Coe, David Allan - Another Pretty Country Song Lyrics

I bought this rhinestone suit in California
These boots came all the way from Mexico
This Cadillac ain't nothing', son
You ought to see the greyhound
I bought to take my band from show to show
Seen my face a thousand times on TV
And heard me on your local radio
And in your eyes I see the admiration there for me
But, son, there's something that ought to know

Well, I've got to take a drink to keep from shaken'
Motel rooms ain't nothing like a home
Money can't make love grow any stronger
When you leave your woman home alone
She can't raise the children with no daddy
She can't love a man that's always gone
It takes a whole lot more than pride
To keep your feelings locked inside
While you sing another pretty country song

I've seen your face a thousand times on TV
I've heard you on my local radio

It's true I took some pills to stay awake, son
And this diamond ring I wear is just for show
I've got a little cabin in the country
When I'm not on the road that's where I go
Try and put my feelings down on paper
Right or wrong the show has to go on
I can cry deep down inside and keep on smiling'
While I sing another pretty country song

But I've got to take a drink to keep from shaken'

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Coe, David Allan Another Pretty Country Song Comments
  1. joe mcmillan

    Living Legend
    DAC Forever.

  2. Magne Høiberg

    great photo setup of dac...

  3. BDS

    God bless. DAC a true legend

  4. Rex R

    Is da c in hall of fame

  5. Rex R

    Dam right

  6. William Hutcheson

    Good stuff.

  7. im not a polotician look at pictures on phone

    Got your yankee ass mother fuckers

  8. Pamela Morgan Mitchell

    She can raise her children with no daddy and she can love a man who’s always gone!
    RIP:Joe Mitchell

  9. brandon murphy

    David could have been so much more popular. The xxx albums hurt him

  10. tim brown

    You 90-[

  11. Appalachian American

    I heard they played this at Ronnie Van Zant's funeral.great song

  12. robert e lee all american no color

    Hunting Hootchiekoosa scumbaggs

  13. Mark Howard

    tat rebel flag is now racist and A PICKINEENEE IS NOW JOAN OF ARCH MR COE

  14. wil king

    DAC a song writing machine. Please sign petition.

  15. James Meade

    Waylon Jennings Farwell party

  16. James Meade

    Waylon Jennings Farwell party

  17. Rob Arnold

    Got your ass

  18. Raegan Cowles

    Amen so cool

  19. Joe Kelly

    It's rumoured DAC has a butterfly on his winkus.

  20. Jimmy Spitz

    Just had me a shot o whiskey...i was shaaaakkkkkiiiinnnnn

  21. Robert lee Arnold jr

    Up you ass little morher fucker thanks for evidence

  22. Robert lee Arnold jr

    Thanks for evidence porn asshole

  23. Dalton Kalbach

    Gotta take a drink to keep from shakinnnn

  24. William Wakefield

    Ronnie Van Zant had great taste! This is an awesome artist!!


    David Allan Coe .... The Original Country Outlaw -----

  26. Corey Guillot

    I used to see him often at a casino I worked at in Louisiana near my home he was always in ragged old clothes and I didn't realize it was him until one of the gaming bosses told me I was like dang after that never saw him again

  27. Grizzlyadam Smith


  28. Julia S

    Played at Ronnie Van Zant's funeral

  29. Pamela Morgan Mitchell

    🎶💙trying to put my feelings down on paper💙🎶

  30. Neil Ladd

    Clothes don't always make the man.

  31. Heshmaster72

    I'm new here.

  32. Jerry Lopez

    More great country songs than you can shake a ... a finger at.

  33. Brandon Murphy

    should be in the country music hall of fame . without a doubt

  34. Elite59

    This song was played at Ronnie Van Zant's funeral, just after Charlie Daniels sang "Amazing Grace." They also played Merle Haggard's , "Pride In What I Am"...

  35. Brandon Murphy

    A true legend

  36. Peoples Champ

    Its not about DAC being the best country entertainer ever. That gets more obvious everyday now that the internet cant be censored by Nashville elite and people learn the truth for themselves. Its about being perhaps the best musical entertainer of any genre during any time. He is that good.

  37. Chris Groeneveld

    I Saw him in The Nederlands in a town name Boskoop, amazing.

  38. ray dotson

    definately as loretta lynn says he belongs in the hall of fame

    Debra Williams

    Elton John put in a word for Leon Russell who deserved to be in the Hall of Fame and he was inducted. I would think Ms. Loretta Lynn would be heard loudly if she was to put in the word for DAC, He is a master with words and a great entertainer. Every place that has a juke box has David Allan Coe on it and look at the number of people who follow his music and has for years. I know it's time for someone to wake them up to this before I have to knock them off their stool. Ha! Can someone go fetch Loretta Lynn and give her a limo ride down to talk to the people at CMA.

  39. Matt Monsarrat


  40. Nathan Kluttz

    Nobody like DAC! I can only imagine what folks in Nashville thought, whenever he got out of prison, and parked his black hearse in front of the Ryman Auditorium! Lol

  41. Joe Jr west ham United

    this made me fucking cry

  42. Alice nick

    what a piece of shit!

  43. David Wilson

    why is D.A.C. never heard of? the man is brilliant, real country, can't go the shit called country that's put out now

    Appalachian American

    The guys they call country nowadays couldn't carry David Alan Coe's guitar strap

  44. Karie babcock

    the real deal outlaw here for sure
    "i got to take a drink to keep from shaking"

    David Taylor

    Karie babcock you got that right

    Mark Morris

    David really dont drink much maybe a shot at a show and didnt do that till he was older

  45. brandon murphy

    this is another great song by David

  46. Cruel Sewell

    The man!!! There's no country singer/songwriter alive that's in his league. I saw him in 1998 (if I remember correctly) and had a great time. DAC is a legend who will never receive his due credit.

