Cody Johnson - Wild As You Lyrics

You're like waking in the morning by a mountain stream
You're like watching that eagle floating on the breeze
As I listen to you dreaming by my side
I wish I could call you mine

But you belong where the four winds blow
Out where the untamed mustang roam
Like a sweet summer rain, passing through
Never seen anything wild as you

I could stay with you like this
Till the day love don't exist
Wild flowers bloom in an open field
And wither in a vase on a window seal

But you belong where the four winds blow
Out where the untamed mustang roam
Like a sweet summer rain passing through
Never seen anything wild as you

There's a part of me that prays
That you'll hang up your wings someday
But the part that truly does love you
Always hopes you never do

'Cause you belong where your heart can be
Out in the open, wild, and free
Like a sweet summer rain, passing through
I ain't never seen anything wild as you

You belong where the four winds blow
Out where the untamed mustang roam
Like a sweet summer rain, passing through
Never seen anything wild as you

You belong where the four winds blow
Out where the untamed mustang roam
Like a sweet summer rain, passing through
Never seen anything wild as you

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Cody Johnson Wild As You Comments
  1. Abel De La Rosa

    Long live TEXAS!

  2. Grace

    Love this song 😘😘 🐂

  3. Jonathan Engström

    Great great song.And artist,. I am from Sweden and went to his concert at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ this year. I was there working.. Had an awesome time! 10/10 !!

  4. Stephenantal18

    This is a true meaning of if you love something let it go.

  5. rainwolf034

    I had never heard this one.. But OMG. How did it take big record companies so long to find his greatness

  6. Pam Jefferson


  7. Chris B.

    Absolutely fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.

  8. Zachary Hooks

    Cant we just all get along

  9. Zachary Hooks

    i like this song

  10. Pam Jefferson


  11. the drew


  12. Peggy Crummett

    Love all his music just saw his concert ln Virginia best I have ever seem !

  13. Dg_96 _

    This is NOT COUNTRY. Lol

  14. Amber Ortega

    Hi Cody Johnson I went to the concert yesterday in mission tx thank you for the koosie I had so much fun ❤

  15. Simon Chauss

    My boyfriend, Sawyer came across this song and said this is me and I believed every word.

  16. Jessica Mccallister

    My honey came across this song and said this is so me

  17. Pam Jefferson


  18. Grant Jones

    Ironically when I was listening to this (On Pandora) I had the EXACT same view as in the video. How funny

  19. Jeremy Bibb

    Fuck! People still make country music?

  20. Turtle Gaming

    Intro sound like Alabama lol wonderful song

  21. LaRaye Gollihugh

    Hey CoJo theis is right outside Hereford Texas right? I've driven past that house, barn and stalls for 23 yrs. It's always caught my eye and heart strings. Love the song! Sings to my heart and soul.

  22. Dax Perrier

    COJO is my largest influence when it comes to country music. Go check out my newest original song on my channel called "Cavalcade Rodeo" and tell me what you think! Help a brother out, Like & Subscribe for more new covers/originals on the way.

  23. Jacob Bolton

    Texans will represent real country.... the other states kiss our ass come and get it...

  24. Morgan&Gracie _1327

    See you tonight!!🤗❤️

  25. Dustin Hunt

    terrible song

  26. Darling 5280

    New Strait

  27. Pats Fan

    Whoever doesn't like this song sucks

  28. boss hog

    The rhythm of the chorus is a great blend of original style with classic roots.

  29. Eddie Thompson


  30. Tommy Vaughn

    Blastin this down warcreek...makes me appreciate the lord a little more with blessin me with bein born in the South...give a lot of thanks to him thats how a country man does 🙏💪

    Brittany Morris

    He didn't want the 3 or so I would be able if you 2AM 3337yybd990 with you too but he was

    Tommy Vaughn

    @Brittany Morris what the he'll did u say

  31. Hontai Wangshu

    I love the feel of this song -- the feel of true country .

  32. Honda Bryant

    NEVER seen anything
    WILD AS ME....
    DODODO TOTOTMEMENE!!!you belong where the 4 winds blow...
    Where the mustang Roman

  33. Luan Wendell

    Brasil aqui caralho, Cody Johnson é o nome dele, mas pros íntimos é Codyzinho S2 kkkkkk, pqp não tem como não gostar das musicas dele e do genero country, é muito bom! Country song é bom pra caralho
    Brazil here!!!!!!!! I love Cody Johnson's Music so fuckin' much

  34. Alex Dean

    But I mean really why arent they playing this on the radio like at least 5 to 8 times a day?

  35. Alex Dean

    I cant stop listening to this song, I love the whole thing but my absolute favorite part is 2:33-2:45

  36. Alex Dean

    This is honestly one of the best country songs ever, period.

  37. Scott Carter

    Love your music

  38. atc330r

    Thank God for Cody Johnson and Texas Red Dirt country. It's one of the few sources left for traditional country music.

  39. Quinton Tyler Franks

    By far my favorite song of yours Cody!

  40. David Wiese

    I've been listening to this song on repeat for 2 days now.

    Alex Dean

    Same. I can't stop listening to it

  41. Austin Jones

    Amazing song. Does sound like something else cant figure it out.

