Cockburn, Bruce - Live On My Mind Lyrics

See you standing in the door against the dark
Fireflies around you like a crown of sparks
You blow me a kiss that blurs my vision
Blurs the human condition

You're the ocean ringing in my brain
You are my island ripe with cane
Catch the scent of strange flowers when you pass
Fluid motion like the wind in grass

It's your eyes I want to see
Looking into mine
Got you live on my mind
All the time

Light me like incense in the night
Light me like a candle burning bright
Light me like a searchlight in the sky
Time means nothing when I look in your eyes

It's your eyes I want to see
Looking into mine
Got you live on my mind
All the time

It's your eyes I want to see
Looking into mine
Got you live on my mind
All the time

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Cockburn, Bruce Live On My Mind Comments
  1. Paul Marcroft

    Just fabulous!

  2. Robert Davidson

    This album was criticised by critics as not so good I disagree ...

  3. bob cummings

    In tears again.Thanks Bruce you've done it again

  4. Bajoobie Cuzican

    This one... chills me up and down my spine. Makes me hunger for a lover to experience such beautiful depth with. 10/1/2018

    bob cummings

    Can understand what you mean

  5. Stevie Stevie

    Amazing Song

  6. aliasdyln33

    And still today . . . he's got us live on his mind. All the time.

  7. porridgesilt

    Down votes? Blasphemy!

  8. Jen S.

    I think that this album showed his artistic maturity. Poetic lyrics, a good pace, and serious but with less of the heavy political statements of his earlier albums. So much beauty in this that it's easy to bliss out to it.


    Wow, you stated that so well. I so agree. I guess he's just live on our minds . . . all the time.


    Wonderfully put. It's still one of my favourite albums by him. Cheers!

  9. Jen S.

    This is such an excellent song from a superb album.

  10. james elliott

    Breakfast in New Orleans dinner in Timbuktu

  11. Charles Deeds

    the deciding factor is truth, and it will likely hurt. At 50, I dont need guessing.  look around... do you see a harmonious outcome? Peace, discuss please...


    This song takes me back to Brooklyn, NY, nursing my soul through the breakup with one of the great loves of my life, my love lost, my grief, but that album was joyful, too, and sustained me through breakup, depression & recovery. I can actually feel what I felt then, the song brings it back. Deep breath..................and let it go. Ahhhhhhhh.......

    Bajoobie Cuzican

    I feel it too.

    Frank Clive

    Music has that power, especially when it comes from troubadours like Bruce

  13. moonlitme

    Thom-are you really at Lake Tahoe?

  14. Peter Hill

    Mine too.

  15. jupiter1014

    such beauty in song writing Sends me to the sacred world of Love

  16. Jim Burnham

    Nice turning/tuning to the vibes of the great eternal

  17. 00Indy

    This song seems to me to be the meeting place of all that is love, mind, body and spirit. To me though, above all, I see how this is an encounter with God, and that encounter makes possible understanding, experiencing love so fully. I am so perpetually grateful for this song.

  18. moonlitme

    @loonaverse there are so many, too!

  19. derhandtrommler

    This is so sensual. It gives me goosebumps. I can absolutely picture everything he talks about. What a beautiful song about a beautiful woman.


    derhandtrommler His imagery has always been the best. he can paint a pictures with words like none other.

  20. loonaverse

    time means nothing when i look in your eyes. yes, another one of Bruce's best love songs ever written

  21. Jennifer J Gooding

    This is my favorite Bruce song ever.

  22. moonlitme

    this could be my favorite of his. thanks for posting.