Coco Jones - Glitter Lyrics

Right now the world seems dark and gloomy
You wanna run and hide away
Just take a chance and listen to me...
That heavy cloud is going to fade

Not gonna let 'em steal your sparkle
Ain't gonna let 'em break your heart
I'll find a way to make you smile
They're gonna see who you really are
Underneath the insecurities
Don't you think it's time that you believe

You shine like glitter
You shine like glitter
Always remember
When they try to dim your light
You shine like glitter

Don't be afraid to look in the mirror
You're perfect just the way you are
I know it's hard to see
When your sky's lost all it's stars
Underneath the insecurities
Finally you're starting to believe

You shine like glitter
You shine like glitter
Always remember
When they try to dim your light
You shine like glitter

Don't let 'em dim your light
Don't let 'em steal your shine
Don't let 'em dim your light
Don't let 'em steal your shine

You shine like glitter
You shine like glitter

You shine like glitter
You shine like glitter
Always remember
When they try to dim your light
You shine like glitter
Don't let 'em steal your shine
You shine like glitter
When your sky's lost all it's stars
Always remember
When they try to dim your light
You shine like glitter

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Coco Jones Glitter Comments
  1. eugenetic

    Come sei brava, Coco, e bella....

  2. Godisang King truth

    There is my perfect Lady singing 🙈😎🎹🎹🎹🎹🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎙🎶🎵

  3. Loudji Joseph

    I likes😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  4. Samaya leyva

    I don't like this song at all

  5. Dan Lonie

    I love it Coco Jones you are the best singer in my life

  6. swaggg maney

    i love coco.

  7. Emel Bonoh

    Wow that's a great song

  8. Victor Alberto Nuñez Astacio

    love you coco 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙈

  9. Imran

    This song is making me so sad hhaha

  10. takemy wig

    i hate that y'all are so underrated

  11. Mini Alex 101 Cutesy time

    you are the person who encouraged me to follow my dreams and I did, now I want you to do the same

  12. Dayna Gaming

    I'm glad I have YouTube or I wouldn't of known theses singers there great

  13. jesline Debreus

    I love you Coco Jones your awesome that is why I started watching your channels and your music videos and I like, subscribe, and commented to all of them I love you so much good job

  14. Kimberley Fraser

    Nice song

  15. Abidemi Aminat

    I love the song

  16. Abidemi Aminat

    I love the song


    Coco jones I love you and tyler james, Trevor, music [s] more than anyother American music I can hear good job I will Subcribed, like to make good Comment I love you guy [s]

  18. Sharaya Shields

    I love it

  19. Hassan Jawara

    so classical


    i wish i was like coco jones anyone else

  21. Yuto

    So you complain in a music video that has nothing to do with her

  22. Abidemi Aminat

    I love this song

  23. Arianna Platte

    Love the close

  24. More Adekanye

    they sing well together and I wish I was as talented and pretty as them

  25. saltdie

    Coco, please make more songs! We love you for your voice! Don't just keep looking down just because you have been kick out of something you love! Let your heart and voice shine. LET IT SHINE

  26. TheMoonIsMyWife

    Malec af though


    fukking sad disney decided to invest more into zendaya


    I feel the same smh

  28. Nickel Jarzel

    Amazing glitter

  29. Arne Timmer

    Listened to it once, can't get it out of my head...

  30. Siggi Isabelle

    oh my gad!!!! sooo sick amazing how you do it girl! :D your voices are amazing! i really wish that could be me :DD

  31. Jakayla Columbus


  32. Amari Miller

    They song amazing together

  33. Deborah Tulloch

    They have nice teeth. I wish my teeth were that nice.

    Scrambled Eggs with Pepper

    Contrary to popular belief, milk can not make your teeth whiter by itself. Eating leafy green vegetables daily is the beginning of a healthy diet.

  34. Gwen Peeks

    Good song love it

  35. Bih .C

    I wish she sang more in this song. Her voice is so good.

  36. Deni Bell

    How has talent coco does

  37. Milica Dolasevic

    Incredible song and performance

  38. Johana Garcia

    Love this song! U r amazing Coco Jones

  39. Lowellon Hays

    Love you coco

  40. Giliarde araujo

    ótima musica! adorei

  41. Jordan Brooks

    I love coco Jones and this song

  42. Desean Carlyón Ingram

    love your song coco

  43. Little Piffle

    This song is amazing

  44. Anna Thomas

    need more songs like this to inspire youngsters u knw....great song girls... :D very preedy xd both of u

  45. Mili GamesBR

    She´s pretty

  46. Espen Abusdal

    Talent is now Yours..(Colors means Nothing Special but The Love of Coco Jones)

  47. Shakeem Pope

    i dont no how is dise girl but i lovein it

  48. Kirsty Kartey

    Hi coco I love this song I wish I could meet you one day

  49. britteonna henderson

    Omg....... i love this song [email protected]

  50. NCTzen #1

    But this song is ok but not as good as I though it would be

  51. NCTzen #1

    Everybody is awesome
    Love yo self like nobody would

  52. Kayla Rulez

    amazing coco you have a great voice 

  53. Death Flare

    Coco is so under rated! She is SO good! 

  54. Tindra Dahlberg

    You're voice are awesome!😍👌💕😊

  55. Alecia Elliott Fisher

    I knew it. Katie isn't country material.

  56. Stephanie Nelson

    Awesome I loved it

  57. Aaliyah


  58. never again

    Coco thx for posting this video you know why kids at my school don't have high self esteem so tomorrow I will definitely sing that song to them

    never again

    You shine like glitter

  59. Keke Johnson

    Coco its Keke again, don't let anyone tell you you have bad moves or you are just bad God has made you a beautiful bright sprite, don't let anyone tell you that because God tells you everyday, and that's more important Love you from keke

  60. Keke Johnson

    OMGG you are actually talking to us hiiiiiii my name is Keke I love you God BLESS YOU

  61. Tariq Borum

    i tell you, every disney star

  62. Amarie Christie

    I love this songg 💖💖

  63. coupey alizee

    j'adore <3

  64. Mwanaidi Semtawa

    Coco is so amazing,i couldn't stop smiling...i felt the music...i love love love the song...she sure shine like gliter

  65. jihane ema

    i like it

  66. TheWhitePinto

    I just love coco jones

  67. Scereine Ablanc

    This song is beautiful and you are perfect. I think you deserves more views.

  68. Valentina Cardenas

    she's beautiful

  69. Michelle Geren

    nice work guys you're improving a lot since holla at the coco

  70. LikeDeadChannelMusic


  71. kik

    Not a good song. I dont know whats holding Coco back but she's better than this song

  72. Ariel B

    Cool !!!!!

  73. Aleksander Domagała

    This is the best song in the world! Girls, you're so beautiful... I think your voices are like an angel ;)

  74. Jencita Vargas

    Love love love :) Katie Armiger <3 

    Glory Mkandawire

    Jencita Vargas

  75. Ifamily Pullen

    coco sis

  76. Carly McCalla

    I like this. Beautiful voices and lovely bubbly feel good video. :-)

    never again

    You r so right

  77. ROCIO

    coco you are so beautiful 

  78. demiyah dublin

    This song is freaking AWESOME

  79. mark tacher

    amazing single

  80. Bransen Sands

    Love it! I love this so much!

  81. Chiko Kamfwa

    I love your singing you are amazing

  82. OfficialCloudFactory

    10/10 love you guys. #TeamCoJo #Colab #TeamKArmiger P.S. Coco is my role model

  83. Siren

    7 like... omggggg HAHHAHHAAHAHA

  84. Brayuten