Cocker, Joe - Into The Mystic Lyrics

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home
And when that fog horn blows I want to hear it
I don't have to fear it
I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
Then magnificently we will float into the mystic

And when that fog horn blows you know I will be coming home
And when that fog horn whistle blows I got to hear it
I don't have to fear it
I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
And together we will float into the mystic
Come on girl...

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Cocker, Joe Into The Mystic Comments
  1. Scott Currie

    One giant salutes another...

  2. Jim Shorts

    Just so amazing !!

  3. John Bennett

    No disrespect to Joe cause I really think he was one of the greatest. Usually when he covers someone’s song he ‘steals’ it. Not this time folks. Mr. Morrison will always own this one... especially his live version.

    Miss Tery

    Agree... but I love this too

  4. My Basements on Fire

    Legend. My favorite song . Mr. Morrison is proud of this I'm sure . I was born in baden to Canadian parents who were there as a military posting. I feel special haha

  5. Lucio Santoro

    Visto negli anni ottanta a Roma
    Ho ancora u.n ricordo bellisso. Rip

  6. Violet Kumarina

    RIP Joe Cocker. You’re a legend in your own right, still rocking souls. God bless you.

  7. Walter Wilkins

    The artistry.

  8. chip block

    Do you remember when this great singer stood upon this earth? I am happy that he shared his music and life with us. I was 14 when I first heard him on my album of Woodstock.

  9. Ralph Cramden

    " This song is Van Morrison cover " doesn't make any sense, you moron ! It is a song , not a cover , you imbecile !

  10. Joshua Dowling

    Jebus fuck. Couldn't someone in the wardrobe department set this guy up with a dark suit or some shit. This guy is sweating like a Mexican in a fucking ISIS truck.

  11. Jeff Barnes

    He looks like a drunken panhandler but sings like a champion. Never got the recognition he deserves as a vocalist and interpreter of songs.

  12. Linda Wagner

    Miss Joe Cocker! RIP and Merry Christmas Joe!

  13. Riding The wave

    Amazing, the entire band, classic

  14. David Fahey

    Great job on a Van Morrison classic...😝...

  15. Aloise Mason

    What beautiful words put in lyrics by Joe Cocker ..the legend never to be forgotten...this band is great..

    Mary Smith

    well, it was Van Morrison that put the words into lyrics.

  16. Douglas B aka DWBonny, author at large

    I can’t wait to rock the gypsy Soul of my long-lost sweetheart (wherever she may be (she’s elusive, that’s for sure!)) Coming to get you...!

  17. Jean Ely

    Man, Joe Cocker did this song proud!

  18. Joey Benoit

    Joe cocker was just incredible! I love Hitchcock railway!!!!!!!!

  19. jean lafeet

    Rest in peace Joe. You were great.

  20. peter dawson

    GO JOE X

  21. Jerry Ferko

    sadly , we will never see a talent like joe , ever again , thank you joe, forever u are remembered

  22. Hadley Pleasanton

    Joe Cocker sweats a map of Africa.

  23. Capt ανδρεία Andreia Al

    Joe: blood sweat tears. RIP

  24. Ursula Bornhauser

    rest in power joe cocker.....a wonderful artist..........this song gives me the shivers.....good evening

  25. Rogério Vaz

    Great Van Morrison, great Joe Cocker 👍🏻👍🏻🇧🇷

  26. Paul's Radio Show

    Great Job!

  27. Frank Tonnemaker

    Awesome cover of a classic. Miss you Joe!

  28. Sactified Mission

    This man could sing a maintenance manual and kill it...😥

  29. 08shortstop

    Joe giving every ounce he's got as usual … respectful version of Van's masterpiece.

    Patricia Shannon

    08shortstop Joe sweats...Andrew don't !

  30. Miss Beatrice Haven

    My God, I’ve never seen anyone sweat like that.

    Buckhorn Cortez

    Then you've never been to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

  31. bryan findley

    wow, didnt think anyone except Van Morrison could do it.. great job Joe Cocker..RIP

  32. Patricia roe

    If this man can move you, who can?

  33. Friedrich Schmidt

    No one can beat Van the Man, but this is a great version! Joe Cocker was such a magnificent singer - gone before his time!

    richard banks

  34. john morello

    oh my goodness !!!

  35. dbob

    Great backing band as well—just perfect

  36. Gung Ho Vids

    Joe Cocker covered hits all his life.

    Dirk Gibbens

    And almost always better than the originals

  37. Kai Pieraccini

    love you sooo much.

  38. Monika Enders

    geile .Stimme.👌✌️

  39. JJ G

    Nice version

  40. Marc Eibel

    Joe Live. The best, for ever.

  41. SatchSaysPlay

    There are few artists/vocalists that could sing literally anything and move you spiritually, Joe was one of them, a massive talent, R.I.P Joe


    Lived  in a  small town in the US  when he  was  older  West Colorado.. Crawford  ..Population 431   ..,+CO/@38.7027747,-107.6099772,3a,75y,351.05h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sf56kTyAPMlfKK92zsW7E-Q!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x87409ed01009c089:0x61b81b9fe3439143!8m2!3d38.7038767!4d-107.6089466

  42. Dale Long

    Great Version.

  43. Rhonda Johnson

    Wow Joe did that very well! So many great artists gone! Yes Van the Man would say "Well done Joe"

  44. carmen guedes

    2019??... bora GENTES para o nevoeiro!!!

