Cochran, Eddie - Twenty Flight Rock Lyrics

Oh well, I've got a girl with a record machine
When it comes to rockin' she's the queen
We love to dance on a Saturday night
All alone, I can hold her tight
But she lives in a twentiest floor up town
The elevator's broken down

So I walked one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I started to drag
Fifteenth floor I'm ready to sag
Get to the top, I'm too tired to rock

When she calles me up on the telephone
Said c'mon over honey, I'm all alone
I said baby, you're mighty sweet
But I'm in the bed with a achin' feet
This went on for a couple of days
But I couldn't stay away

So I walked one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I'm ready to drag
Fifteenth floor I started to sag
Get to the top, I'm too tired to rock

Well, they sent to Chicago for repairs
Till it's a-fixed I'm using the stairs
Hope they hurry up before it's too late
Want my baby too much to wait
All this climbin' is gettin' me down
They'll find my corpse draped over a rail

But I climbed one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I'm ready to drag
Fifteenth floor I started to sag
Get to the top, I'm too tired to rock

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Cochran, Eddie Twenty Flight Rock Comments
  1. roland johansson

    Eddie, only 17 (or 18) and already in the major league of RnRoll. I'm lost of words.

  2. joey manson

    The Maid was the only one who knew how to groove to this Rock.
    Not sure if to be offended or back handily proud of Black Hollywood flr a major Win. Looking back then stuffy corpaorate white folk were lame .😄

  3. HarryWebb46

    American Superman!

  4. Newzionis

    Jayne Mansfield looks more bouncy than Mariska Hargitay

  5. Bearlogg

    People mourning xxtenations and my slow ass is here mourning this guy.
    He died way to young man.

  6. Martijn Stuart

    So weird that Eddie Cochran and Jayne Mansfield both died in car accidents

  7. T Hoot

    I love this era so much, such a gentleman, the songs are so innocent but they represent such frustration in the era there’s nothing sleazy about it. Eddie died far too young and little did he know the influence he’d have on modern music. RIP legend

  8. Tejas Sabnis

    If this song wouldn't have existed, then there would be no Beatles today.

  9. Pierre Lalonde

    So cool, one of the best, who is the girl dancing??

  10. Hervé GARZENNE

    Le meilleur !!!

  11. Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    I dunno - anyone see the very close similarities between Cochran and Johnny Depp's performance as the Hot Rodding, Rock `n Rolling Rebel in Cry-Baby? Blonde Bombshell, Jane Mansfield's part played by sultry seducer good-bad girl Traci Lords in the same movie.

  12. ITILII

    Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran, both died so young and tragically....2 of the strongest influences on the Quarrymen, later named The Beatles, in honor of Buddy Holly and The crickets.... by their most famous fan, John Lennon

  13. Mark Markofkane

    Coolest of the cool. Another that was gone too soon.

  14. Hussein Hussein

    Jayne Mansfield....I'm melting like chocolate

  15. leeb127

    Jayne Mansfield! ( . )( . )

    Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    or this - ) (i) ( = 8====D- - -

  16. Webly Pug

    It's been reported that Jane's kids were easily recognizable from the stretch marks on their lips.

  17. Francesco Alcozer

    Subscription ... 3061 ...! *ROCKABILLY* in the style of *Paul PIgat*

  18. Francesco Alcozer

    Certainly Eddie Cochran was one of the most important representative artists of Rockabilly. Cordial greetings. *ROCKABILLY* in the style of *Elvis Presley*

  19. kc Cox

    WOW! This guy would have been strong competition for Elvis Presely.💕

    John Stewart

    Not really.

  20. DLeCo

    Boy can play.....and look at dem cans!

  21. jmack619

    Was waiting for Jane to bust a move, but I guess the sweater wouldn't be able to take it.

  22. BtGo63

    gee i play along with eddie on my ole accoustic,boy this guy rocks fast!

  23. teddy1066

    Eddie = God

  24. 315cbgb

    vengo de parte de paul jajajaj saludos

  25. Yessid Moreno Yo Me Llamo Elvis Presley

    It seems like Young ELVIS. Don't you think so?

