Cocteau Twins - Treasure Hiding Lyrics

You listen hard
Fear of flying
Fear of flying
With our love

Now I am sure
You and I will(the lips, the heart)
And you and I yeah

The lips, the heart
Fear of flying(the lips, the heart)
Fear of flying
Fear of flying(the heart, the soul,
illuminated, illuminated)

The lips the heart
The heart the soul

Heart-shaped chews and traps
Treasure hiding
Scared of temptress skill
Love I'd sold, I was trying
Deep without us
Down down and further- tears
Collective in try and stop
Fire is out
Not ready focus
Life places scars
Purify them
Purifies new skins
In excelcius
Glee she'll use as fire
Lips spread the fire
Your heart
And you are ready

The lips, the heart
You're the fire, you're the flame
The heart, the soul
Hand in hand, hand in hand

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Cocteau Twins Treasure Hiding Comments
  1. Did Ber

    Where was that hidden?

  2. Vivian Makri

    Heaven on earth ❤️🙏🏻

  3. marcosfunky

    This is the thing, no words neded, just listen...

  4. Go Jump

    This gorgeous song coupled with the video from shum65(RIP), is otherworldly.

  5. iWicha

    one of their best songs in my opinion. long live the twins

  6. ocellaris

    3:50 absolutely euphoric, heaven sent

  7. Amazing Majid

    love you Cocteau Twins

    lets visit thanks

  8. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Hide and go seek ?!

  9. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Another gem I didn't know existed by CT. It's so good to come on YT and find another hidden Twins' song

  10. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    The lips the heart the heart the soul

  11. puzzle

    2:27 of great momentum

  12. Nikki Farrington-Clarke

    One of my favourites I just love the urgency of it ( can't describe that thing about it any better). Been a massive fan for 37 years. Cocteau Twins forever in this world and the next. Will always be utterly transporting to me.

  13. TLL Music

    One of my favorites!

  14. Rico Shamis

    one of my favorite songs of all time

  15. Kieran Patrick

    One big behemoth waaaaaave of hyper consciousness gargantua.....

  16. LaSexta Porta

    When you are ready to rebuild yourself and you remember this song just becomes into a hymne.

  17. Nick Bax

    Incredible stuff, the mark of a truly great band is when they can create quality music well past their peak. This shows that Cocteau Twins are one of those bands

  18. Arthur Baião

    Quanto mais se ouve , mais se quer ouvir .

  19. Rebeca Guimaraes

    The heart the soul

  20. Feywer Folevado

    The 2:36 mark 👌🏻 Miss you Shum! <3

  21. Timothy Maynard

    Like a treasured are. The 90's were invaluable and not for sale.

  22. Fiorella Florami

    I miss my Cali...

  23. Fiorella Florami

    Celestial melodies. I just love this. My favorite band since I was a teen, till this very moment.


    Same here!! Started with "Crushed" (-:

    Felipe Zava

    Same here, guys! It all started with "Five, ten, fiftyfold". What a joy.


    @Felipe Zava From Head Over Heels. That's a great track. It was Sugar Hiccup & In Our Angelhood for me off of that one (at first, then you love them all anyway).

    Felipe Zava

    @steelyman08 Precisely!

  24. Fernando R Vergara Villanueva

    So beauty¡

  25. Vincent ROZ

    the best



  27. Marc Domicello


    Danny Chavis

    i was thinking the same thing, i can feel the credits rolling on this

  28. J C

    Impossible for me to pick CT's best album but M & K is awesome. And some of Liz's best vocals ever.

  29. Micah Newman

    3:50 - Frissons every time!

    charlie z

    absolutely agreed! especially in the flow of the whole album this is an absolute showstopper.

  30. Alejandro Bueno

    A heaven sent track.

  31. christykroeg

    miss you shum...

  32. kevin mole

    incredibly beautiful from the greatest band of all time.

  33. charlie z

    along with "Seekers Who Are Lovers", the peak of the constantly underrated "Milk and Kisses", very similar to some of their older classics (yep, Pur:) but still one of their best tracks. just perfect.


    older? classics????

    Bill Smith

    The fuck?

  34. Eric Splodge

    this is a classic just like Pur on four calendar cafe


    It sounds very similar and has this climax build up just like Pur. Although 'Pur' is still more beautiful imo.

  35. Irene Haan

    I love "Rilkean Heart" the most in that album but I need this on the hazy sky like today.

