Coe, David Allan - 3 Biggest Lies Lyrics

Well the motorcycle club had a party,
And all the young virgins were there.
And I found a blonde with little bitty titties
And a pretty yellow ribbon in her hair.
Then I told her the three biggest lies in the world,
The ones my Daddy first told me,
And that was the beginning of my sexual life
And the end of my fantasy.

I said, "This'll only hurt for a little while,
I'll only put the head of it in.
I promise that I'll never try to cum in your mouth."

Met her in a local honky-tonk,
Told her it was love at first sight.
She was just a-lookin' for a shoulder to cry on
And a place where she could spend the night.
Me, I was a little nervous - I'd never been that far before,
So I told her the three biggest lies in the world
As we danced across the floor.

I said, "This'll only hurt for a little while,
I'll only put the head of it in.
I promise that I'll never try to cum in your mouth."

Busted in a Birmingham robbery,
He didnt have no money for bail.
The judge bound him over to the local grand jury
And the Sheriff threw his young ass in jail.
They put him in the cell with a pervert,
That later tried to climb in his bed.
Stuck one of them homemade knives to his throat,
And these are the words that he said,

Good Buddy- "This'll only hurt for a little while,
I'll only put the head of it in.
I promise that I'll never try to cum in your mouth."

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Coe, David Allan 3 Biggest Lies Comments
  1. connor Mosteller

    we all just gonna ignore the fact that the last full verse is about a dude getting molested by some other dude

  2. TheyRiseBand

    "The ones my daddy first told me"... WTF? 🤨

    Daniel T

    Yep LMFAO

  3. Jack Commonman

    This is a good one but he didn't mention the biggest lie of them all.." I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"

  4. Jason

    0:16, Wait, what? His daddy?

    Milker 2005

    Jason Damn right

  5. 123digdog

    lol only david allan coe can sing a part of a song were someone gets raped in jail and make it sound catchy

  6. Alan Gabbard

    The end of my fantasy

  7. D&B Nation

    Wait.. he said his daddy did this to him wtf

  8. Shane Hall

    why would a daddy tell his son those lies? I like incest but if a dad told his daughter those lies I'd like that better but why would he tell his son that?

  9. joe resnick

    Funny... I'm am guilty.. I lied...LOl....

  10. David Pike

    “The ones my daddy first told me”

    kristopher ardis

    This'll only hurt for a little while, illl only put the head of it in, and i promise that ill never try to cum in ya mouth huh

    unkown unkown

    @kristopher ardis yeah what the fuck

  11. Shane Hall

    why would your dad tell you that? I'm a big fan of incest but not father son incest now if a dad told his daughter that I can get down with that but dad telling his son that no thanks personally I think mom should teach her daughter how to suck daddy's dick until daddy cums in her mouth and then she should swallow cause good girls swallow

  12. Shane Hall

    why would your dad tell you that? I'm a fan of incest but not dad raping son incest now if daddy told his daughter that I can get down with that. I could totally get down with daddy telling his daughter this will only hurt for a little while I'll only put the head of it in and then cumming in her mouth after he said he wouldn't but daddy cumming in his son's mouth nope I can get down with that but daddy cumming in his daughter's mouth and she should swallow cause good girls swallow I can get down with that instead.

  13. Joe Labriola

    Durty Mutha Fucka! Love it!

  14. Shane Hall

    why would your daddy tell you that being as he's a man too? as much as I like incest I'm don't understand gay incest I'd get it if a dad told his daughter that I'd like that a lot more.

  15. Lonny Cook

    More filth is th a people who downloads this only know stuff like this

  16. Janet Wilhelm

    I hate bikers misoginous pigs with whores...

  17. matt moore 420

    Dude i tell ya the mans a legend and his dirty albums are a classic and you can never beat the classics

  18. wil king

    sign petition for DAC. He earned. Best songwriter ever.

  19. Fred Wilkerson

    Obama's love song for Hillary Clinton .

    ernestine maloy

    Fred Wilkerson nope it's Bill Clinton's love song for Monica lewinske

    Fred Wilkerson

    @ernestine maloy . . . Absolutely correct . . . I will not argue with that .

    Lemmy Cash

    I doubt there would be any virgins at Wild Bill's

    ernestine maloy

    @Fred Wilkerson thank you for your validation most of his songs are blue as fuck...little wonder they never got any airplay....

