Cocteau Twins - Evangeline Lyrics

Don't settle for letting someone else define you
Know who you are at every age
What impression am I making?
I see me as other people see me

There is no going back
I can't stop feeling now
I am not the same, I'm growing up again
I am not the same
I'm growing up again
There's no going back I can't stop feeling now

I had to fantasize
I was a princess, Mum and Dad were Queen and King
I ought to have what feeling?
I see me as other people see me

There is no going back
I can't stop feeling now
I am not the same, I'm growing up again
I am not the same
I'm growing up again
There's no going back I can't stop feeling now

Feeling now

There is no going back, and
I can't stop feeling now
I am not the same, I'm growing up again
I am not the same
I'm growing up again
There's no going back I can't stop feeling now

I had to fantasize
Just to survive
I was a famous artist
Everybody took me seriously

Even those who did
Never understood me
I had to fantasize
Just to survive

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Cocteau Twins Evangeline Comments
  1. Keith Fowler

    Remember this Band years ago. I'm shocked at why I've never played them. Love these Tunes. Chilling and rather brilliant.

  2. Twin Lovers

    💕 this track. Video is great too.

  3. Damien Holland

    This one's boring and uninspiring compared to some of her other hits.

  4. 777pusher

    52, and this is indeed, my favorite group ever!!

    And Liz is the most beautiful, average looking woman ever!!

    Ok, her vocals help....😳😜

  5. Ростислав Лазукин

    Глаза в которых тетеря Себя не вожделеешь. а просто тонешь. Вне сексуальности, Но... хочешь. Была эпоха, были Мы не желающие бед друг другу. Жалко что Это осталось далеко в прошлом. Будем.

  6. NightMarek

    I'll never forget falling asleep to a radio playing some music and I woke up in the middle of the night to this song... It was like I knew it, though I heard it the first time then. It was over 20 years ago

  7. Joakim Lundgren

    Some CT stuff appear to be almost supernatural, the slow Lazy Calm and the starry Cherry-Coloured Funk (Otherness EP version) songs for example.

  8. Renata Anisa

    2019 and still listen to this eternal gem

    Di Dinx

    I first heard the Cocteau Twins in 1982.....still listening....never one comes close!

  9. solnegrolunaroja

    We all were beautiful in 1993

  10. Wayne S

    Here's a thing about Cocteau Twins: it's hard to narrow down what represents their peak. You could name dozens of other bands and I could guess, within say ten tries, your favorite song by any of them. I can't do that with Cocteau Twins. I can't even decide which is their best album; my favorite is usually the last one I listened to. Even giants like David Bowie: you could narrow down his best work to perhaps a dozen songs, even if the next dozen songs are still great. This doesn't apply to Cocteau Twins. They were consistently amazing.

    Di Dinx

    Good point well made....currently trying to work out my favourite album to play on the madness of ele tion night wil be the CTs ....but which album......mmmmm.....

  11. Joakim Lundgren

    The Cocteau Twins song Crushed has "ethereal" vocals.

  12. Bri

    There is no going back,
    I can’t stop feeling now.

    I am not the same,
    I’m growing up again.

    Those lines will always hit me. Every single time. Despite the fact that may not be what she’s saying, my brain interprets it as so. Elizabeth is so otherworldly, man. It’s amazing how me, a 16 year old truly appreciates Cocteau Twins and I feel a true connection to more songs than one would think. I’m so thankful to have clicked with their music since hearing Fifty-Fifty.

    Di Dinx

    You are an individual of rare taste.....the Cocteau Twins have been with me for nearly 40 years (!) They have never let me down....

  13. The Glowing Man

    why the fuck am i crying in the club rn

  14. Joakim Lundgren

    Dreamy and..creepy. Perhaps not a song about fluffy clouds.

