Coco Jones - Worth It Lyrics

Oh, huh

I'm pickin' the phone up
I wanna call you, but your doin' just fine
I just saw you all up on your IG, you was lookin' happy
So I guess you don't need me
I can't even fake it, this ain't no fake diss
I want you to hear it, I want you to feel it
I want you to roll over in pain now that I'm healin'
I want you to try to figure out what I can't deal with
Oh no
(He just can't be what I need)
Doin' me so wrong
(Gotta do what's best for me)

Tellin' me "Girl, he ain't worth it." (Your not)
Look at you perfect (for sho')
Girl, he ain't worth it
What he won't do, another will to
You don't deserve this (Your not)
"Girl, he ain't worth it." (For sho')
Girl, he ain't

I already know every little detail
Everything y'all sayin' to me
I said this to my homegirl, heard it from another girl maybe like last week
And this ain't the last time, your livin' in a bad time
Yeah, the got it all messed up, chasin' money in a fast life
Oh, yeah

Tellin' me "Girl, he ain't worth it." (Your not)
Look at you perfect (for sho')
Girl, he ain't worth it
What he won't do, another will to
You don't deserve this (Your not)
"Girl, he ain't worth it." (For sho')
Girl, he ain't
Oh, no

I already know, I already know
I already know, I already know, yeah

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Coco Jones Worth It Comments
  1. Ray McBride

    Her and Trevor Jackson need to make a song together.itnwould be a banger and they both so underrated

  2. burnt chicken nugget

    Was sobbing at nearly midnight because I wanted so desperately to text My ex, tell him maybe we could work it out. Then this got suggested to me, he ain't worth it. I'm still in tears but it's something I have to accept for the sake of my own self improvement. Stay strong mamas. Don't let nobody threaten yalls peace.

  3. maryciana michael

    waiting up in 2020

  4. Tania Midou

    Coco your voice so gorgeous !


    I want your song with Jacob latimore but thank you for this

  6. sharese duncan

    My shit💫

  7. Naledi Lukas

    She kinda looks like Jeniffer Hudson

  8. Eyes OfZ

    Thanks for real💗

  9. Jess Jess Row Row

    This is me searching Roxy from Let it Shine

  10. Danilo Silvabm

    Manoooooo lindaaaaa❤❤

  11. PrettyNellie


  12. maryciana michael

    this song is great, who else is waiting for something in 2019????????

  13. Jenieve Headley

    This song needs to be available on SoundCloud!!!!!!!😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥💜💜

  14. Ashely West

    Her and Trevor Jackson need a song together

  15. Dani’ Lashae

    On repeat 💯💯💯

  16. Feelings

    Girl, he ain’t worth it

  17. Jassy

    Does anyone remember Savannah from hip hop Harry omg yess Coco!

  18. Luna Kay

    She can SING she is GOODDDDD

  19. Shakita Jones

    He ain't worth it.

  20. Shakita Jones

    This gjrl is under rated... Her lyrics and voice are what we need for this generation.

  21. Bamidele Sogbesan

    Am I the one that also hears Kelly Rolland? Especially from verse two.

    I love Coco though, she’s mad talented.

  22. ThyLyfe

    Type of shit I’m going through..I keep telling myself that he ain’t worth it but the love I have for him is hard to let go. It’s though

  23. 2013animelover

    She has the same girls in her videos I like that

  24. Kasi Bell

    Love her voice


    Idkw she’s not getting enough recognition?!! Coco jones is that bitch and this song is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. daizhanie minter

    Song to short 🙄🙄🙄😩

  27. sharese duncan

    Love it💫

  28. sharese duncan

    Plz give me more more more 💫

  29. BEASTGirlEbony

    Coco GIRLLLL‼️ you have to do a song with TREVOR JACKSON pleaseeeeeeeee‼️😍🤩🥳

  30. Tasia Fm

    I missed you girl wtf

  31. Nelsha AwakenOfficial

    This is my jam now on repeat...I fw the lyrics and daaamn Coco your beautifulll daaamnnn❤and your friends just reminded me of my closest friends😭✨

  32. Lilly Nonay

    Y'all bitches ain't worth shit. Y'all adds want in

  33. NeeNeestayspoiled

    This was so good. I’m soo here for you miss coco. Been waiting on you to
    Come out

  34. Nana Rae

    Can't love you less ❤❤

  35. Toni-Ann Samuels

    Yoooooo In my soul this hit me in my soul but my minds made up

  36. Olivia Douce

    Did anyone peep that's Sophia from hip hop harry ..... With the hoop ear rings

  37. Maryam Mk

    Thank you this song heal my heart 💓

  38. sama ashleigh

    Hello.. Why isn't this song on spotify

  39. J u n o V x r s e

    she is so underrated i swear.

