CocoRosie - Gallows Lyrics

It was just before the moon hung
Her weary heavy head in
The gallows and the graves of
The milky milky cradle
His tears have turned to poppies
A shimmer in the midnight
A flower in the twilight
A flower in the twilight

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow

They took him to the gallows
He fought them all the way though
And when they asked us how we knew his name
We died just before him
Our eyes are in the flowers
Our hands are in the branches
Our voices in the breezes

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow tree

We're waiting by the willow
Our milky milky cradle
Our lockets long have rusted
His picture worn and weathered
Our hair is in the garden
Our voices in our toeses
Our heart are in the blossoms
Our eyes are in the branches

And our screaming
Is in his screaming
Our screaming in the willow tree

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CocoRosie Gallows Comments
  1. MarSal Cyjo


  2. Gadema515

    Friend of mine just put me up on this group. Beautiful music and this videos perfect 👌🏽

  3. neil rushton

    Byron meets the Brontës - grim, beautiful and very Gothic...

  4. ernesto rivera glez

    Too Manu years ..and still love it.

  5. Orion Vlog

    So hautingly beautiful

  6. Carlo Geeno

    I am digging cocorosie like no tomorrow and I really love their music but I can't get over the Bjork-like singing style. How can I get to like iiiitttt???! Daaaamn I'd never heard such beautiful yet enjoyable music yo big up

  7. R R

    This song is as if Is There Anybody Out There? by Pink Floyd and Moonchild by King Crimson had a baby.

  8. Nadine Salvador

    Sounds Harry Potter songs

  9. Mrx Drno

    Sooooo prettie...... As always 🐜

  10. evaleefme

    Who's the male actor?

  11. Sariah Coffiel

    Bro I’m watching euphoria and I heard the beginning and almost died. I use to listen to this song in middle school all the time fall asleep to it all the bad nights I had really helped my anxiety and when I heard it it sent chills

  12. Kevin Bennett

    and when does the next super virus get released? one wonders. -2019

  13. Kaname Stackhouse

    I but myself here cause the thumbnail looked creepy n shit

  14. Ariana Mcpeters

    Euphoria brought me here!

  15. silviya stoyanova

    How can I find the name of the guy on the video? Anybody???

  16. John Daniel

    Euphoria brought me here.

  17. Arturo Rodas

    Años tiene esta muy buena rola y ahora estará en bica de todos por euphory

  18. kira joy

    Euphoria ahahaha

  19. Leon lokiito

    Thumbs up if u already knew this before it was ft in Euphoria.

  20. Allie Shoff

    sounds like Joanna Newsom. Love it!

  21. wingless

    Euphoria brought me here.

  22. Junior Gallina


  23. Sold Stone

    Euphoria has me searching for every song on that episode

    Ol' No Name

    is there any chance you have found the song with the beautiful piano melody while the abuse video plays

  24. Saúl Alejandro Ríos Meneses

    I already knew the song, but someone else came here for HBO series euphoria?

    Saúl Alejandro Ríos Meneses

    @Misael Molina ya conocía la canción, pero, alguien más vino aquí por la serie Euforia de HBO??

    Misael Molina

    Saúl Alejandro Ríos Meneses Gracias, igualmente ya conocía la canción hace mucho y no he visto euphoria Jaja solo se que la protagonista es Zendaya

    nicole avery

    No one cares. Most people came here because they actually have good taste in music before they heard it on some mainstream show


    @nicole avery Still it's great that for some people it helps to find a good songs like this one, even if it's just some mainstream show, so I don't see why it would be bad about being kinda grateful for the show for it.


    nicole avery obviously mainstream tv triggers you but... no need to be a d*ck about it😒.

  25. Yolette Battle

    I found this from Euphoria.

  26. Solo Aa

    What’s up euphoria gang

  27. Corey Drifka

    #Euphoria Soundtrack brought me here

  28. MisstressMourtisha

    Euphoria sent me here

  29. Nathan R. Bradford Music

    How goes this get 3.4 million views?

  30. Arturas Kuolinis

    ohh it is magic..

  31. Zelly Kin

    A similar dark folk song is The Garden of Jane Delawney by Trees.

  32. The Bunny Doll

    so beautiful

  33. Tom Bomba

    Amazing song

  34. Tony cruz

    Just finished watching hereditary for the first time (lol late to the game I know) but for some reason I needed to listen to this song after.

  35. Guadalupe Gutierrez


  36. Inga Piotrowska

    Do you know where this was shot?

  37. Aaron Seibert

    It's obviously Salem vibe as there is a park in town called Gallows Hill, with the original trees, where the hangings actually took place. Most of the 'offenders' came from the modern town of Danvers(Salem Village) which was part of Salem back then. There is another part , near the ocean, called Salem Willows. Salem is my hometown and I miss it. Though, ironically, I don't give one shit about it's ocullt history :)

  38. LaWendeltreppe

    Alexander Mc Queen would have loved this one.

  39. Michael Wilson

    Don't hang me because I'm beautiful!

  40. Cat Paws

    Reminds me of the Crucible.

  41. Eric Draven

    To confuso
    louco de doce

  42. Plato Quemado

    Welcome to my kitchiee
    We have bananees
    And avay cadees

  43. Debra Dipiazza

    Just about everything else by Cocorosie is pretentious twaddle, but this is absolutely gorgeous.

  44. duvanny vega

    _creo que soy la única persona qué habla español y le gusta esta música_ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  45. Flufferstuff_the_Blameless

    Ugly, creepy witch music spells don't work on me. guess why.

  46. Bun Paredes

    This is very similar to Folknery's Karchata

  47. N.E.S Records

    Maaaaaaaan look this is scary. Are they witches???