  45. Cankle's Fupa

    Joe needs to flow into the speedstick!

  46. Fiona Phillips

    Miss you Joe, heart, soul and passion...

  47. Ronnie Bryant

    THE BEST VERSION OF THIS SONG..... Damn I miss Joe!

    Carmen Babuglia

    Bueno, bastante buena versión

  48. whisky2roxy

    Joe should've changed his shirt before this song

  49. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah joe you angel sing for me i am in love with bob dylan but he doesn t care

  50. RED CAN

    Cocker singing Morrison...I'm in. Where do I sign?

  51. Dale Brabb

    If I'd written a song, even if it were a hit and Joe Cocker decided to cover it, no higher accolade.

  52. normskimonger

    He was a plumber from Sheffield, He got famous just before I started at the art college there.
    He apparently used to perform at Shades on Eccleshall road

  53. gary jackson

    Great song, great van morrison, lovely version buy Van was even better ...

  54. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah joe sing for me im in love with mr. dylan

  55. pykkervots

    Almost reggae. Jim Keltner rocks!

  56. sue dennis

    no one better than joe

  57. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah joe

  58. hambone chops


  59. Ernest Gilbert

    fare forward, Joe, into the mystic and the One. Thank you.

  60. sharyn walkoczy

    Sooo good so good

  61. rida Jarin

    Brilliant gitar accoustic play ... Joe Cocker absolutely so soulfull

  62. Gee Bud movin....

  63. Musik Liebhaber

    Joe Cocker sings Van Morrison Song, great!

  64. Kai Pieraccini

    miss ya hevv

  65. Len Thyr

    My intro to R & R way back when

  66. Len Thyr

    I agree

  67. Kai Pieraccini

    miss u love u in memory of THE BEST MOTHER IN lAW

  68. Kai Pieraccini

    love you heavy D 4 eva

  69. Robin Mendoza

    I was prepared to not like this when I heard the first notes with the funky keyboard, but I forgot how much I love Joe Cocker’s voice. One of the all-time greatest performers.

  70. 51tomtomtom

    sweaty shirts instead of shiny glamour dancers ! It's like having real sex with somebody you love instead of jerking off with a designer-dildo....

  71. Sonora108

    I was at Woodstock 1969 and actually was straight when I heard Joe Cocker sing "I Shall be Released" and was just mesmerised by that version of that song. As much as I love Joe Cocker (RIP) I think Van Morrison has a slight edge over Joe on this one.

  72. Tom Oman

    Jim Keltner is so ubiquitous I once found him in my yard while I was raking leaves.

    WC Paul

    That's a great line....and damn near true.

    The Dolphin

    I once found him in my yard raking up the leaves himself.

  73. Phil Wright

    Too bad he doesn't sing with feelings,,,,phenomenal!

  74. Kat Masterson

    full body shivers..when it barely had began
    Nothing gets that far

  75. Linda Robison

    Joe can do anyone with deep soul

  76. Second Visions

    When Joe sweats like this you know the performance was perfect

  77. thestick52

    Love & light from Brazil... RIP Joe 💔

  78. Charles Skeen

    I miss Joe, what soul. Van woulda liked this too

  79. RKDRHS8

    Joe said he always wanted to be a "bees winger" a singer and he made these songs his own he was born with that gift so said Ray Charles, how many of today's singers will be remembered for such a voice. Miss you Joe! RIP.

  80. Malcolm Platt

    absolutely beautiful rendition, RIP Joe.

  81. Otto Lund

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  82. Lawrence Katzfey


  83. Philip Berke

    Your phenomenal voice, Joe Cocker, is sorely missed. RIP and thank you

  84. Gee Bud

    absolutely a heart warming rendition of this Morisson raggae..!!?

    paul Smith

    Amazing song sung by an amazing artist

  85. Stephen Carpenteri

    I"ve seen Joe many times in many places. Turns out he was the boss the entire time . . .

  86. david price

    Woooow, I didn't know anyone had done this except Van, Joe pit some soul in this nice,

  87. Lori Wise

    Im waiting for someone to Rock my Gypsy soul..

  88. John Flanagan

    Have to agree that Van M. would have been so proud of Joe's version. Excellent!

  89. Cynthia Madrid

    OF .....WOW!


    Saw him at Fillmore East around the same time....phenomenal, will never forget it.

  90. Vidar Larsen

    And when that fog horn blows, I'm coming home. I don't have to fear it. Yeah. We were born before the wind. . . .

  91. Marilyn S

    Proud to say that Joe and I are from the same city. May he RIP

  92. Robert McAllister

    The consummate performer. Totally into it. Thank you for this. RIP Joe. C.

  93. Kerry Bindon

    shivers up my spine

  94. MAUJA


  95. stephan omarr

    I saw Joe cocker AT the forum, in Montreal, WHAT a MARVELOUS, memories seeing him in concert.....still ENJOYING THAT IN THE AFTERLIFE......

  96. Marijke Woelfel

    Dean Parks on guitar. Brilliant!

  97. Jeff Bounds

    great redemption of that song, he was great and died to soon.. I will always love his raspy voice and tremendous talent and his cross generation existence

  98. BloozeDaddy

    had never seen this...nice version by Joe....almost a reggae feel with the guitar/organ groove.

  99. Norman Buffett

    Joe nailed that one.