  20. Rupinder Kaur

    Doctor: You only have 2 minutes to live

  21. Fred Wilkerson

    Hillary Clinton love song . !!!!

  22. Big Toe

    aaahhh shhhiiit
    2018 bitch!

  23. MisfitPunish3r

    .75 speed is where it's at.

  24. Impeach the orange Clown

    im from germany and this is one of my favourite albums ever. wish i could see this guy live.

    jj binx

    I wish david allan coe would come to canada!

  25. normal störd

    rebel pride

  26. joe diBOSS

    He sounds like a pedo to me!

  27. loganbaileysfunwithtrains

    Don't get locked in a cell with a pervert

  28. Sonny Eanes

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Satan ,,,,,

  29. mega man

    Well he promises things I can't! Just sayin!

  30. John Gannon

    great song

  31. North Carolina Rebel

    😂😂😂😂 sharing this to all my friends 😂😂😂😂

  32. Militantreturns

    This dude is sick. Lmao

    Francesco Avila

    Militantreturns yes he is! And talented as well! Let's acknowledge and move on

    Viking King

    Intelligent people tend to almost always be sick and paranoid in the head. But as long as they can beat the demons they become something great.

  33. Adam Splittah

    My grandpa told me about Coe...

  34. kentucky 82

    I have been to a lot of parties at the motorcycle club and I never find any virgins there


    This song is supposed to be a joke.

    Boss Mann

    mwells219 Realllllllyyyy? 🤦‍♂️


    @mwells219 wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened lol

    Den Worley

    What l was wandering myself

    Den Worley

    Never be another DAC that is right will keep listening

  35. Boofer T. Washington

    I promise that I'll never try to cum in your mooouuuth! Lol pure gold.

  36. jehovahuponyou


  37. Douglas Tingley

    Good Buddy

  38. Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader

    It is true

  39. Max Blay

    fucking Heckle Billy shit

  40. Robert Follansbee

  41. Vincent Reynolds

    Recorded By-"Womens-Lib"?

  42. Shane Hall

    why would your dad tell you those lies?

  43. Davide Di

    Done like my royal Asia calamari I'm cooking.

  44. Hunter

    His father must have been a bad man

  45. diziamonddave

    This is the theme song of hollywood.

  46. SuperGman314

    Put that swole head in it haha

    Robert Touchstone

    Thats what I do! LOL!!!!

  47. Sydney Newlyn

    Treat a woman as you would your momma


    Sydney Newlyn then you'd never get pussy


    Tell her “this’ll only hurt for a little while, I’ll only put the head of it in....”

    Adoknight Mobile

    Avoid her at all costs? Got it!

    Robert Spivey

    I always heard treat a lady like a white and a white like a lady and life will be great. Lol.

    Robert Spivey

    Correction...damn autocorrect. Whore like a lady and a lady like a whore. 😉

  48. Shane Hall

    why would your daddy tell you that?

  49. Daniel Conroy

    david allen coe awesome man

  50. Kayt Vigil

    Makes me think of all the crazy biker bashes i've been to...hahaha

  51. Sherman Ratliff


  52. N-word Jim

    GET IT? His dad raped him as a child :O :O


    I heard your Dad and Uncle hog tied you as a minor and video taped each other asking you to squell like a pig. Remember there is a little truth behind any lie buddy gonna deny it.

  53. Robert Castillo

    hell yeah ol david allen coe is badass

    caleb carnage

    Good ole DAC

  54. James Mann

    james. Mann

  55. celtic celtic

    This Before Al Qaeda was created by the Yanks.

    GoyToy Malloy

    Casey Jones ISIS=Isrseli Secret Intelligence Service. Btw israel did 911

    Casey Jones

    Yep. I shouldn't write on shit i haven't researched. Good call fellas.

    GoyToy Malloy

    Casey Jones israel is al-qaedas air force. They have been caught repeatedly aiding them in their hospitals. They also run arms to them with the help of SeeEyeGay. Research the 5 dancing Israelis on 9/11. Look up the 19 min. Fox special type in "FOX 911 Mossad israel spying." That touches on the technological aspect and how they pulled it off

    Captain Mudsocks

    @Casey Jones What has the CIA ever done to an American? Seriously. The only ones who should be concerned are those we don't like.

