Cockburn, Bruce - Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand Lyrics

I've got planets in my palm, there's a red smear on the sky
A star has just exploded somewhere behind my eyes
In the dead of night the city seems to break down into tribes
You stare at too much concrete, you forget the earth's alive

Young men see visions and old men dream dreams
See them pluck bright pebbles out of circles in the stream
Life's not always like they tell you in the fashion magazines
When I set eyes on wonders, I've got to wonder what they mean

Outside in the starshine you can see beyond the wall
So take a look and tell me, can you hear those black holes call?
Everything is thunder under the celestial waterfall
You get close enough to real things, you don't need your self at all

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Cockburn, Bruce Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand Comments
  1. 414MrMilwaukee


  2. Alexander Chippel

    After 10 years I've finally found it.

  3. Jolly BeGood

    This was one of my favorite songs back then when I was young, pretty and popular. Guess it's one of my all-time favorites now. ❤ one of my favorite samples used, too. I'm a sucker for good sample. ❤

  4. Ezio Auditore

    Right after this I discovered Verve. Man, good times the late 1990s were mostly..

  5. The Pancake Reviewer

    The fuck is that title?

  6. Big Guy’s 45’s

    Included in the 2017 drama film, Super Dark Times. Great movie, takes place in 1996, includes high school age teens in a tragic situation.

  7. ThatLittleKitten

    Ffs why doesn't this have more views

    The Pancake Reviewer

    Maybe that title.

  8. Marxman1313

    Always did love this one.

  9. Michael Peterson Jr.

    This song takes me back between the last months of 1996 and into the early-mid months of 1997, when attending 6th grade middle school at 12 years old.

    Ice Karma

    In 1996 I was working my first job, after high school, and this was frequently on the radio.


    Me too, Michael.


    This song is one of the earliest ones I can remember hearing as a child. I would have been 4-5 years old during 96/97 when it was on the radio a lot. I refer to this song and a few others from about the 1996/1997 time frame that I remember as "Oklahoma songs" because my dad was stationed there (he was in the Air Force so we moved a few times throughout my childhood) from the summer of 1994 to summer 1997. So all of my memories from my very early childhood are from when I lived there. All of those "Oklahoma songs" just remind me so much of spending time with my parents and brother, visiting my grandparents, going to preschool and gymnastics class, and playing outside on warm summer nights. Those were great times.