Coe, David Allan - Master Bation Blues Lyrics

She's alone in the corner, with her panties to her knees, lookin in the mirror,
she gives her tits a squeeze. Slides her finger thru the wetness, rubbing
gently on her clit. Breathing heavy with each stroke now. She's not worried
bout me watchin, its too late now to refuse, nightly fever you can't shake
down, masturbation blues.

He picks up the dirty picture, with his dick hard in his hand, with a stroke
you see hime moving, with the music of the band, against the wall you see him
jerking, as the cum spills on the floor, as he swells in the mirror, he won't
do this anymore, he's not worried bout me watchin, it's too late now to refute,
nightly fever you can't refuse, masturbation blues.

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Coe, David Allan Master Bation Blues Comments
  1. Jimmy Spitz

    Gay ducks unite

  2. Jimmy Spitz

    Gay ducks unite

  3. Izet Medosevic

    Great video!

  4. nj Moran

    Just sayin taking david allen coe is taking classic rock ......not right

  5. shellback971able

    Need to plz hack the next feminist march loud speakers with this song

    Oliver Steininger

    You realize that feminists have no problem with masturbation right? Only the religious folk do

    Milker 2005

    Oliver Steininger I guess so, nobody knows with them. Blast this one instead

  6. skippbitman

    Did BB King ever do a cover of this?

  7. Larry Kin

    DOC is the man.

  8. official clown business

    Dammit, Daffy! You done jizzed on my shoes!

  9. Dayofthedaleks152

    Raid Buddhism hotline with this plz?

  10. cultfan 52

    Daffy Duck doesn't masturbate !


    cultfan 52 This video proves you are incorrect.

  11. Joe Carr

    lmao wtf

    Laura Vencill

    This my friend is one the baddest mother fuckers around

  12. John Beer


  13. Dick Johnson

    (hey....ssshhh...keep this a secret....don't breathe a word....don't tell anyone --- you understand?....but I'm a guy who masturbated once.)

    Francesco Avila

    Dick Johnson he swears into the mirror,he won't do this anymore

  14. Donald Davis

    this is funny as hell

  15. Billy Martin

    that's all there is to do whin ure bike is down butt not for long

  16. Beau Smith

    good song to masturbate to

  17. Mathew Wells

    lmao hell yeah that's a hell of a song

  18. Flesh Robe

    One of THE best vids on You Tube.


    I think everyone would agree with that.

  19. Flesh Robe

    She's ALONE in the corner!

  20. Tartan Foursix

    dis shit should go virual (no pun intended)