  42. Carson B

    if Texas had a son it would be Cody Johnson

  43. quentin lusk

    If you dont know how to pour your heart out to a girl just show her Cody Johnson

  44. Timothy Willingham

    This is great country music! Great to see "Country Music" get some country back in it and NOT more skinny jean wearing pretty boys!

  45. emmbabYrocks

    Falling in love with my husband in Oklahoma ❤️ this song will always bring me such great memories

  46. Isharth Kumar

    Best best best ever song I've ever heard 😍😍

  47. Isharth Kumar

    Oh man I just love youuu😍😍😍😍😍😍

  48. Dempsey Dehar

    Any recommendations for country songs like this or as good as? I'm a country music virgin lol

    Michelle Dax

    Doubt me now, nothing on you,with you I am,ride with me, his name is jesus, on my way to you, ain't nothing to it, husbands and wives, fence posts- all by Cojo.

  49. Alexandra Porter

    Everything is better in texas thanks cody for keeping your music true to our roots and texas proud

  50. Horsey00

    He has a very beautiful voice. He doesn’t have to force anything like other country singers do, and he sings really emotionally. I love it! Plus his song subject really speaks to you. It isn’t shallow like other artists music.

  51. She runs

    Man this song is amazing, country love songs are so wholesome. God bless you Cody Johnson.

  52. Kasie Fuentes

    This is my favorite song Cody Johnson is the BEST!!!

  53. Katia Twd Dixon

    Hi ,,, happy weekend , for you.

  54. Judith Kirkpatrick

    What a cool song,thanks Cody.

  55. Cody Doiron

    He is the best

  56. The creator011

    Representing Texas in such a great way💪🏽

  57. Lucy Mae

    My favorite song in the whole world ive played it 1,000 times.

  58. Megan Michalsky

    No offense to modern day artist they have ruined country. Unlike Cody he actually gives us true country music.

  59. jeffjr749

    The people who disliked this song have kane brown posters in their room

  60. Kimberly Babbitt

    You where my first concert. He the best

  61. My Playlist

    All the “country pop” singers *cough Sam hunt luke Bryan cough* need to learn a lesson. This is real country. TEXAS THROUGH AND THROUGH

  62. Rickey Engle

    i am Wild As You,,honey baby,,i love you ,my Girl,,Adriana,,

  63. Markist Choicee

    Have to play this right before you kick her out in the morning.

  64. John Dinou

    They sing the same kind of music.

  65. Lexi Farmer

    all some

  66. Joe Thomas

    This guy is kickass

  67. jacobjohns

    I love his songs

  68. Christy Ann Cormier

    <3 this 1 Yee-Yee!!!

  69. StLouiemike

    Gr8 work kid's, ur momnlaws cuz, u k now dat rebel from northern Bama, aka the Queen o da South showed dis Zou boy from da Lou side ur shinin light,,,Sweet, hope u don't mind imma bout 2 do dis ONE Peace and Love , ALL of Father's Blessings be upon each and every ONE of US. Namaste Shalom and Mahalo ✌️😍💣😘👏🍇😎💎🤐 StLMnAvaIL ps Sandra says hi Donna,,,Brandi lol,,n u don't know me maybe now u do hehe

  70. daniella vd

    This song kinda hurts listening to it again.. but I love it at the same time ..

  71. Summer Carlson

    Still listen in 2018?? I sure do!!!!

  72. Elly LeVasseur

    My bf has been shown me a shut ton of country songs and he sings to everyone of them and I love him for it too

  73. Chelsy Veronica

    This guy may never know how thankful I am for being my favorite country singer. And this song is the favorite song of mine.
    Thank you Mr. Cody Johnson.

  74. Melodie Patton

    Anything he sings reminds me so much of George Strait! Must be a Texas thang!

  75. Dylan Hoggard

    I heard this song on the radio this past summer and legit forgot all about it, glad I found it again

  76. Reka Alberts

    I loved seeing him in concert. I love the songs Cody sings reminds me of days gone by when I was growing up in Texas.

  77. Mandy D

    LOVE this song! How in the world is he not blowing up the radio?!? This is the country I want to hear.

  78. khonky

    Found Cody Johnson last night while listening to Cody Jinks station on spotify. Every song I look up of his is better than the last. How is he 6 albums in and not getting radio play?

  79. Creative MEN

    Saludos desde España 🇪🇸. Excelente canción

  80. Gary Curry

    Good job buddy u did it

  81. Sherry Richardson

    Can't wait to see you at the ranch in Fort Myers this weekend..I absolutely adore you

  82. Israel Espinoza

    There’s a girl that I’ve really like but she like wild and free like the winds

  83. erdavemtz

    Why does someone have to be the best? I would watch this badass and would piss my pants to see him with the Black Crowes, Social D, and even Darryl Hall. A badass is a badass. Stop fucking fighting already!

  84. Amy Davis


  85. One Love


  86. Stoned Alligator

    Real country right here

  87. Fortaleza VeVo

    Música boa da porta mano😍

  88. Joseph Thomas

    Holy crap this song is the BOMB!!!

  89. Katherine Vick Greensage

    Absolutely get lost in this song

  90. Anthony Yates

    Great song!!

  91. fourbuick

    Love this song!

  92. Carlos Vieira

    He can do it in these present days.

  93. Chloe's World

    666 dislikes...

  94. Kenneth Jones

    I listen to this song everyday

  95. Harley Douglas

    in love with all of his songs💗