  15. Crescent Simon

    I've already commented on this video/song twice and I've written enough about the importance of Guthrie's approach to the guitar and his audacious, timbral experimentations, however I still feel compelled to write about it. Of course, it wasn't just Guthrie's contributions that were pivotal to the intriguing, "Post-Punk", Pop avant-gardism of the Cocteau Twins; Frazer's contributions are obvious and Raymond's contributions should not be underestimated.
    You can hear how the band's approach had become more direct, less "abstracted" and obfuscated, in their later work. In "Evangeline", note the cogency and rhythmic dynamic of Raymond's bass; the usual ,standard structure of a typical Pop song, and the simplicity of vocal melodies and discernible lyrics. Nonetheless, the listener encounters an intriguing vulnerability, a kind of vocal confessional that wasn't so clearly present in their earlier work. Strangely, increased accessibility seems to have lead to a new sense of mystery, a marvelous and endearing musical/vocal dynamic that leaves the listener in awe of both the beauty and creativity of these gifted musicians.

  16. Hanna Thelion

    Goddess!!! Siren!!!

  17. SevenDeMagnus

    Amazing voice and melisma singing (many sounds with one just two vowels making it sometimes not sound english but it's cool).

  18. Filmstack Music

    amazing voice!

  19. Paul Metzger

    I love seeing these "I was so high listening to this!" comments. You took drugs. We get it. You're not that cool.

  20. James Deakin

    Perfection in sound, perfection in visuals. Astonishingly timeless.

  21. i don't know either


  22. mr abc

    Do the CT have a better song than this? If so please suggest ..

  23. adrian reynolds

    I can understand her words!

  24. Ronald Bronco

    The weird detuned panning sound effects in the background really add to the song. Somehow it makes the song more impactful, I think

  25. Wilson Wilsper

    Angelical songs!

  26. ♡angelpuff♡

    I want to make love to this song

  27. Daniel Ramirez

    Happy New year liz ❤️

  28. Denni Andreazza

    This song is simply fantastic! Makes me fly in the sky and sleep over a cloud...

  29. mr abc

    Angelic bliss

  30. D F

    I was listening to the cocteau twins in my car with the wife, and she started making fun of Liz's singing, it made me want to get a divorce, and no, im not joking

  31. elmarbeau

    My new drug. This is what I call music!!

  32. Fiorella Florami

    Oh Cocteau Twins I can't stop feeling love every time i hear your songs ✌❤

  33. Adriano Vianna

    The best of best!

  34. Oscar


  35. ghostly

    this is what sweet dreams are made of

  36. Mclovin 2018

    Im sure this has been said thousands of times but once again the closest ive ever heard to the voice of angels on earth.If there is nothing after this life these were indeed my angels.

  37. Carl Sedon

    pure bliss

  38. John Smith

    Liz looks so hot in heels!

  39. cicobuffy

    Liz’s eyes, her voice. Good lord. Presence of angels

  40. Jones Tamataya

    Very deep Cockteau Twins.

  41. Crescent Simon

    For f's sake! Scarily, under the plethora of tangled meanings and aside the magical and, "oh so sad" guitars, the lyrics that are decipherable reveal a fragile and confessional sensibility. This truth, is one of relationship breakdown and helps me cope with the anguish that I currently feel because of a woman who has been a friend to me (and some more) has now dislocated herself from me because of another man. I thought I'd be listening to Michael Boulton or similar, to release the anguish, but this abstract, avant-garde Pop seems far more powerful both intellectually and emotionally. I think we need music like this again to stir our minds and help us to consider the subtle and sublime.

  42. Raul antonio Ramirez aramburo

    3:40 amazing beautiful guitar tune and voice best part!

  43. Витал Лагутов

    Cocteau Twins - это воздух! / Cocteau Twins is the air!

  44. Fabian Gonzalez

    cutest angel... 😇😍

  45. Claudio Ferrari


  46. Vaskowsky Vaskowsky

    There is no goin back, i' m not the same ...these precious and profundly meaning words remind US of ouro por and misérables existenc and the bitter sadness of who we are, where se going and where se bloody Came from.

  47. Ourania Eirini

    Art student  when  this came out, sharing a house, painting and partying in London. What memories!

  48. Ian Pedigo

    Such a beautiful and tender moment here in this song. "I had to fantasize just to stay alive". Just wonderful, deep and sensitive.

  49. cut

    There's no better vocalist, whitney, jaylo, eva, LIZ !

  50. SevenDeMagnus

    Great song.

  51. bh617

    I have to fantasize just to survive

  52. Leonard Cohen

    I love you Elizabeth fraser!

  53. Lewis Deane

    Or, chances, fances, a girl did exist and I did love her, o chances fances!

