Cockburn, Bruce - No Footprints Lyrics

Mist hangs above hills
Above mist hangs stone face of mountain
Above mountain face hangs a net of sky
Crack! there are wings and they rip the net
And the dance flows on
Everything flows toward the rim of that
Shining cup

Crossed sticks lie on earth
Between crossed sticks, pile of ash
Something rises on the wisp of smoke
Dog's feet move by fast
And the dance flows on
Everything flows toward the rim of that
Shining cup

Through these channels, words
I want to touch you
Touch you deep down
Where you live
Not for power but
Because I love you
Love the Lord
And in Him love me too
And in Him go your way
And I'll be right there with you
No footprints when we go
No footprints when we go
Only where we've been, a faint and fading glow...

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Cockburn, Bruce No Footprints Comments
  1. copycoonie

    Ah . needed this

  2. Robert Davidson

    Amazingly good acoustic album one I never get tired of listening to his best acoustic album ...

  3. MWL4466

    Had this with me while I hiked around Stanley Park in B.C. years ago..
    I thought I was in heaven.

  4. RobH Heinbecker

    Though I wish I had discovered his music earlier, I would've been 9 when this was released and had busied myself with a pencil eraser trying clean off the scratches on my Fleetwood Mac Rumours album. So maybe I wouldn't have been ready.

  5. Rebecca Helen

    Still one of my go to LP's for comfort and inspiration. "Everything flows toward the rim of that shining cup".........thanks for all the inspiration, Bruce.