Coe, David Allan - Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

This song is for all the people that's been reviewing our records in different magazines and things and say we sound a lot like Jimmy Buffett because we live in Key West and use Congo drums in our songs. For all those people that live in Key West and are under the misconception that Mr. Buffett live in Key West
We'd like to say there's a lot of things in Key West, as a matter of fact,

There's sailboats and conch shells and palm trees galore,
But Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West anymore
Sister spare change has a bumper sticker on the door
Says Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West any more

Hey smugglers need those Buffett songs, snitching on the sly
Bringing heat where it's already to damn hot to die
Son of a son of a son of bitch, what's all that bullshit for
Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West anymore

Sailing to the Caribbean Jimmy might well be
Pictures up in Rollin' Stone for all the world to see
The rich keep getting richer, the poor they just stay poor
Jimmy Buffett doesn't' live in Key West anymore

Now Jimmy's moved to Malibu with all those other stars
He's not down on Duval Street hangin' out in bars
All them God damned tourist, got to be a bore.
Jimmy Buffett doesn't live here any more

So don't tell me I sound like Jimmy Buffett
Just because I got that island beat
Jimmy might have grown up on the ocean
Me, I kinda grown up on the street
Music's just a way of life, me I'm livin' free
Don't lay all that Key West Jimmy Buffett shit on me

Now Divers Do It Deeper must have really made them mad
Some of them reviewers said it really sounded bad
Well they liked Margaritaville, me I liked it too
Someday Jimmy, why don't we just both get drunk and screw
Oh those creepy Mother Fuckers that think music is a whore
Tell that you just don't live in Key West anymore

There's sailboats and conch shells and palm trees galore,
But Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West anymore
Sister spare change has a bumper sticker on the door
Jimmy Buffett, he don't live in Key West any more

Alright boys, sound like Jimmy Buffett now

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Coe, David Allan Jimmy Buffett Comments
  1. JohnDeereCat98

    I'll be bumping this song when I'm in Keywest this spring.

  2. E JG

    Good ol sister spare change.

  3. percy welch

    one of his best

  4. Seek Jesus

    sister spare-change...classic

  5. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Love ya David* (bigger hillbilly star) *A man amoung men*

  6. Trust Jesus

    Sister spare change, Classic.

  7. Stoned Sheep

    Coe is way cooler and better than Buffett

    Trust Jesus

    Stoned Sheep Different times.

  8. ShaddyCrunchum

    Dude I didn't know jimmy buffet dropped an x rated album, cool!

  9. Jason Mitchell

    Love it

  10. wil king

    sign petition for DAC for Hall of fame. He earned it.

  11. Jamie Garrett

    Piss on Jimmy Buffet

  12. TMB247

    Just found out that Jimmy was an Obama Peter Puffer, Big Mike is Pissed... Jimmy had to move

  13. bluekron77

    Is this jimmy buffet? Or some guy using his style?

    Dave Kipka

    It's dac dumb ass


    @Dave Kipka
    I'm pretty sure it's jimmy buffet, sounds just like him

  14. Barry Guyer

    Love it!
    fuck Jimmy Buffett

  15. Nate Thornton

    Son of a son of a son of a bitch!

  16. John Grady

    Lyrics contain errors
    Smugglers hate those buffet songs

  17. bluntman305

    Jimmy got kicked out of the key's

  18. Rick W

    Sorry David, but you definitely ain't no Jimmy Buffett!

  19. Aaron Cope

    What happened between them?

    Cole C.

    Aaron Cope supposed david stole one of Jimmys beat and melody but it's not true, just because he pit bongos and a tropical vibe

  20. Troy Dennis

    Snitching on the side, love that part!

  21. Troy Dennis

    Don't lay all that key west Jimmy Buffett shit on me!

  22. ShitinWithNoBathroom

    Divers do it deeper, bikers do it meaner - and David Allan Coe sings changes in latitudes a little bit better.

  23. Joe Boyko

    I like 'em both, but 'Divers do it Deeper' IS a pretty blatant ripoff of 'Changes in Latitudes'.

    Tom Epplin

    Joe Boyko so is “surfing Usa”.

  24. Carson croft



  25. Eric Brenner

    Breaking: There are many things in Key West, Jimmy Buffet is not one of them

  26. kodigity

    Buffet acussed Coe of stealing a beat from him, and he made this record to make fun of him.

    Robert Short

    Buffett is a Democrat pussy.


    He pretty much jacked the beat from Jimmy Buffett.

    A Son Of The Sun

    Really ! LOL.


    buffet dont live in key west

  27. Chenelle Simonetta


  28. Charlie Chazworth

    I grew up in Knoxville TN. Right down the road from Luttrel,Tn Kenny Chesneys childhood home. To hear all those jackasses tell it you'd think the whole county knew him personally. I cannot abide that pop country bullshit. D.A.C. is what country music should be. Anti establishment " fuck you" music.