    Captain Mudsocks

    There's always conflict in Europe, the Middle East and north Africa. Don't blame us for trying to capitalize on it.

  56. Daniil Gerasimov

    You don't have to be from America to love this....I'm Russian....currently living in kind of south and still love this!

    Bama Jim

    I've met several Russian people, one while I was a bit tipsy coming back from a night of drinking in Ghent, Belgium.  I was in the Marines and Navy friend and I accidently walked onto the wrong ship... (think I was more than tipsy) But the gist of the story is the officer that met us asked us not to leave right away, we sat and had some beers with him, was very friendly.  All I've met are friendly.  The trouble with all countries are the governments, not the people... (well, most of the people LOL)From Alabama by the way.

    common jones

    Daniil Gerasimov I've noticed a lot more Russians in America lately. are y'all grouping up and plotting to take us over from the inside?sure seems that way cause there's a hell of a lot more Russians here than I saw 20 years ago.

    junior third

    common jones lol we still out number them by a huge amount so I wouldn't loose any sleep over it lol. They probably just want to get away from the iron fist of Russian rulers. I'd take Russians over Muslims and Mexicans any day.

    Kristopher Hasenbuhler

    Daniil Gerasimov I love Russia

    mike eberling

    junior third I agree. Russians aren't usually as intelligent don't take all the jobs and they don't drink nasty tequila. I don't agree with vodka much whiskeys what you need.

  57. Howard Fortyfive

    One of Dave's nasty ditties or *Dave's tasty titties? Yehaaaa some skin on YT.*

  58. Wilfred Heggart

    u thought u had me fooled dev but ifound my volume bar half way down i knew there wass somthing wrong

  59. Kim Watson

    David Allen coe

  60. Trevon Dobson

    f uuck trump!!!!

    Mike S.

    Trevon Dobson
    Only in your dreams

    Bob Finnegan

    Trevon Dobson your a fucking moron

    Mike S.

    Bob Finnegan
    Exactly...As that song was written a long time ago


    Hahaha two years later, trumps got the lowest unemployment if 50 years, he made historically awesome headway with the North Korea nuke deal, and Lord Willing he will win again in 2020
    Trump is the best president since Reagan.

    ricky Lahey

    I suppose you bring a straw to a gunfight oh those are illegal in California sorry go back to your safe space lol

  61. Chris Supler

    you guys do realize these were just gag songs he wrote in the 70's

    Jax Bravo

    Achievement Unlocked: Captain Obvious (10G)

    Душан Радин

    @korn69100 everybody's dream.....and her nightmare.

    limme lime

    Did I ask

    Fred Wilkerson

    Who cares . . . It's good music . . . Just chill . . . It doesn't matter if he sung these songs for a birthday party . . . It's just good music . . . Don't get your panties in a wad . !!!!

    Christopher M

    Chris Supler Everything in this comment section escalates so quickly. I love it

  62. DriXXXoN



    FACE PALM YOUR SELF,,,,, NO!!!!!

  63. jaekub pinkerman

    what you think he ment when he said "three biggest lies my daddy first told me"?

    Francesco Avila

    jaekub pinkerman I think he's intends to say his father "taught" him to say that to the opposite gender.hes not insituating his father raped him

  64. Jason Delbuono

    only hurt for little while

  65. Yadier Ruiz

    Pure gold.

  66. Jason Delbuono

    DAC how talyer Swift last lol

  67. Jessie Hachey

    Twisted Canadian right here.... hahah

  68. Alexander Jakubsen

    This is a disturbing song.

    Robert Touchstone

    That's why it's Awesome!

    Steven Tully

    Alexander you are a disturbed person to say this is a disturbed song. It's funny so who gives a fuck

    Ed Jenkins

    David Allen Coe is a legend , if you dont like it dont listen problem solved

  69. smokeabonethug416

    And thats where Sublime got Date Rape........ Goddamn!

  70. Alexander Jakubsen

    This song is profound.

  71. David Romero

    Wow I can never unhear this.

    Howard Fortyfive

    Sure you can. *Give yourself a .460 Weatherby enema.*


    Calm down, it's a gag song for fun, as well as a means to break a contract with his current label at the time.

