Cockburn, Bruce - Laughter Lyrics

A laugh for the way my life has gone
A laugh for the love of a friend
A laugh for the fools in the eyes of the world
The love that will never end
Ha ha ha...

Let's hear a laugh for the man of the world
Who thinks he can make things work
Tried to build the new Jerusalem
And ended up with new york
Ha ha ha...

A laugh for the sun redballing
Through the thermal inversion haze
A laugh for the nuclear good-time boys
Numbering all our days
Ha ha ha...

A laugh for the newsprint nightmare
A world that never was
Where the questions are all "why?"
And the answers are all "because"
Ha ha ha...

A laugh for the dogs barking at our heels
They don't know where we've been
A laugh for the dirty window pane
Hiding the love within
Ha ha ha...

Tapping our feet to an ancient tune
A laugh for the time gone by
A laugh for me and kitty in the delivery room
Waiting for the child's first cry
Ha ha ha...

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Cockburn, Bruce Laughter Comments
  1. Sean Smith

    I happen to like New York.

    Francis Madigan

    Ha ha ha

  2. Stella Ercolani

    Thanks for this terrific pick.

  3. Stella Ercolani

    He's a wonderful poet!

  4. Don Squires

    I heard it at Peggy's house one night,,,You are the dude Bruce...

  5. lou apicella

    bobbie k    you out there ?

  6. dean b

    "I laugh for the dirty windowpane, hiding the love within.." Love his lyrics.

  7. karen saville


  8. Daniel Clutch Bielski

    Love it... "...thru the thermal inversion haze"... Only Bruce!

  9. RobMacKendrick

    'Nother Canadian poet of devastating turn of phrase. Must be something in the water.

  10. denmanfit

    Great song!

  11. 42awww

    Thank you so much for posting this little gem!!

  12. GlenAnne99

    :) What a brilliant song this is! Yep...ha ha :) Love it!

  13. hotheadedjoelhaha

    Thanks! How timely for the days we are in.

  14. Sandy Gritt

    Mine too. Love this song and haven't heard it since my record player broke. Thanks.

  15. Lyndon Brown

    Thank you for this. One of my favorites from the master.