  29. James Brown

    Buffet and DAC fan, both kick ass...

  30. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    Ironically, they wanted to dog on DAC for supposedly trying to sound like Jimmy Buffet but then sing the praises of a stupid rip off hack like Kenny Chesney. Go figure...


    Musician drama is so gay

  31. Troubadour 123

    My favorite out of all of them

  32. Robert Short

    100k is an army

  33. Joe Bourdeau

    fuck Jimmy buffet!

  34. Don Scott

    Apparently,Buffett didn't have a sense of humor,when he heard this song. He said in an interview,that he would've sued David Allan Coe,but he didn't wanna give him the satisfaction of having his name put in the paper.


    +Shoostful It's very similar but not the same melody, more like the same theme and feel. It's clear how someone without musical knowledge could think they are the same though.

    Guile Weaver

    Jimmy Buffet didn't want his Ass Beat !


    Fred Q. Preach On Brother man!!!! Jimmy buffet is a card carrying BITCH


    @seethe42 kind of like how pressure by queen and bowie totally didnt get ripped off of by vinilla ice?


    @ShaddyCrunchum Nothing like that. Ice Ice Baby was a sample taken from Under Pressure without giving credit. It was actually stolen audio, not just a similar theme.

  35. Ben Key

    Jimmy Buffett = God


    There is no God, but our Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ.

    Richard Stockton

    +CashPresley32 Nine words too long, dude.


    @Richard Stockton Thanks.

    Душан Радин

    Susan Ivanova is God :-D!


    Richard Stockton hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  36. Iron Duck

    I have been in more than one bar fight at D.A.C shows. Love his dedication to his craft and he is one great song writer.

    Mr. Ishmael

    I respect your dedication tp getting in fights at DAC shows.

  37. AccurateCrabLegs

    David Allan Coe's farts smell better than Jimmy Buffet's farts!  Coconut or whiskey?

  38. Robert Short

    Three people need shot!

    ThomasJefferson PimpinGame

    Make that 7

    ThomasJefferson PimpinGame

    If Obama doesn't buy all the ammo first we can handle them XD

    Don Scott

    They must be Jimmy Buffett fans.

  39. Patrick Jordan

    DAC deserves to be much more well known than he is!!!

    Zane Marion

    Patrick Jordan no he dosent he is a racist asshole who wrote song about how he hates black people

    Reis Joseph

    If he would've been more careful with his words. BUT we love him this way aren't we

    Tyler Long

    Zane Marion your retarted, DAC wasn’t actually damn racist. His drummer was black, David just loved to fun at people and did so through “racist” remarks.

    Vincent Gigante

    Zane Marion so what

  40. Metatron wzz

    Saw him in 2001 at a easyriders motorcycle convention. Bad ass, he even had a best tits contest after the show on stage

    jeffs world

    Metatron wzz fuck yeah. my dad knew a photographer for easyrider. ive been to daytona many times for bike week.

  41. loosebacontrails666

    Music Forever!!! I think its hilarious how so many people come on here to talk shit and almost everyone can not spell and are very illiterate, A Sad State of Affairs,  A Crippled America, A Pipe Dream, Buttfucked. Immune, Stonger Then All

  42. NestorTheMolestor

    I like Jimmy Buffett, but come on; DAC was one of the greatest Southern Rockers ever.
    And you can't even spell Jimmy's name right.

    Elvia Koester

    NestorTheMolestor fuck u DAC is the MAN

  43. Alison DiFiore

    yes sir Buffett freaks suck what is all the bullshit for? Why my child bullshit of course

  44. Shea Holmer

    I don't usually like to badmouth anyone's music, but Jimmy Buffet sucks.

  45. bryce m

    Music is just a way of life.
    Me, I'm livin free.
    so dont lay all that key west jimmy buffet shit on me!
    LOVE IT!

  46. John John

    I imagine there are some photos somewhere... its my understanding the spyder ranch was the cook house once upon a time.

  47. brian5o

    I really appreciate you having shared a little bit of Florida Keys history.

    Spyder Ranch sounded awesome and it is cool that the people there shared their beer with the rats.

    I would have loved to have seen this place. I really hate when historic buildings and those who frequented them are lost for ever.

    Do you happen to know where there are any pictures of it? I'd love to see it.

  48. Tiffany Grimes

    loving it

  49. John John

    Is it true you used to live at the Spyder Ranch on Big PIne, the old shark camp cookhouse... before they tore it down? I remember that one room wallpapered in sheet music... I heard the last group of folks living there put out bowls of beer to keep the rats happy there were so many of them around.. I made an attempt to save that classic old building built over the water, well at high tide.. but alas like so many interesting things it is gone... would you write a song about it?