  72. Chris Burgess

    long live the south

  73. Cody Harris

    You don't have to be from the south I'm from cali and love this shit

    Boss Mann

    Florida Man Don’t listen to anyone from Flori-duh, Cody. I was raised around a bunch of inbred drunken hillbillies and I left for California as soon as I could escape. Still love the music, though.

    mike hooch

    DAC is from Ohio i love him and I’m from Minnesota

    Christopher M

    the gayist man alive Are you truly the gayest man alive

    Boss Mann

    Christopher M Are you wanting his number?

    Christopher M

    Boss Mann I’m good

  74. Sam Little

    Prison Trash

    Py R

    Well, if i been there, you could've been there too...With that fucking stupid justice system...

    steve long

    +Py R fuck the fed

    Py R

    @Steven Long Yep

    Py R

    @Steven Long​ The other guy said that all the rapist are not with general pop, thats not what i saw, well this is half true.... hahaha when i was there, a fucking rat got beaten to pulp, and the guys raped him with a broom stick, in the last cell of my wings.. and that was in a french Canadian prison...

  75. mentaltfladdrig

    why is this sped up?

    John Gulbunny

    +Jason Delbuono ok yoda

  76. john owen

    WHY LIE!!!

  77. Allen Stafford

    good shit!

  78. Black70Fastback

    wheres the music video for this?

    Lyric Rogers

    Black70Fastback He didn't make a music video for this :(

    I Hate UserNames

    It was a joke lyric Rogers

  79. Hairoun

    This is what happens when you have white friends in the south. They show you this.

    Jonathan Baird

    Who knew Harvey Weinstein was a DAC fan?

    GoyToy Malloy

    Jonathan Baird Harvey Weinstein is a jew not caucasian.

    Bryan King

    Just trying to educate you lol

    john doe

    Stan Smith southerners built the country? That’s not how geography works my friend

  80. james HAKESII


    Edward Montoya

    Your all idiot's these songs were all ment to be jokes dumb shits if you can take a dick you can take a joke

    Jimmy Calhoun

    +The Collectors Corner - Except a lot of songs have been misattributed to the man, when they're actually by Johnny Rebel and various other white supremacist dipshits. DAC's only "racist" song was co-written with Shel Silverstein of all people.

  81. Lemmy Cash

    David Allan Coe found Taylor Swift??

    Душан Радин

    @Douglas Forrest ...tied for his bed ready for some hard fucking....

    Alan Gabbard

    He found her in his bed

    Brian Johnson

    Pop her eyes and split her cunt

    Brian Johnson

    Tear that pancake bitch apart

    Ben Manning

    Hell yeah... Damn right... You called it

  82. Mordead K.O.B.

    I sing this everyday at work!

    speed freak

    Do ya now.....good buddy! hehe

    Brian Furlong

    Where do u work

    Chris DiGiorgi

    I do too i play it everyday

  83. jkoff76

      "good buddy...."  best line in the song.

    Wayne Lajimodiere

    jkoff76 Must of been there eh jkoff

    Gary Kerns

    Yep! I really dug the whole thing, though.

  84. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    For B.B. or B.S.    only

  85. Anthony Klinebough

    Fucking love this song

  86. Uncle Tony's Pizza Shop

    hahah David Allan Coe videos always have some interesting comments

  87. Stephen Jackson


    sean hogan

    i just slaped my screen lmao i thought it was real spider well im done drinking tonight 

  88. nickclem86

    Fuck all y'all don't like it don't watch it

    four dc

    @nickclem86 yup

    Brian Furlong

    Hey fuck you


    Well, these lyrics don't have the depth of Neil Peart's

  89. anthony giovanetti


  90. bsigil

    His dad told him these lies?  That explains a lot...

    Calvin Harris

    burntsigil lol Savage!!!



    Randi Szöküld

    The internet is yours

  91. Jerry Blain


  92. Greg Jackson

    im 40 n u are doing just fne young lady hadle that country business i promise you cant see the stars in the city much love mam keep it real n always remember if you never travaled down my gravel or dirt road you have not been any where

  93. Corina Hayward

    bumb??? read a fuckin' book UUMMMM

    Daniel Smith

    fuck you t

  94. Heredera21

    why not? just because you say it dont? Lol ok then

  95. john bath

    how stupid do u have to be to believe ur only gonna put the head in

  96. john bath

    if all you friends listen to that rap and hip hop shit your hanginout with the wrong people