Coe, David Allan - Desperados Waiting For The Train Lyrics

I'd sing the Red River Valley and he'd sit in the kitchen and cry
Run his fingers through seventy years of livin'
Wonder Lord has every well I drilled ran dry
We were friends me and that old man
Like desperados waiting for the train like desperados waiting for the train

He's a drifter and a driller of oil wells and an old school man of the world
Taught me how to drive his car when he's too drunk to
And he'd wink and give me money for the girls
And our lives was like some old western movie
Like desperados waiting for the train like desperados waiting for the train

From the time that I could walk he take me with him
To a place called the Green Frog Cafe
There was old men with beer guts and dominos
Lyin' bout their lives while they'd play
And I was just a kid that they all called his sidekick
Like desperados waiting for the train like desperados waiting for the train

Now I looked up and he was pushin' eighty
And there's brown tobacco stains all down his chin
To me he's one of the heroes of this country
So why's he all dressed up like some old men
Drinking beer and playing moon and 42
Like desperados waiting for the train like desperados waiting for the train

Then just before he died I went to see him I was grown and he was almost gone
We just closed our eyes and dreamed us up a kitchen
And sang another verse to that old song
(Don't cry Jack it's only Jesus comin')
Like desperados waiting for the train like desperados waiting for the train
Like desperados waiting for the train

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Coe, David Allan Desperados Waiting For The Train Comments
  1. Eric Montgomery


  2. old sad daddy

    Dont cry Jack its only Jesus coming

  3. Kenneth Thompson

    Story of most older mens lives.!!
    Sadness, memories lost & gained', reflection on a lifetime that has been lived so quickly & the " final train is coming".

  4. Jacob Lindauer

    I'm not gonna lie....I want the belt buckle.

    Stevie Fish

    Jacob Lindauer thatd be cool

  5. Melissa Sales

    My grandpa who raised me just passed....... drilled wells, tobacco stains and always drove him when he drank... My hero of the country.. My papaw, my dad. He was supposed to make it through surgery and travel with my mamas across the US. He seen the world and wanted to show her it next.... RIP Papaw

  6. Pat Anderson

    Telling my Papa goodbye today.. he was my best friend. Thank you David. version ever.

  7. Jeff Simpkins

    trabahondos in the dugout."put me in coach"!

  8. chad mann

    Pop when I started walking you'd take me with you, you taught me how to drive when you were to drunk to! I love and miss you very much, thanks for loving me

  9. Dalton Kalbach

    Rip pop pop one day we will meet again on the train

  10. tippimail1

    79 today-from one of the best country albums-

  11. Killers Eddie

    'Don't cry Jack, it's only Jesus coming'...That actually brought a tear to my eye.

  12. Australian Opal Australian Opal

    I was a boy when I heard this first, only an idiot could fail to hear its significance.

  13. Dice L


  14. Aaron Wag

    Highway men FTW.

    Killers Eddie

    Aaron Wag Ehhh...No.

  15. tippimail1

    One of the best songs ever and my favorite version of it.R.I.P. Guy Clark,who wrote this."Don't cry Jack,it's only Jesus coming".

    Vicki Graves

    Amen. I saw David sing this in a small club u[in Dallas, 1975. Been looking for this DESPERADOS for years>>>>finally found it...

  16. edward klintworth

    I recently spent some time with my 97 year old Aunt, it caused me to think of this song "Why is he dressed up like some old man"

  17. jacobsol80

    I remember going to the bar with grandpa to drink root beer while he played cards. Now I have grandchildren of my own. This song takes on more meaning the older I get. We're all waiting for that train.

    Chief 762

    Waitin' with ya, bro...

    Real Edge Hours

    jacobsol80 I hope you're doing well sir

    Nawaf HH Al-Taher

    Big salute!

  18. Jay Hollenback

    R.I.P Grandpa

  19. Sherri Cline

    I had (have somewhere?) a David Allen Coe cd we loved for years! I have a list going of the songs that I can remember from it. I have really searched, but have yet to find it. He's an elusive ole boy... Love him!

  20. troy gipson

    DAC's Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy Album,, His best ever, but thats just my opinion..


    +troy gipson I agree-i have his first twenty two albums that were released on Columbia.

  21. 70454bigcountry

    wow this awesome I have human emotions on cd and this album wil be the next one I buy

  22. Major Wood

    Tom Rush did do this and I can't find it either.

