CocoRosie - Lemonade Lyrics

It was Cinco de Mayo
Pillow case on his head
No more breathing time
An ambulance sped
Sped 'round every corner
Calling out his name

Shot a rabbit from the back seat window
Sat and watched the summer corn grow
Ate ice cream in a desert dream
And got lost in father's singing
Too hot inside
Too hot outside
Lazy days when I said let's go for a ride
We'll sail on Spirit Lake
Me, my pappy, and his lemonade

Tim and Tina were my parents' names
They got engaged
They were inflamed
Seduced by the light of butterflies
How they shimmer, how they glimmer
Those butterflies

We seven kids
We almost died
Nearly put to death
By lightening strikes
Instead there was hot, pink
Flashes in the sky
We climbed the rocks, in snow and rain
In search of magic powers
To heal our mother's pain

Shot a rabbit from the back seat window
Sat and watched the summer corn grow
Ate ice cream in a desert dream
And got lost in father's singing
Too hot inside
Too hot outside
Lazy days when I said let's go for a ride
We'll sail on Spirit Lake
Me, my pappy, and his lemonade

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CocoRosie Lemonade Comments
  1. David Dobeš

    Official Lemonade is great :-)
    But live version on KEXP is absolutely excellent! Try it.

  2. Tushar Gargad

    When life gives you lemons, listen to to this

  3. andytheboi


  4. Skull of Gems

    I have the sound off. Just wanted to mention again this band makes me suicidal.


    Alguien en 2020?🙊

  6. MarSal Cyjo


  7. Marc Cerfontaine

    J adorrrre

  8. miseryschewtoy

    is that Doja Cat & Brandi TV?

  9. Universal Hobo

    they always take me to a different world

  10. Ian Oliver

    This is trash. Why did I like this during the good ol tumblr days?

  11. Efecan Karataş

    atiyeden sonra gelenler buda güzelmiş

  12. Kıvanç Türker


  13. C. Morès

    Rafraichissant. L'univers des contes n'est pas loin...

  14. Dario Salazar

    A song made with true love.

  15. اسامه الحربي

    Hello 2020

  16. naman sarawgi

    2020 people?

  17. Peoppell

    No, you are not alone...

  18. Breaski daindigo

    Update they found the cure to her pain it’s marijuana

  19. Slanted

    i love the main chorus its so nice sounding.



  21. cordellscott

    man, that baseline that comes up every once in a while

  22. Michael Heine

    Was eine Kulisse

  23. María Chaneta

    The Fall of the House of Usher

  24. Carlzday

    had this vid on my list for almost 10 years....still love it

  25. Nick Gray

    Yellow everything this time
    You know what I’m talking about
    Yellow rims, yellow big booty

  26. daddymoon666

    Beautiful Souls, Beautiful Spirits...

  27. Grimdark Rising

    Did nobody notice the Dark Crystal Castle?

  28. MeeeVsWeee

    12mil views 550k subs =(

  29. Faulkner Orkney

    There's much to dislike about the 21st century, but to find something as wonderful as this by accident whilst I'm meant to be working is a complete joy! Thank you YouTube and CocoRosie.

  30. Helene Genty

    the reference to Dark Crystal !!! I hadn't noticed before !! love it ...

  31. Willz __

    This was a weird ass time in music..... I still don't know wtf to make or how to feel about this.

  32. siranmg

    Love this!

  33. Tinglish Foxxie

    So basically this song is an interpretation of the bipolar disorder

  34. Nicholas Snyder

    I came up with a theory about the music video. I may be wrong but eh. I feel like its life and death's childhood years and they're singing what theyve experienced in their childhood. Notice how when death sings ( her voice is frail and dry) they're always old and seem to be on the verge of dying. But when life sings (her voice is beautiful and happy) they become younger and happier. They live by themselves in a house that represents the world and the man they were with as children is their dad who represents man (humans) and man is explaining to life and death the purpose of their existence which makes death sad causing her part of the singing to be depressing, whereas life likes her purpose so she's more joyous. Even if I'm wrong it's still interesting to think about dont you think? Oh almost forgot death sings about the sad parts of their childhood while life sings the happiest parts.

  35. CrimsonMystWolf

    Bro I found the sound on tik tok and I lived it so I found the video and now I love it more because it's just so weird but good lol

  36. Maria Torres

    Wheew it's been a minute since I heard this song. Still beautiful

  37. Soup Castle

    Never forget


    At 2:21 is there the Dark Crystal castle, isn't there?

  39. Martin Jagl

    Richtig schön durchgeknallt. Gefällt mich!

  40. Braun Roberts

    My interpretation of whatever this is, when its up beat it's showing what it was like being sold the American dream in the 50s, a black and white world where it's like a fantasy. Then the lower depressing part is waking up to how the world really is and trying to find some way to carry on in this cold grey world

  41. Alfred Tovar

    Sounds like theyre trying too hard to be unique with thier voices, this is definately white ppl shit

  42. Doll Knight

    This I amazing.