  54. Phil Jarvis

    I can't help myself, the second I hear Elizabeth's voice I fall in love with her all over again..........

  55. Maria Rodriguez

    snowflakes on my shoulder and a slow motion feeling as I walked by the streets of Edinburgh...

  56. John Doe

    Her eyes are so utterly beautiful.

  57. AegisEpoch

    i am so thankful to be introduced to this band by a friend long gone years ago

  58. Stuart

    This is how Angels sound when they sing.

  59. Patrick McCormack

    Special beyond belief. A fan since 1990, but this video escaped me until just now. Nostalgia for the future. A lament for future loss, and for present ghostly contours of existence. Perfect video, too.

  60. Tímido Records

    liza, my imaginary wife

  61. \/\//\

    One of the greatest bands ever to grace us...

  62. Light Bright

    There is no going back...
    I want to go back to when I was finally able to see them in concert.

  63. Piotr Bienkowski

    I have a dilemma. This is the only CT video, where I am equally interested in what she looks like and in the music. :-)

  64. Madelyn Wallingford

    kids make sure your S.O. listens to this kind of music before you go marrying them. long live Liz Frasier

  65. mariusz gilmeister

    cudowne ! rozpływam się ! ale to jest piękne ! . GILLON .

  66. TheZenbudda

    the cutest face/lip bite at 2:56

  67. Jeff N

    Listening to the soaring notes of Liz's voice for the millionth time and as usual tears fill my eyes and my heart aches in the hope I can ever find a woman of such sublime beauty...

  68. Mancho Blom

    She's stunningly beautiful, as allways 😅

  69. Marcus Gonzalez

    I was in love with you Alexandra.. youre the perfect woman and I will never be with you :(

  70. frederichant

    Único y Hermoso

  71. JP McGreevy

    lifelong fan of 30yrs and hardly got three of these lyrics -- jeez!

  72. David Money

    She looks like an elf in the mirror. 1:15

  73. due whit

    oh, ive listened to several C.T. songs in a row again, and now for the rest of the day, I wont want to hear anyone elses songs. their music is so otherworldly.

  74. Soterion Coil

    I looooove this song! goosebump city

  75. Pat O

    Man, those were some golden days.

  76. Peter Brantsing

    I'm always behind ;)

  77. J C

    Oh . . my .. God! This band is amazing. And Elizabeth Fraser is beautiful and has THE most beautiful voice ever. The passion and feelings that emit from her singing brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart at the same time. Love you, Cocteau Twins.

  78. hstnx665

    too beautiful

  79. Crescent Simon

    Beautiful Baroque/Pop mystery.... :-)

  80. Johnny Rizotto

    Almost five minutes in heaven...

  81. WonderWhaz

    At 02:53, Liz just has this look in her eyes I can't describe with words.


    ...makes my heart hurt a little bit. ;-(

  82. WonderWhaz

    Liz is so beautiful in this song I can't contain myself.

  83. Carls Lobato

    Elizabeth's eyelids


    Carls Lobato
    Never really thought about eye 👁 lids,
    up until now, thank you for that

    jess tucker

    Just beautiful eyes. Simple

  84. Ejay Patrick Salas

    profoundly beautiful!

  85. Janzen Rollo

    My heart broke when they decided to split up.


    I'm still mourning.

    The Providia Campaign

    Baldowl you should be happy for Liz, Robin was a total dick to her and a complete drug addict by the end. Why would she want to stay in that kind of abusive environment? It wasn't about the music or lack of motivation, it was a split to end an unhealthy union.

    Good for her.

    Robin was a fool. He's been writing the same song for the past five solo albums. He needs her voice to give his music dimension, and he threw it all away for a Chance to get high...

    J Hart

    @The Providia Campaign not to mention the child involved.
    Such a incredibly sad state of affairs.
    Am so fortunate to have seen them live.
    Liz laughed at me. I could not help but crawl on stage during cico buff.

  86. Ian Brooke

    I will never say anything negative about this band, because there is nothing negative to say about this band.