    Ben Hamre

  23. pg123fish

    it's been a lot of years so my memory might be off. but I think the first time I heard this it was on a tom rush album. can't find it anywhere so I might be mistaken. so far I haven't heard a bad version in my searches. I guess that means it's one hell of a song.

  24. John The Smasher

    I like this version, but i LOVE The Highwaymen version best.

  25. Charles Decelle

    was/is good music...

  26. Charles Decelle

    it's a guy clark song....but done well by DAC

  27. jock cross

    fuckin great

  28. Tunedude25

    This song remonds me of my Uncle Joe

    Owen Story

    Who's Joe

  29. berto01

    Oh man. I too have been looking for this recording ever since I wore out my cassette. This is the only version I have heard by David where he doesn't name Jesus something derogatory ( at the end ). I'm a huge David Allen Coe fan but I'm also a Christian and cannot bear to hear his live versions where he says s^%#o^%^&B^&% at the end. I'm not perfect and quite the sinner but I never call Jesus anything but Jesus or God. Anyway blah blah back to my point of THANKS for uploading!!

    Michael White

    I think when they say, "that son of a bitch is coming" ... It's not Jesus, but the other guy that's coming.


    @Michael White Well maybe. I never thought of that. Bless you friend.

  30. Matthew Raiche

    I don't have a favorite version because this song is so awesome, that all versions of it are amazing.

  31. Matthew Raiche

    You do all know that Guy Clark wrote this song, right? I remember listening to this song when I was a kid and asking my dad what a desperado is. I've talked with Guy Clark a few times. The first time I met him (my dad introduced me) I got to tell him that I learned the word "desperado" because of his song.

  32. Michael Perez

    David is Country as a chicken coop, I love him, when country was good and rock on man.

    Curt Ekstrom

    David is the furthest thing from being Country. He even said so on an Interview in 1986 with Music City News.

  33. Michael Perez

    David is a part of the aint "'Nashville" Cosmic Cowboy movement, Home base Austin Texas. In Nashville they cry about women leaving, in Austin they tell them not to come back!!! Fuck Nashville, LONG LIVE OUTLAWS..HANK, WE STILL REMEMBER YOU AND THAT DRIFTING COWBOY BAND

  34. Dyann Espinosa

    This is THE BEST version of this song..and I love Jerry Jeff Walker. But this gets the emotion of the story. David Allen Coe is not your middle-of-the-road performer-but he has captured a hell of a lot of the essence of life as he knows it.

    Taylor Balkom

    Dyann Espinosa this was written by guy Clark sugar, not jerry Jeff walker

    LeAnne S

    @Taylor Balkom Yes it was written by Guy Clark, but Jerry Jeff Walker was the first to record it. There are several other versions of it. The Highwaymen did a version of it, the song really fits with their voices, especially Waylon and Willie. Slim Pickens even put out a version where he speaks it. Steve Earle put out a very good version of it earlier this year. I believe his version is my favorite, has more feeling in it. DAC's version is good but I think I'd have to put JJW second and DAC as my third favorite.

  35. assclown900

    where can i buy this version?

  36. tippimail1

    My favorite version of a classic song.I have the first 22 DAC albums.I first heard it by Jerry Jeff Walker[also very good].

  37. GatorBailBonds

    DAC true badass country singer

    not fake like today's pop country all stars All in San Fran for they videos WTF?

  38. paulgdb

    Good version but sorry to say only Jerry Jeff Walker has the patent on how to sing this song. The first time I heard it and every time since I can see my grandfather (my hero) saying goodbye for the last time. Great song!

  39. yvwic50

    My favorite of many good versions of this classic piece of American music; thank you for posting!

  40. Byron Schwartz

    this is one of the greatest songs...EVER and i guarantee you, you could ask 1000 kids my age and maybe ten would have heard this song. if that.

    Jonathan Gaming And Vlogs

    I'm 24 and love this song how old are you

    Garrett Godfrey

    This is one of the greatest songs by one of the greatest country artists. I’m sixteen and love David, Waylon, Johnny, and Kris songs better than I like most people😂

  41. hegonnagetya

    holy shit ty bro i used to have this on tape and havent been able to find it online (the studio version) any where tytytytytyty

  42. Michael Arcane

    Jerry Jeff Walker's version is my favorite.

  43. Nightrain76

    Nobody does it better. I uploaded a live rendition from 2006 of Coe doing this.