Cockburn, Bruce - Southland Of The Heart Lyrics

When the wild-eyed dogs of day to day
Come snapping at your heels
And there's so much coming at you
That you don't know how to feel
When they've taken all your money
And then come back for your clothes
When your hands are full of thorns
But you can't quit groping for the rose

In the southland of the heart
Where night blooms perfume the breeze
Lie down
Take your rest with me

When thoughts you've tried to leave behind
Keep sniping from the dark
When the fire burns inside you but
You jump from every spark
When your heart's beset by memories
You wish you'd never made
When the sun comes up an enemy
And nothing gives you shade

In the southland of the heart
Where the saints go lazily
Lie down
Take your rest with me

When the preacher lays his insight down
And claims to lead the blind
When those you trust just get you hooked
And trifle with your mind
When the nightmare's creeping closer
And your wheels are in the mud
When everything's ambiguous
Except the taste of blood

In the southland of the heart
There's no question of degree
Lie down
Take your rest with me

In the southland of the heart
Everyone was always free
Lie down
Take your rest with me

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Cockburn, Bruce Southland Of The Heart Comments
  1. James Smith

    Just saw Bruce last night with Dar Williams at the Scottish Rite in Collingswood, NJ....still has he does !! Great show....

  2. Souris Voleur

    Such a pretty song.

  3. nissi K

    Bruce Cockburn has a voice that visits your heart like a cherished friend coming through the door!?

  4. moonlitme

    not sure why, but this song brought the tears this morning.....

  5. puppetlady1

    I love love love this album by Bruce.  My husband and I had front row seats to see him recently and he was awesome as usual.  We even met with him meet and greet after the show.  He is a real gentleman.

    Jeff Moehlenbruck

    I saw him here in Austin at the One World Theater with 3 of my best friends who love his music. Front row also and met him afterward. I just wish I could jam with Bruce. He'd probably be freaked if he knew I play so many of his songs. :) I had just learned Night Train. He plays a couple of my faves in Drop F#. I told him I learned it in (incorrect) Drop G. He corrected me nicely...but it's the G string that drops a half step so. I'm learning this song today to play solo acoustic. I recorded this song about 7 years ago and played all the instruments just for fun. Much fun!

  6. Jill DeMarco

    Love this. Brings peace on a sad day .

  7. Tom Leyde

    Does anyone know where I can get the chords for guitar for this song?

    Souris Voleur

    It was in I believe Acoustic Guitar mag right about when the album came out.

  8. Gail Williams

    A wonderful song.  I used it for a friend's memorial service, at which I presided.  It fit him -- he had a tough time with the world.

  9. Monique Dingli

    This is lovely but does anybody have the Maria Maldaur version?

    john blogger

    i have a live version of her doing it - the disc is called Sing out for Seva

    Bari Samad

    That Seva version is the most chilling one of this song. I worked for Seva Foundation briefly and got a copy of that concert.

    Trivia. Maria refused to sing this:

    "When everything is ambiguous
    Except the taste of blood"

  10. Harri Clein

    Masterpiece love it

  11. Randy Creath

    One of the most insightful and moving songs in his catalog...

  12. Brian K

    Brilliant. Southland of the Heart, been there.

  13. caroline hamilton

    love this song. Love Bruce. Thanks for posting this

  14. xarmybrat

    very nice! Thank you.