  40. Elizabeth Brown

    that's andi from every witch way

  41. Emiko Sapp

    Stop sleeping on her😍😍😍

  42. Lynissa

    her vocals 😍
    who remembers her from let it shine on disney 😍

  43. Diamond Locs

    Love it

  44. Natalie Kavhumbura

    I keep listening to this song❤😭😍

  45. Iyonna Gabriel

    her friends fine asl 🥺🥰

  46. Chris Barka

    Indeed she knows hw to sing

  47. smileydee95

    Where have I been this song is lit and lets not even mention how darn gorgeous coco looks omg 😍

  48. King Kristie

    I like her sound

  49. Lisa Hlatshwayo

    Broke up with a boy who wasn't treating me right yesterday & now I'm suggested to this song on Youtube. Must be God speaking😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  50. Amanda A.

    I need this on Apple Music 😫

  51. lee ventura

    Is this JENNIFER HUDSON'S lil sister or something?? They look so much alike.

  52. Lynn Ashanta

    Why I can’t find any of her music on Apple Music?

  53. Iyonna Gabriel

    Still not Apple Music 😕

  54. Drivehymkraazy Davis

    Waiting on this to hit apple 🍎 music 🎶 🧡💪🏽

  55. SuperChiko4000

    This is the best song ever 🌟🌟✨

  56. Ametefe yawa

    Wow....I love this.

  57. Sarpong Emmanuella

    Go High Coco.

  58. Grace A.

    I was like where have I seen this girl before 👀 now I remember she’s Roxie

  59. L W

    Love the music... but CoCo you good? Seems like all the music is directed towards men doing wrong.😫

  60. Trevatc13

    You next up!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! 💯

  61. ona anie

    Relatable 💓

  62. Lena Dixon

    Omg is the other girl from every witch way on nick called Andy in the series
    Love this song tho 💕💕💞😊

  63. Mis Teddy Yunus

    Yeahhhh love you

  64. MK3 Tv

    Less lip sync

  65. kendra williams

    Everyone girl who has been hurt by a stupid dude should hear this

  66. Young Viber


  67. Emiko Sapp

    Yall sleep on her!!!! She is so different

  68. LifeWithB


  69. Deja Levette

    Them low notes 🙌🏾😫😫

  70. midnight pink

    Hey queen cocca you're the best

  71. Anya Baker

    Such a bop and a mood🤩🤯am I the only one going through nigga shit and found this song?

  72. Breanna love

    Is this the girl from Let it shine?😳😳she is so beautiful✨✨✨✨

  73. diana

    that's Andy from Every Witch Way

  74. Ihedioha Chidinma

    Girl you are good

  75. Jetun Nadine

    Wow she is extremely talented omg

  76. Seyi Akintade

    She damn too good

  77. The girl from Africa

    If you know you dislike this song know that your a witch yes witch of course I mean witch

  78. Aja onfroy

    Omg blow up already

  79. 0fficial. Khidd16

    This song fyee💓💓💓😩😩

  80. Melz BX

    Melanin brown queen 👸🏾

  81. Soteria Sneed

    this song is the bomb!!! love ya coco!

  82. Cesária César

    You should be on Grown - ish.

  83. Nisha

    We don’t get what we want because we deserve better

  84. Silva Divine

    Who is hurting my baby

  85. Samson Misanvu

    Good songs of Coco Janes

  86. Iyonna Gabriel

    The 31 ppl who disliked this are 😑✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  87. Iyonna Gabriel

    Ion know who needs to hear this but :

  88. Iyonna Gabriel

    This has literally been on repeat for 18 hours

  89. keccy west

    How can someone break up with a girl with those sexy lips Lord. ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Iyonna Gabriel


  91. Iyonna Gabriel

    I relate to every word of this song

  92. Iyonna Gabriel


  93. Iyonna Gabriel

    Ok so I love her but Ian know she still made music

  94. Isabelle Mathe


  95. Asia Monique

    She’s truly a gem and I hope she gets all of the recognition she deserves.

  96. Peculiar Female

    He aint worth it baby girl🎼🎶🎵

  97. Wairimu Kimani

    She's soooooo underrated. Better than Summer Walker.

  98. Tinker Bell

    When she said it ain't the last time 😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ bro....the main reason I don't even want to think about trying again

  99. linddy jean

    We got the same birthday😍

  100. RiRi Burch

    I Felt That ‼️💯