Cockney Rebel - What Ruthy Said Lyrics

You're wearing grey today, you're from Berlin, I'd say you're a model
Can I be blue for you like I'm in fashion too? See me wobble
We'll be a pair of swells and dig the best hotels, hit the throttle
We'll do the rumba too and say the life we knew was so gay

Oh teach me to rock, I'm getting caught in a pocket of Saki
We can go to a hop and do Suburban Bop, cool and sharply
Queue for the cops, you got no reason to not be Malaki
Your Gossamer and Fluff are gonna be enough for today

Oh we'll dig the sand and sea down in Alicante on the borders
We'll dig the hustle-around and hear the virgin sound of your daughters
American Bordeaux, we'll hit a rhythm slow, oh the tortures
But what Ruthy said must have gone to your head like they say, oh...

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Cockney Rebel What Ruthy Said Comments
  1. Lyle Lillithwort

    ruthy the model....fab song by SH & CH...

  2. Bengt Törnlund

    i love the sarcastic words...........

  3. Bengt Törnlund

    Soooo gay....... or

  4. Bengt Törnlund

    Just perfect!!!

  5. Bengt Törnlund

    I love their satiric texts & the music of course. Saw them live in Stockholm 1975, will never forget it!!!

  6. Sophie Stewart

    Steve Harley has the most adorable singing voice ever, especially in this beautiful song. He just has a knack of exciting anyone who listens to His songs.

  7. Sophie Stewart


  8. Dan Paul

    Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols used to play this on his indie broadcasts - he might have stolen some their equipment once upon a time - great song. a real time capsule.

  9. bo goding

    this is one of many great songs from cockney rebels

  10. Martyn H

    I saw Cockney Rebel in 1973 at a concert in Great Malvern, England. They played material from their first album, including this great one. Brings back memories, I have the vinyl album but dont have a working record player. Thanks for posting!

  11. DeeDonner Ramone

    First heard this on Jonesey's Jukebox...Miss that circus.

  12. xsellsbrod

    the complete album is fantastic and part of my collection ;-))

  13. geligniteandlilies

    I like the whole song but something about the last bit from 2:04 on with Steve's voice and all the instruments just coming together so beautiful in a way that I find haunting. Thanks for posting this. :)