Cocker, Joe - No Ordinary World Lyrics

My Day Starts Off The Same
It Looks Like It Might Rain
But I Will Not Complain
Cause I Can See The Sun

I Say My Little Prayers
Running Down The Stairs
The Streets Are Going Nowhere
But I Don'T Care

Cause This Day Is Beautiful
Nothing'S Gonna Get Me Down

It'S No Ordinary World
When You'Re Here With Me
I Take The Time To Smile
I Have The Space To Breathe

It'S No Ordinary World
When You Walk With Me
I See Inside My Dreams
Every Diamond Every Pearl
It'S No Ordinary World

Everybody'S Got A Dream
Every Thought And Every Scheme
And All The Spaces In Between
To See The Clouds

But I Won'T Give It Too Much Time
To Get Inside My Mind
Cause All That Really Matters
Is Here And Now

When Your Laying Close To Me
(When Your Bodies Close To Me)
Your All The Joy I Need

Your Hand In Mine No
Reason To Take Our Time
Surrender To Love Like Good Religion

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Cocker, Joe No Ordinary World Comments
  1. лев огурцов

    в России Джо любят!!!

  2. Rock Forever


  3. mocha mochiña

    Efectivamente , no es la potente y profunda voz a la que estamos acostumbrados. !!

  4. VICTOR Martial

    Nothings get me down when i listen Joe!

  5. VICTOR Martial

    Best album of this master of bleues ever

  6. Lori B

    "First we take Manhattan Then we take Berlin" "Too Cool" great songs....his selection of songs was magnificent!!!!!!!!!! And his "covers' were REMARKABLE!!!!!!!!!understatement.

  7. Goog Googleman

    like a breath of fresh summer air! such a unique vibe!

  8. Alex Lamplighter

    amazing musician...

  9. Alexander Frehley

    Unbeatable R.I.P.

  10. giannitaccucci

    la sua piu bella canzone ciao grande

  11. Márta Sógor

    No ordinary song -- no ordinary voice. God bless Master. R. I. P.


    un grand homme s en est allé; oui un grand MONSIEUR et cette chanson je l adore je vais encore  l écouter avec plus de tendresse avec les miens car la vie est bien trop courte. au revoir MR JOE COKER

  13. Jade B

    Love this song!!! 

  14. Grzegorz Gruszka

    J'aime cette chanson