  26. AJ the Marauder

    Died young like Buddy Holly and James Dean...

  27. burstcasino

    Hey restore the version of Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-Lua" from this movie.

  28. DLeCo

    Boy could play

  29. ITILII

    What a video ! Eddie singing the song that got Paul into The Beatles, playing that Gretsch, Jayne Mansfield...and that maid knew great music when she heard it....steppin' !!!!!

  30. Lucky Luke

    Brian Setzer would make Eddie proud

  31. Ana Luiza

    Very nice... Eddie is the best

  32. Christopher Howells

    He sounds a bit like Elvis Presley.

  33. Andy Sandel

    Absolutely Excellent Classic Outstanding Genius Of Masterpiece Totally Classic Of All-time Still Outstanding To This Day As It Was On Its First Release
    Thank You For Sharing This Superb Classic 🎙🎸🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  34. George Martin

    blonde with huge massive hooters and the dancing nigra woman

  35. Bill Misko

    the song Paul McCartney played for John Lennon the day  he met him

  36. Cristian QuitoRockyRoll-The BEATLES

    grande Eddie;un idolo;viva el rock and roll;Eddie Cochran vive en micorazon😍😍😍😍🎸🤘🤘

  37. Hayden Walker

    God her bazookers are divine

  38. Joseph Loehr

    Rock and Mmmmmm, Jayne!

  39. Marco Evans

    You do realize that's George Clooney 😈

  40. Jim Johnston

    some offbeat car accident did him in...

  41. Marty G

    Who came first, Eddie or Elvis?

  42. Buffy Summers

    Paul McCartney brought me here

  43. Jacob Carrera

    Who the hell is the blonde she’s gorgeous

  44. Sam Daniele

    Is he just copying Elvis? Or is it just cayse of the eras trend

  45. Roker Carlos


  46. actaruce richy

    elvis can't play guitar like that

  47. clarine sherine

    when man was really gentleman, love 50s and rip eddie

  48. IraqiQanasu قناص عراقي

    the song of sir Paul McCartney

  49. Actors317

    Thank you Paul McCartney for introducing me to Eddie Cochran's music.

    Théoxème Cornélius

    In my case, it was Richard Hawley 😉 That tells us how important Eddie Cochran's music is!


    Thank you Eddie, for writing the song that got Paul into The Beatles !!!

  50. Athena Minerva

    That was the time when the US was worthy of respect. I really despise this idiot in the footage who shouted at and was arrogant towards the lady. American culture is so full of enslavement.

  51. Angelo Lopez

    forgive me for not being all too familiar, but did eddie copy elvis’ style or the other way around?

    Mark Esquivel Arvizu

    Elvis was the first big hit that other labels wanted copies of....Eddie, Ricky Nelson, Gene Vincent, Tommy Steele, Richie Valens...not to say any were less talented than he was.

  52. Stream of Consciousness

    He looks like he's going to crush himself, or wrap himself up in a ball like a armadillo.

    They really tried to get the Elvis eyes on him.

  53. Slomofogo

    "I'm too tired to COCK!"

  54. McEdon Matt

    That Blond Rocks :)

  55. NYC girl

    Fantastic video. According to John Lennon Paul Mccartney played this song when they first met & John was so impressed he asked Paul to join the band who became "The Beatles".

  56. D'angelo Russell

    Paul McCartney played this when he met John for the first time right?

    Diego Fernandez

    They also snuck for a screening of this movie when they were teens


    Eddie Cochran is beater than xxxtentacion

  58. Debra Parry

    Rockabilly classic

  59. Trevor Taylor

    Whooo-eeee... They just don't make big ol'e BOOBIES like them two rockers anymore.!!!

    Clifftonic Studios

    Lol then you have not met my wife lol. Everything we have 50s car etc apart from the PC it's hidden. Shw wears good old pointy bras stockings the lot .

  60. johnny rotten

    Nice tits

  61. Roast

    Why does the maid have to be black ?

  62. im annonymous

    Whats the movie again? .Jane Mansfield!!!