  36. Daniele Zampa

    è da 30 anni che vi ascolto... ogni volta un'emozione nuova. Unici, dire che siete la più bella musica da ascoltare è riduttivo... 

  37. Hector Mercado

    i am  in awe at such beauty !.

  38. David Gilbert

    Ooow yeah same xxxx

  39. Simon Gilbert

    Beautiful tune thnx shum takes me bac in a well nice way :)

  40. kev

    beautiful song and beautidul video thanks shum hope all is well mate its twins8956

  41. HighMonkeyMonk

    It's like the bad version of Pur.

    charlie z

    I feel like it's an alternate version of it and both are absolutely perfect. I so don't mind this track heavily borrows from it.

  42. renaderen


  43. billbollins

    Love love love love love

  44. EfiKefi

    You listen hard
    Fear of flying
    Fear of flying
    With our love

    Now I am sure
    You and I will(the lips, the heart)
    And you and I yeah

    The lips, the heart
    Fear of flying(the lips, the heart)
    Fear of flying
    Fear of flying(the heart, the soul,
    illuminated, illuminated)

    The lips the heart
    The heart the soul

    Heart-shaped chews and traps
    Treasure hiding
    Scared of temptress skill

  45. musetteanddrums1970

    milk and kisses IS their best album and treasure is the worst. but all the 80s ppl wearing black want to make it the other way round. they see this album as "more accessible" and turn up their noses at it. this is not to say that some of their old stuff isnt amazing. garlands is still right up there at the top.


    Treasure worst album? Common, Four Calendar Café is actually the worst. The only one I never listen to...

    charlie z

    I love milk and kisses, but treasure is easily their best.
    ivo, lorelei, pandora, donimo... all among the best songs I have ever heard.

  46. musetteanddrums1970

    great song....and little lyric bits on the cover. my favorite track on M&K.

  47. Authentic HeartSpace

    It would be nice to see Cocteau Twins get back together again, at least, for a tour. Unfortunately, there is a rift between Liz and Robin that needs to be healed first. I hope they can resolve and heal things between them~this rift is what broke up CT. It has been about 16 years now.

  48. martine peiffer

    so beautyful,one of my favs c.t.'s,such a shame they don't make something new,i mean it's a pitty,xxxmartine

  49. justcallmejoe

    This is about as deep as a song can get.


    the thing about cocteau twins's work is that it has depicted/conveyed all kinds of moods and emotions from their various outputs. whether it is a joyful song that will make you feel like riding a cloud in a clear sky or a repressed sadness that is getting to a threshold and about to explode, they deliver the sensation to every inch of their listeners' bodies. i am a huge stereolab fan and i still consider them slightly above ct in terms of creativity. but ct is head and shoulder above everyone else in the history of music when it comes to delivering emotional sensations.

  50. fanacloche

    Mac musique préférée !

  51. JuanLorenZerimar

    Great video...:) hi friend!

  52. Christine Proctor

    Actually this is the first video I watched by you, I am so very fond of it and watch and post it quite often ;) xoxox

  53. 777blueray

    Absolutely a beautiful dreamy song,angelic from another realm.

  54. Newwave77rise


  55. photojohne

    @shum65 Cheers mate. Thanks for the post. :)

  56. photojohne

    Brilliant album. I think it's one of my favs. So much emotion. Liz's relationship with Robin had been over for 3 yrs. and you can hear the pain and angst in the lyrics. Supposed to be a reunion tour last year, but she can't fucking stand him and refused to work with him.

  57. Cotdail

    And tears down yr cheeks.

  58. wowbobwow37

    One of my top ten Cocteau Twins songs!! Love it!!

  59. Ginger c

    CT's music reaches unknown places in my heart and soul.....this is like going through a spiritual trance for the first time....Divine!

    great work as always Dave!

  60. Marooth

    this is reminding me vaguely of cocorosie for some reason.

  61. Marcelo Monteiro da Silva

    Fabulous!!! Strange an exotic!! No words.

  62. mnkpepper

    my favorite cocteau twins song.

  63. LunaSeaSane

    Well, I'm not the one making these gorgeous videos... but thank you, Shum.

  64. LunaSeaSane


  65. Seba Corsair

    Like one of their album covers that came to life.

  66. Luis Fernando Castro

    Anyone have this but the original???


    I love all CT songs, but (like Wunterberg) this one is very special for me... You make such beautiful effects in your videos. Merci Shum

  68. artur mdr

    Very nice work.5

  69. Kikilogic

    muy gusto..saludos