Cocteau Twins - Squeeze-Wax Lyrics

There is a wait and that's what hurt
Makes it happen, fill the gap
It spreads her hair all about
My steps
If I do it slow

No, no threats
No, no fights
No fantasies

I hurry back to make him feel Lucy, Lucy, Lucy
I have to make him feel better Lucy, Lucy, Lucy
And oh, I know, no I can't
You amaze me

No, no threats
No, no fights
No fantasies

No, no threats
No, no fights
No fantasies

How he'll never come to freshness
You amaze me
How he'll never come to freshness
You amaze me
You amaze me
You amaze me

How he'll never come to freshness
You amaze me
Looking at love as faces I could give this
You amaze me
No threats, no fights, no fantasies
You amaze me
You amaze me
You amaze me

No, no threats No threats, no fights
No, no fights No threats, no fights
No fantasies No fights, no fantasies

No, no, no threats
No, no threats No fights, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy
No, no fights
No fantasies No threats, no fights
No fantasies No threats no fights
Lucy No fights, no fantasies
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

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Cocteau Twins Squeeze-Wax Comments
  1. Santiago González

    How can i describe what this songs by cocteau twins make me feel. No other band makes feel things so disconnected from this material world like they do

  2. john casanga aedo

    con esta canción los cocteau twins se iluminaron respecto al sus discos anteriores¡¡
    una joya 24K

  3. john casanga aedo

    con esta canción los cocteau twins se iluminaron respecto al sus discos anteriores una JOGA 24K

  4. sebastián duarte

    this song takes me to a place where i want to stay forever

  5. Joseph Harris

    Here's where the cocteau twins really get down, I love it!!.🎼🎸🎹🎵😊

  6. Joseph Harris

    What can I say when I hear this song???


    Joseph Harris

    Crank it uppp!!!!

  7. Keimpe J. Visser

    Thanks for the lyrics, but the random images that have no connection to the lyrics, or the mood, make this a very stupid video.

  8. sunseeker0001

    I love this song so much since it was released.

  9. Joseph Harris

    i like this one alot, turn it up.

  10. james woody

    And here you are!

  11. Виктор Ареповский

    Отличная певица с большой фантазией !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

  12. vance wright

    Lyrics are wrong at 1:10 it's supposed to be "You are ano-ther kind/of freshness"

  13. vance wright

    im blown away!

  14. New Dawnfades

    Heavenly. Wow.

  15. Wilson Alves


  16. Julio Agosto

    Waves of nostalgia and joy blast one after another.

  17. StoneIslandJazz

    No more threats, no more fights, no fantasies Lucy, Liz's daughter and the end of relationship with Guthrie and yet Robin adds his magic guitar to this track.

  18. marcela valentina Guardiola

    Preciosa esta musica!!

  19. Joao Paulo

    musica maravilhosa

  20. Kenneth Robinson

    ...You amaze me....

  21. charlie z

    amazing sound vibes on this track, one of the higlights of the album no doubt!

  22. Shannmeister

    Nice vid. CT lyric interpretation is always tricky, they can mean completely different things to each of us. I don't think she sings "no fantasies" I think that since this came out after the birth of Liz and Robin's daughter the line is "our fantasy" as it's then followed by "Lucy". But that's just my take on it for what it's worth. TTFN

  23. Pierre W.

    Wish I could live inside this feeling forever! I'm a huge fan of the wonder and greatness that is the sound of Liz Frazer!! She AMAZES us all!!

  24. Boza Djukic

    I'm not smart enough to single out which song is my favorite. CT for all time

  25. Ortopedia GOOD Walk

    Preciosa canción con una hermosa voz.

  26. Berta Limia

    Amazing voice!  LOVE Liz!

  27. Léslie Rodríguez

    Es alucinanteeee..!!! la anduve buscando por años, no sabía el nombre de la canción, ni quien la cantaba... es sublime, mi favorita!!

  28. Игорь Бондаренко

    Спасибо, все хорошо)

  29. Sarvets

    double dipping on that maximum voice

  30. Sarvets

    good speakers, good vibes. the most amazing voice. uber jam so good

  31. David Cummings

    played this over and over again, driving through Belgium/France in March 2012


    David Cummings sounds like a beautiful drive!

  32. diego elkin

    para la inmensa minoria

  33. diego elkin

    the best son of this album

  34. Gary Lee

    GREAT song!! Another one I really like off that album is "Summerhead". I've listened to it since it first came out and I long ago gave up trying to decide what it was about. Just listen and enjoy.

    Gerard Mc Auley

    Exactly , well said lyrics arnt needed with her voice.


