, all the time. Love my mom.

  68. Elaine Pohl

    A very beautiful song and melody.

  69. Charles Marshall

    The best version of Johnnie Ace's song!

    Edward Elson

    Elvis Presley version is the best


    @Edward Elson Nah I agree with David AC love Elvis but Brother David owns this..

    Adonis Theseus Machiavelli

    Best version other than johnny ace himself

    chris wilson

    FUCK no. Nobody has done it better than Johnny Ace.

  70. Irishjay1025

    I will walknthis earth forever empty forever lost, but I will never stop loving you.. :(


    Damn 4 years and you still torture me.

  71. Ken Howard

    Awesome song..!

  72. A. Turla

    its beautiful....even too old song

  73. Brenton Oldaker

    no one does it quite like dac.


    salut les americans biz de Bretagne

  75. Daniel Zamudio


  76. James Avery

    Another beautiful version.

  77. Temera Matlock

    Love this song

  78. Jame Donrel

    Love it

  79. reekashade

    So sad,yet so beautiful!

  80. Bobbie Jo Greene

    My Wedding Song!!!

    willow tree

    +Bobbie Jo Greene , mine also

    Bobbie Jo Greene

    I know right???


    it was mine too! perfect wedding song!

  81. Daniel Morrison

    I love this cover!

  82. Vickie Davis

    This was them song played at my wedding. Had to be CD's version, No Other Would Do! He's them best & always will be! ;-)

  83. Pappy C

    my father sang this song as he worked his garden or just piddling around the yard, i never knew the song and was determined to find out, now i know just how beautiful the song is and why my daddy loved it

    Devitt Fountain

    to Patsy Fountain (last time) Thank U for taking in Jason and Heather and help raise them. U did good. And thanks for a super son named Jeremy.He is a great Son. We raised him right.U were a good Mother,friend,worker,peace keeper and sooo much more. Always. Remember. Always Remember u are a great Mom u are.
    Jeremy will bossh.

    Jesse Biggsjr

    Devitt Fountain dude, that's beautiful!!!!!!! she must bee one hell of a woman?!!!!!!!! ELSINORE KID

    by x3 bbdctxhs

    wtf y u post this on youtube instead of texting her d*mb*ss she most likely won't see it on here :/

    Kevin Murillo

    Devitt Fountain that's sad. I hope you're doing well Mr.!

    Linda Topping

    I’ve loved it many years ❤️!

  84. angelina reyes

    i love this song
    its so undying love for someone special in my life

  85. angelina reyes

    i love this song
    its so undying love for someone special in my life

  86. Elianna Cortez

    I love u Reuben Contreras


    I love you too

  87. Thomas Yohe

    And you believe everything on Wikipedia @Beerchasers

  88. John Torrington

    One of the best covers ever.

  89. angie rosnow

    Has and always will be my absolute favorite from David Allan Coe <3 <3 <3

    Rm Stacy

    I was always partial to Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile

  90. snicker9400

    i thought it was accidental- ??

  91. charles hansen

    Never knew it was a suicide note now it brings tears to my eyes R.I.P Jonny Ace

    chris wilson

    charles hansen What are you talking about? Johnny Ace accidentally shot himself in the head while playing with his gun in front some friends. It wasn’t a suicide.

  92. JLHunt

    I always wondered if he said moments or months before. As months would be closer to the truth.

  93. wasteland70

    I'm 42 and, frankly, ashame of myself for not hearing this until now. Such a marvelous, beautiful, longing and painful song.