    Craig Yates

    The girl cant help it!

  63. Enter Valhala

    I like how the slave started dancing

    M. Alex

    The slave?
    Thats a little bit harsh word

  64. fjbutch

    Is that Jane Mansfield ?...

  65. pigurine

    Minnesota boy!

  66. pigurine

    He was as good as Buddy Holley

  67. pigurine

    Damn he was good!

  68. DreamRubycon

    That guitar would be worth a mint now.

  69. don hopkins

    La bamba brought me here.

  70. rock roll

    He rocks the hollow body is almost as cool as him

  71. Philippe LEBLANC

    Sacré Eddie

  72. C-KRET LAB-Z

    They had to cut out his neck for being too erotic.

  73. window creek

    Eddie and Elvis had lots in common...Great rock n roll. Cheers.

  74. Mark Markofkane

    Gone way too soon!! He was a gas!

  75. Francesco Alcozer

    Like .... Thumb Up ... 8653 ....! SUMMERTIME BLUES (Eddie Cochran - Guitar version)

  76. George Brown

    He's only 16 years old ...

    Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    Hell, he looks like he's 45!

    Thomas Pappalardo

    Lindsey Allison Westhaven You have clearly never seen an adult before

    Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    @Thomas Pappalardo ?!?!?!...... }8-/D``````` ppphhhssssst!

    Ola Hansen

    @Thomas Pappalardo He sure looks older than 18, come on man.

    Thomas Pappalardo

    Ola Hansen He looks like a kid. Just with a bit way too much eyeliner on lol

  77. SHYBA

    Remember the real KING.

  78. JoM0BX

    He died at age 21. Imagine what could have been if he didn’t get in that car accident. Rock ‘n Roll would be completely different.


    Way too many rock n rollers died too young

  79. andré egault

    encore un très bon

  80. Heppest of The Hep

    Remembering amazing singer-song writer and musician Eddie Cochran! 59 years today since his passing in a tragic car accident...

  81. Mind On Photgraphy

    Did the Beatles love THIS ... really?

  82. Thomas Workman

    Prestley, Cochrane, Vincent, Holly and Fats - these guys were life changing

    Caz Gerald

    Chuck, Little Richard, Bo, Jerry Lee?

  83. pukkie500

    nice good music

  84. Eleştiren Adam Yılmaz

    2:05 xD xD Hahahaha

  85. k brooks

    I visited the place recently where eddie died in Bath, there is quite a large plaque on a plinth there. The taxi driver was speeding which caused the crash, so young.

  86. Ruy José

    Jeanne Mansfield Beautiful\®/
    Salute do Brasil

  87. Juan Jiménez

    the performance is kinda an elvis presley parody


    I don't think you know what you're talking about

  88. michael hester

    Best Rockabilly/RockandRoll song ever.Paul knew the words exactly,thats why John said lets play!

  89. BuffaloSpringsteen

    Go, daddy, go!

  90. Joseph Loehr

    Get that Slap-Back Echo, make a MILLION BUCKS! THIS is Rock and Roll!!!

  91. Ron Cooney

    As Dick Cavett once wrote for Jack Parr to introduce Jayne Mansfield:
    "Here THEY are -- ladies and gentlemen -- Jayne Mansfield!"

  92. Ann D.H.

    Robert Gordon does amazing version of this song

  93. BullToTheShit

    My God, could Elvis have been anymore influential?

  94. Leonardo Ribeiro

    I wanted to be an Elvis Presley, but it was awkward and strange.


    Amour Souvenirs FRANCE !

  96. Patty Hays

    Pretty good Elvis impersonation...


    That was a popular style of dance at the time, and I don't think you know what you're talking about.

    Clifftonic Studios

    @Ducky No they dont mate.

  97. Paul Frantizek

    Love that big orange Gretsch.

  98. amerocker

    Jayne Mansfield was prettier than Marilyn Monroe.

    Klaas J

    They are both pretty. Look for pictures of Monroe of the mid 40's, you will be amazed.

  99. Frank Lopez

    I knew it was Jane she was soo hot