    I love the backing track of 'Summerhead' but for me the vocals don't help the song they hinder it.  Elizabeth Fraser is a genius in terms of a vocal melodicisit ( Green from Scritti Politti named her his third favourite melodicist after Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney ) and of-course her voice is one of the best you'll ever hear.  Her vocals are a clearly a huge part of the success of the band.  But for once, on 'Summerhead'  I think the vocals distract from a beautiful piece of music laid down by Guthrie and Raymonde.  The guitar work is so beautiful on its own.

    charlie z

    Pur, Summerhead, Squeezewax and the first 3 tracks - gems of this album :)

  35. Gary Lee

    This is titled "Lucy", not "Squeeze-Wax".

  36. Игорь Бондаренко

    Magic vocals, encouraging.

  37. TrapperMilan

    dedicated to her daughter i think :)

  38. Sarvets

    still one of the best haha

  39. Sarvets

    one of the best

  40. Jessica harrison

    Hmm I thought it said no Im not a threat. No Im not a fright.

  41. Jessica harrison

    Why did I pause this, turn it back on just to get a damn ad?

  42. Alicia Riedel

    Amoooooooo esta cancion!!!!! es mi favorita entre milesssss

  43. Richard Sollo

    lovely statement

  44. mjproebstle

    no point to lyrics...
    2 people weren't amazed

  45. joseverocastillo

    Lucy is for Lucyfer? I wonder if this song has a satanic meaning?

    Bat Caver

    Lucy Belle is the name of her daughter...


    joseverocastillo you poor soul

  46. KiZiLOK

    or man.

  47. JC Marin

    FCC is still my favorite Cocteau album :)

  48. Tony Montana

    hm, here i am again, four months later :D

  49. Tony Montana

    this song amazes me

  50. stars7803

    My FAVORITE song by them. What can I say :D

  51. koliberek3

    W muzyce tego zespołu jest magia, piękno, wolność...uwielbiam te klimaty

  52. Richard Sollo

    this one reminds me of you!


    as beautiful as you can be
    as regards the song......a MASTERPIECE!

  53. jbauer72

    Wowwee wow wow! I forgot how much I loved this song!

  54. discobaby795


  55. Extreme Weather

    no no fights

  56. Curtis Crush

    i saw them at a small venue in boston, mass. USA. changed me forever. i spent the better part of the concert in tears .

  57. Curtis Crush

    @gittylicious LMAO !!!!!!! that is too funny . but, hey, don't dis the twins. but, that is truly hilarious !!!!!!

  58. Richard Sollo

    @jamesgroome Great story!

  59. Ariel Parra

    Really amazing what The Cocteau Twins did in the 80´s. Pioneers of an avantgard dreamy pop sound, that makes feel closer to a state of grace. Sounds, textures, colours, atmospheres...I love Cocteau twins. Here in Medellin, Colombia, a part of the world with a complex social condition, we have acces to that beautiful "indie" pop-rock, provided for the excellent 4AD: ¡Thanks Ivo Watts for suport the independent pop-rock!

  60. mesarozius12

    Just listened to it for the 100 th time. Just incredible. Thnks for posting!!!

  61. jamesgroome

    I named our dog, which is not ours anymore, Lucy-Bell, after their girl. Just had to. That was years ago. Peace.
    James G

  62. Luis Rodríguez

    nada más que sublime

  63. Terry Donald Washington

    best band ever, imho...

  64. Vincenzo Iannone

    questa canzone e sempre bella ......mi fa sereno..........
    this song is always beautiful get me serenity

  65. Nell-lynn Perera

    thanks for the video.glad that people dont know what she's singing cos they'll make a mess out of it! i did, i still do and i forever will love the cocteau twins.

  66. Susan Smith

    this is also one of my favorites, thanks for posting this beautiful song

  67. kev

    brilliant track ,makes all those boy bands and cowellites and westlife etc sound so very sad, great stuff a shining light in music i once felt i was the only person who loved them but now i know different .

  68. pinballkid

    thanks! I appreciate the kindness!

  69. 1cutchie

    Simply lovely, thank you for putting this together and posting. Much respect to you and of course to the Cocteaus, for bringing beauty to this world.
    One Love.

  70. lasff69

    fucking song!
    i love this song! she amaze me n.n

  71. pinballkid

    you may be right...I can hear that too!

    I'd love to sit Ms. Fraser down and make her transcribe everything she's ever sang!

    the elusiveness of the lyrics IS part of the charm, tho...

    Thanks for the praise!

  72. derand57

    amazing video. really good job with the lyrics, but I do agree with the poster that one of the lines is "you have another kind of freshness" (rather than "he'll never come to freshness"), but hell, it's anybody's guess, right? Love the vid.

  73. Gina Trujillo

    the most beautiful song I've ever heard!

  74. John Wilson

    great work! loving this...

  75. Fred Flintstone

    Lucy is Liz's daughhter.

  76. Mildred GH

    wow amazing song
    i love cocteau twins
    i love the sculpture at 2.51