    Nibb9 agreed!!! I’m 50 and to me, there has never been anything close, and the way music is headed these days, there never will be anything that compares.

    tarut segovia chinga

    the only negative, they broke up! :(

    Pipe Choir

    Awesome comment!


    tarut segovia chinga How far would you travel, and how much would you pay, to see them in one, and only one reunion show?🤔🤔🤔

    I’d sell the farm I don’t own! But I work for an airline, so travel is no issue😜😜

    J Hart

    There is the resentment apparent in this very video between Robin and Liz.
    It is a real shame that his drug use created such and created such.

  87. J C

    This would be any other band's best song but for CT it's one of many masterpieces. The best.

  88. gpuppy1234

    This has the same feel of another shoegaze type band. "Altogether" by Slowdive.

  89. Jon Dan

    Sorrow for letting someone else
    Define you know who you are at every age
    What impression am I making?
    I see me as other people see me

    There is no going back, I can't stop feeling now
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    There's no going back, I can't stop feeling now

    I had to fantasize
    I was a princess, Mum and Dad were queen and king
    I ought to have what feeling?
    I see me as other people see me

    There is no going back, I can't stop feeling now
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    There's no going back, I can't stop feeling now
    Feeling now

    There is no going back, and I can't stop feeling now
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    I am not the same, I'm growing up again
    There's no going back I can't stop feeling now

    I had to fantasize
    Just to survive
    I was a famous artist
    Everybody took me seriously

    Even those who didn't
    Were not close to me
    I had to fantasize
    Just to survive

    Blue Forrester

    thanks for posting the lyrics. could never make them all out

    David Money

    It is awesome to read her lyrics and be at the same spot in your emotional/spiritual growth she really did write great lyrics.....

    Peter Zachos

    These lyrics have been shifted around the internet since the early days of the cocteau twins dot org forum. They're mostly right. But the first line is "Don't settle for letting someone else." Watch the opening of this video and you'll see her say it (and with good quality headphones, you'll hear her as well.)

    Delius Lyndon

    Also, it's "Everybody took me seriously, even those who did not invest in me."


    wow! yes, its so clear!!! thanks! how many years later :)

  90. John McDermott

    Fraser you fuck! Treasure!

  91. vance wright

    even here eyes tell a reluctant story; While she sings " I had to fantasize" they widen.

  92. vance wright

    In other words, she use The Law of Attraction ( The Secret - Rhonda Brynes )

  93. vance wright

    Elisabeth used the power of her mind to become what she was destined to be


  94. Petr Borovec

    bozska pisen miluji Cocteau Twins

  95. charlie z

    it's so interesting this is the same band who also made wild stunners like "mussette and drums"! that said, this is a stunner as well, a very lounge single, but the Cocteau quality is sooo there:) (the only part I am a bit divided on is that key change at 3:40. not sure if I appreciate it)

    craig butler

    +Karel Zich Totally agree with you. At the time in the U.K. a few of the ballads had a key change like that somewhere in the song. Whether CT started the trend or followed suit I couldn`t say.

    The Providia Campaign

    +Karel Zich I love that key change actually. In fact the problem with much of the self-described "shoegazers/post-rockers/dreampoppers" (Who owe much to this band) these days is that they don't understand and know the value of a good key change and instead think if they crank their reverb up to eleven they can just drone on with the same couple of chords for seven minutes. Zzzzzz...


    +Karel Zich ahh, the key change! I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, wondering if any other Cocteau Twins song has this, and I can't think of any, and thinking it's so different for them, but they can do anything and everything! But yeah, i always thought songs with that at the end- it's the lowest device in music or something.

    Crescent Simon

    It's just a little Coda (or bridge) which is technique used in many kinds of music. It adds variation and emotional impact; building tension for the reiteration of the chorus. The short guitar solo (sounds like Guthrie is using an Octavia, or similar effect together with overdubs and the usual sustain/chorus-type effect and delay) acts in a similar fashion to a "bridge" that links one chorus to another (adding variation and tension). The sparseness and concise nature of the Frazer's lyrics during the coda at 3.40 also reveal the bands insistence of both musical and lyrical clarity, together with more complex and ornate colouration and musicality, which was a feature of their later music. :-)


    It's a cliche that some musicians call the 'truck drivers gear change' , a very common way to continue a song when you run out of ideas..

  96. IVO Muzik

    Now this is what I call MUSIC.