  48. duvanny vega


  49. Николай К

    Thank you girls! You're crazy!!! And I mad about YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. duvanny vega

    *a flower in the twilight*
    *a shimmer in the midnight*

  51. duvanny vega

    Every something look made for! Truck still! Rise work's i will to the lost cracking can't break me! Oh baby! You says love the hunted!

  52. Steve Stewart

    is it demented that i think this song is incredibly beautiful?

  53. kukeshka Pupsik

    i saw spirits i saw tits

  54. indie 00

    Bem calmo

  55. Rafa Zatel

    I need more songs like this one! Does anyone knows more artists in this genre?

    Rafa Zatel

    Alright! thanks, I'll check them out.

  56. CamperOld

    Just wonderful!

  57. Marios P

    fuck that!! I shit my pants in the middle of the night :/ I thought its ok to listen some spooky tunes at the age of 30 , alone , after midnight...oh nononono..good performance ladies :)

  58. Marius Hongve

    Are the bloody twins ghosts? Is that what they've always been?

  59. nicepeople ewan

    genre fairy folk?

  60. Audrey Hill

    Whenever I listened to this song originally, I thought it was sung from the perspective of a girl who had been murdered who's ghost was attending her killer's hanging, but after watching the video I think it may actually be a lot more romantic/tragic than that.

  61. nikita70

    * I definitely enjoy/relish...

  62. nikita70

    As a confirmed fan of a dark side I definitely it getting complicated, more refined, gentle uneasy and intriguing, feeding thoughts and senses and generally to be able to get BEYOND/crossover this annoying cliche with rustical women dressed up in tore?? fishnet stockings.

  63. Jennifer Miller

    This song makes me so sad but I listen to it all the time

  64. midniqhtskies

    If you like cocorosie you'll like Melanie martinez

    Gonzo Di Donato

    iki hiyori No.

    Gonzo Di Donato

    I like both but they are way too different. Specially in music

  65. Polinato 240

    Horse!!!!!!! My love!)

  66. Da O Ri

    listening to this on mdma
    its so fucking powerfull
    makes grow my soul

  67. surfboy2100

    Love this, so happy to see more views on this. There music is always amazingly different than the mainstream.......a fan

  68. MrsMalefiz

    ...great song, I love listening to it... but I don't get, why they obviously died from drinking methylated spirit?
    This stuff is so unpalatable, you will never make it to a proper jag. Anyway... in a strange way, song and vid are just beautiful...

  69. Grace lilly

    broken & free screaming.

  70. Bad MamaJama

    CocoRosie ♥♡ Still crazy bitches

  71. Duvanny Vega Lopez

    The voice is hypnotic make me want to listen all day I love this song the voice is like fear

  72. Duvanny Vega Lopez

    The voice is beautiful 😍😍😍😍 demaciada hermosa

  73. patricio Vega lopez

    gallows dumb jaja

  74. patricio Vega lopez

    love the voice😄

  75. Yenuet Capello

    poppies 🌸

  76. ArthurKyriu

    I thought, Coco Rosie was a song of the hardcore-punk band Gallows. In first moment I got disappointed, cuz there are no Gallows stuff. However, I gave a chance, and for God Sake, this is gorgeous ❤

  77. MIchelle Marie

    Does anyone know who the actors are?

  78. Grace lilly

    i miss you

  79. Nyeah Squidward

    I thought this video was about two twins who both fancied one guy so they shared him. Like they were so close, they couldn't really be apart or make decisions without each other, so sharing a man made sense and was inevitable as the girls would never be found apart. They loved each other, and had an enjoyable relationship. Then some people found out about their relationship and he was hung. So they committed suicide.


    I took his hanging to be about something else altogether, like maybe he was a highwayman or bandit. A daring rogue.
    The sisters hurry to the willow tree to kill themselves as he is being hanged so that they can all be together, as spirits in the land.

  80. Liadaan Fahbien

    Very Bronte and very original! I love it! I'm so glad I found these girls and their inspiring music.

  81. grantleleux

    Knew they were witches

  82. Duvanny Vega Lopez

    what city is?

  83. Duvanny Vega Lopez

    His voice is beautiful

    Duvanny Vega Lopez

    love the video<3

  84. Duvanny Vega Lopez

    I love to sing like her

  85. jimbomania001

    envoutant , magique ,  troublant,

  86. CyranoForever101


  87. Joonho Jung

    a better version of hunger games's hanging tree

  88. Bucky•JaKRBT

    That stock cat scream ruins the song for me.

  89. altar7

    are they from Iceland or are they just trying to sound like Bjork?

  90. tripnotico

    so bjorkish

  91. Gabby Powers

    I read the bottle they drank it said something spirits 0:13

  92. Jess Pierre

    I'm so in love with this song.. I've seen some people's take on this song and video, they are talkin about discovering their magik in and through nature and the energy of God, how beautiful and harmless it was in their case but people still saw it as a horrible thing and found out about them, so the man gave them poison to avoid bein hung and humiliated and told them everything would be okay and one was his love the other was her sister they got him and hung him and they all felt each others pain and ultimately became one with nature and it was beautiful but still explains how fucked up their story was and many like them, the Bear hides and Buffalo is a good similar one too

  93. Understanding Insanity

    beautiful. One of my favorite songs xx

  94. Honorata71

    I love this song all the time...

  95. Bartek Bielecki

    This is so awesomly eerie!

  96. zerooskul

    The Sanctimonious Kid; hanged in Australia for shooting a police constable in the back.
    He was the police constable who he had shot and so had to be hanged to feed the tail into the snake.
    He believed, though, that he'd shot the sheriff; he swore it was in self-defense.