    So artistic I love it.

  43. Art Zeppy

    Cool, at 2:18 they steal a scene from the dark crystal. Love that film and this song.

  44. Baso Pah

    I hope this song blows up again when Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance comes out

  45. Jessica DiSalvo

    My insanely emo friend at the time listened to cocorosie when I was 9 or 10 and she was 12 or 13 maybe. She showed my their songs and this mv was my favorite. I sang to it a lot, so listening to this song now brings up so many memories.

  46. Antoine Delles

    Merci alfa Roméo 😁

  47. Christian Watson

    I've been into CocoRosie since the student riots in France, 1968, and they have become close, personal friends. They were on top of their game, and if you want to know how I met them then read here

  48. Brep Brep

    I like this song so much, I just can't stop playing it.

  49. Deserve Dirt

    I don't understand this video, but it's super interesting <3

    Jon Mondor

    For fucking real

    Jon Mondor

    Why do ppl like thisss

    Jon Mondor

    Give me insight ppllll

  50. d9eth

    I hope this song doesnt get recognized and its a treasure special people find.

  51. Geriatric FecalPhiliac

    an utterly repellant song

  52. Sofía Esther Lucero Sánchez

    Recuerdo a mi hijo cantando está canción y ya nunca más lo hará porque murió y hoy la escucho para tenerlo presente

  53. Poopiepantz 34

    Can you PLEASE clear your throat.

  54. Tia Trinity Smith

    I’m the only one in 2019?

    e c

    December 10 2019


    No, you are not :P

    e c

    @N P 2020!

  55. TabyoutubeTime

    This is my kind of music when I feel alone like this 💔❤live, learn, begin again anew.

  56. MainishWolf

    ...9 years later

  57. Kaghemusha

    Sorbole che cagata!

  58. Kxthy_sxn

    Got me nostalgia

  59. Julio Rodrigues de Brito Neto

    This song should be on the new Netflix's Dark Crystal just because!

  60. Chris Gonzalez

    9 years of listening to this!!! made me and my best friend have great memories for having them always in our background or on roadtrips

  61. Rasyid Rasshit

    teruntuk untuk siapapun cewe yang dnger lagu ini dan liat komen ini, tolong titip username twitter di bawah komen gue. kita jodoh.
    thanks ❤️

  62. eli wat

    The birth of the indie qurl voice, Billie eat ur hart out

  63. Brandon Abdalla

    It was Cinco de Mayo...

  64. Linda Flores

    Witch craft at it's finest!😘

  65. Neucore

    I couldn't figure out who this singer was I had her voice in my head but couldn't name her. I had to ask a friend for help and the only description of how she sounds I could give was "a British baby". Found her pretty fast lmao.

  66. Greer

    She sings like that kid from tiktok

  67. big bruh moment

    2:42 for two years I thought that they were singing: to hear to all of the murder's pain

  68. Kyngs Corner With KYNGSOLO

    weird in a nice way

  69. Alyssa Manke

    That was the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen but I kinda love it😂

  70. Lauren Grace

    To heal our mothers pain..........

  71. Willz __

    9 years later and im still like wat?
    When people tell me my taste in music is a bit strange, I show them this lol.

  72. Sir Borkington

    Who is the girl at 1:00, I think I've seen her in a film or something before and it's bothering me.

  73. Destiny B

    Atleast once a year i go back to this music video

  74. M H

    The song is so amazing. They’re amazing! And they used a clip from the Dark Crystal ❤️ in their video 😍

  75. papitas fritas

    Alguien más le sofoca la voz de ella? O solo a mi? 😅

  76. Diego Emilio Gutierrez Gutierrez

    This play but it self and Love it since the first seconds.

  77. Diario nocturno

    Este vídeo es una obra de arte

  78. Audrey Eluard

    11 putain de millions on vous aime

  79. ELLA w

    2019 march?

  80. Stormy Goette

    Werewolf will always be my favorite song by Cocorosie, but this song still catches me sometimes.

  81. Momegat Ultra

    En la escuela la maestra nos dijo que expusieramos sobre ella

  82. LoveAge

    Oh MmmmG......Just absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  83. María Guadalupe Nava

    She looks in live shows like in this video, really amazing! Particular show ❤️🤘🏻

  84. Rodrigo Mariano

    Clipe horroroso

  85. Sepulchral Miasma

    pop music

  86. Светлана Освальд

    Когда от Павла)0))

  87. MemeLoves You


  88. Darin Cates

    WORST MUSIC in world history. Not sure its music, might be noise

  89. Aaron Seibert

    I only listen to this music to remember MIrella Chodat

  90. Tom Carver

    Seriously what the fuck is up with the baby talk in a lot of indie/folk music? It's nauseating, seriously.

  91. Panda B

    Still holds up to this day.

  92. Marley 7u7

    No me he dado el tiempo de traducir la letra pero por alguna razón sus canciónes me ponen triste 😓