    Betty osborne

    A Men Friend!

    jj binx

    Most country singers nowadays are effeminate ladyboys

    Jacob Tharpe

    ilove countrymusic1993 Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan could never reach David, Johnny Cash, or Willie Nelson’s league. Their songs are the same idea with a slightly different beat behind it.

    Mark Morris

    @ilove countrymusic1993 tims The Ride equal to dAC boy i think you fell in hit ur head and luke and sam hunt a joke

    Noe Garcia Jr

    @larrybob141 hold your fucken tongue about waylon ass hat

  47. rileysnake

    i did time in the  prison hes been locked  up an  ohio legend whitE  power fuck you faggit  liberal hookers  i love you too bi polar  opposites goddaMN WE  LOVE YOU  BITCHES BUT NOT  IN PRISON YOUR A DISGRACE TO  OUR RACE  IM HIGH  ON ALOT  OF  DRUGS MAY WHITE  POWER  JESUS  FIND  YOU

    Real Edge Hours

    rileysnake I'd love to buy you a beer

  48. denise smith

    My brother knew him. Picked a little bit and just hung out a while. Sonny spoke of him often

  49. brad dovel

    Not dissing the talent, just so curious, and would love to interview him. I think it was true outlaw genius

  50. brad dovel

    I love DAC, and knows everything about him , yet really knows nothing , because of the lies and contradictions. I know at least one of the lies was to keep him out of prison, but someone explain who the woman was he was supposed to be married to during the "just Divorced " album was (Angeline), when he was married to Jody at that time, was he really married to multiple women , if so how was his heart broken when he only lost this one certain mysterious wife?


    its a song.

    brad dovel

    and a gimmick. he has a audio book on youtube called whoopsie daisy. i think he tells the truth on that one

  51. Wesley Armentrout

    we listening to him  for 45year

  52. Wesley Armentrout

    if you don't like me my brothers group listening to him

  53. Dillon Voelker

    He is amazing. I listen to him every single day. Whiskey, bars, fights, and guitars. That is a quick explenation of Coe. All you other pussy's that come here to insult, you will get smacked in the face one day. Just wait..


    Dillon Voelker calm down city slicker

  54. chuck wick

    He wearing a womans  wig ?

    chuck wick

    @joye foster Obviously you do wouldnt be here otherwise.


    It's not a wig. It's a Donald Trump hair trick he's pulling. If you look really closely, you can see that he grew his neck hair really long amd then just combed it over the top of his head.

    chuck wick

    @Castlebury21 lol

    Joe Vlogs

    That's his shit and you owe it

    Curt Ekstrom

    @Adam Jones Bullshit. David had been wearing Wigs since 1980. He could never get his hair to grow beyond his shoulders. He had to resort to Wigs and Lies about his hair. How can a man have shoulder length hair on Friday Show and Waist length on Saturday show?

  55. jw moberly

    Yeah,David allan is the talented and underrated.But cmon David,kid rock does suck.He can't sing.He barely plays an instrument.He's a dick and basically talentless.So why on earth does hank junior and coe give him time of day?He tried to be another vanilla ice and couldn't even accomplish that.So he switched gears and tried rock and roll.Bawtidiba or whatever that tripe was he peddled sucked ass.My god kid munch sucks so terribly.He makes me want to vomit


    I agree 100 %  well said........... 


    +--cLAsic-- middle age rock   you mean ???


    he went platinum 7 times.

  56. BJ Jon

    Another classic! If you love Willie, watch Hank State of Mind by Rick Cox . It's an awesome tribute to Willie, Waylon, and all the greats!!!

  57. Eli Jackson

    i can see what you sayin bud

  58. ron frietas

    been listening to these songs since 75. I love all of them. DAC is so bad ass

  59. elemsit

    I also thought they played this at RVZ funeral..

  60. mdooley6985

    Dont mention Kid Rock on a Coe video. Kid rock sucked at rap so he became a rocker. He sucked and rock and not he is sucking at country.

  61. TheSpawnofSkynyrd

    Not from what I see. From what I've read, Merle Haggard's "I Take A Lot of Pride in What I Am" was the song he was laid to rest in

  62. john deere

    lol, kid rock thinks hes the american badass, but we all know that david allan coe is the TRUE AMERICAN BADASS

  63. Casey Garrett

    Coe said at a show some years ago at the Brady in Tulsa this was the only song played at Van Zant's funeral in '77.

    Terri Hilder

    Casey Garrett Not sure why DAC would say that. In Rolling Stone magazine, it was reported that a recording of DAC's song was played at the funeral. Other songs were played too. Donnie Van Zant and David Evans sang a version of Amazing Grace along with Charlie Daniels. Judy Van Zandt said that on a you tube video. I believe there were other musical selections as well.

  64. therealvegan runner

    Good get drunk to

  65. Nancy McIntosh

    good music to get drunk too he showed the colors proudly a real country outlaw

  66. therealvegan runner

    Love it dac

  67. Debra Goodson

    Another true country song. i was raised on this kind of music. My father would play these songs as we sat in the front yard around the campfire. Thanks for the reminder of the days of my youth.

  68. George Robb

    one of my all time favorite DAC songs of all time, and yes, I have taken things to stay awake some, and i too, cry deep down inside to keep from smiling sometimes.