Cochran, Eddie - Three Stars Lyrics

Look up in the sky, up towards the north
There are three new stars, brightly shining forth
They're shining oh so bright, from heaven above
Gee we're gonna miss you, everybody sends their love

Ritchie, you were just starting to realize your dreams
Everyone calls me a kid, but you were only seventeen
Now almighty God has called you, oh so far away
Maybe it's to save some boy or girl, who might have gone astray
And with your star shining through the dark and lonely night
To light the path and show the way, the way that's right
Gee we're gonna miss you, everybody sends their love

Buddy, I can still see you with that shy grin on your face
Seems like your hair was always a little messed up, kinda out of place
Now not many people actually knew you, or understood how you felt
But just a song from, just a song from you could make the coldest heart melt
Well, you're singing for God now, in his chorus in the sky
Buddy Holly, I'll always remember you, with tears in my eyes
Gee we're gonna miss you, everybody sends their love

I see a stout man, the Big Bopper's your name
God called you to heaven, maybe for new fortune and fame
Keep wearing that big Stetson hat, and ramble up to the mic
And don't forget those wonderful words, "you know what I like"

Look up in the sky, up towards the north
There are three new stars, brightly shining forth
They're shining oh so bright, from heaven above
Gee we're gonna miss you, everybody sends their love

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Cochran, Eddie Three Stars Comments
  1. Kensley Kidd

    there death especially Buddy Hollys death makes me cry stiil because JP Ritchie and Buddy left to soon

  2. Sweet Memories

    Tribute songs to Eddie Cochran:
    The Stage-Waylon Jennings
    I'm Alright-Charlie Gracie
    Eddie-Marty Wilde
    Just Like Eddie-Heinz
    We'll Be Together Again-Sharon Sheeley (unreleased)

  3. Nick Rudd

    Is it wrong to cry?

  4. Walker Parisien

    You don’t hear music like this nowadays G we are going to miss you

  5. Kirby Johnson

    Great song Eddie. R.I.P. Eddie God took you to soon.

  6. Kirby Johnson

    Heaven must have a hell of a band !

  7. Montana Roots

    60 Years they’ve been gone but the never died and never will..Like Beethoven, Mozart, Elvis, Harrison, Lennon, Mercury, Bach, Martin, Davis, and Sinatra, etc it is timeless. We might’ve lost the men here on Earth. But we’ll always have their work to enjoy.

  8. MadManOnARock

    These four stars along with elvis who toured with with buddy big bopper and Ritchie valens made the way music is today
    I was brought up to sound and music of the great men.
    And still listen to there music every day.
    God bless then

  9. rte66byhd

    ironic that within a year eddie would die a prematue, violent death.

  10. Goo Goo

    ThErE R 4 StArZ N0w....... everyone in the comments

  11. Sven Karlsson

    i have ask myselfe many times why didnt they stop on the hotel instead off go away in that terrible wheather conditions that was that ninght

  12. Lucky Luke

    It’s beautiful, the meaning of the song. We miss you all. R.I.P.

  13. Asko Varjorinne

    We miss you all, allways!

  14. al rae

    simply THE BEST

  15. Kevin Connolly

    Showaddywaddy made this song famous in 1975. RIP Eddie, Buddy, Richie and the Big Bopper.

  16. Jan Frostrand

    Fantastic music, still top after so many years!

  17. Ed TheStrange

    This always brings a tear to my eye

  18. Al The C

    Even better than Tommie Dee's version. Dedicated to the late Buddy, Richie and Bopper. One of the worse days in Rock and Roll history.....Feb 3, 1959

  19. Alexandra

    Ugh that part💔 when Eddie Cochran’s voice cracks while singing Buddy Holly I’ll always remember you, with tears in my eyes 😢

    Sweet Memories

    Eddie's had the idea that this song should be released as a charity record to help the families of his deceased friends, but Liberty Records decided not to,so It was shelved and released a few years later after Ed passed away. He really struggled during the recording. Bless Him, he was a Sweetheart!

  20. Brent Woods

    Good song

  21. davethecurrymonster

    Eddie cochran.
    A legend like many of the great rock n roll artists taken way to young.
    May you all r.i.p and ty for all those fabulous songs still sounding Great in
    2019 😀

  22. Robbie Rob

    I read somewhere that these 3 were not your average Rock n Rollers .. Buddy Holly was a shy Nerdy guy, Ritchie a Hispanic, Big popper heavy set so to be where they were at that point in their life was because they truly had amazing talent.. I’m sure they would have gone far in their careers.. and very tragic Eddie Cochran fears of dying young as well is exactly what happened.. Rip all 4

  23. Carolyn Lighthart

    60 years ago and here in Canada we have a good view of the stars and I see this group of four which are very bright and I think of them as Buddy Bopper Richie and Eddie loved the music a part of when I was young

  24. Johannes Butz

    Now, I know Eddie was very close to Buddy and Richie, but the line "you know what I like" referring to JP's Chantilly Lace always gets me very deep

  25. Sam Eyers

    I'm watching this on the anniversary of it being recorded. RIP Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Richie and Eddie.

  26. lance mckellar

    27 dislikes. What an insult!

  27. lance mckellar

    Never heard this before. Sixty years ago today. 😓

  28. Goran Putnik

    IN MEMORIAM - 60 godina...
    BUDDY HOLLY - September 7. 1936 – February 3. 1959.
    THE BIG BOPPER - October 24. 1930 – February 3. 1959.
    RITCHIE VALENS - May 13. 1941 – February 3. 1959.

  29. Sergio Grimaldo

    I wish there was an actual video of Eddie recording this great song

  30. Ed TheStrange

    60 years ago today we lost these three stars. Rest in peace.

  31. maragret Downs

    Beautiful Song xxxx

  32. ManMonkey600

    I love this version much more than Tommy Dee's. I think it's because you can just hear the sadness in Eddie's voice. Sucks he to met a an early demise...such amazing talents all gone way way to soon.

  33. RychleTube

    The day the music died happened 60 years ago. February 3rd 1959-2019.

  34. Pkia 1050

    Never forgotten.

  35. matt andrews

    60 years today , the day the music died

  36. Lidice Garza

    Very emotional song, it touches my heart deeply

  37. zorenxam

    Tomorrow is 60 years.☹☹☹

  38. Robert Reynolds

    If there's a rock and roll heaven,
    Well you know they've got a hell of a band!

  39. The Lost Rock n Roll Wop Soul Of the 1950s 1960s

    Sadly that Eddie Cochran passed away too the 1950s 60s had its ups and downs because too many musicians passed away who where great musicians people human beings humble who supported their families and put their hometown on the map because they were unknown in each region and in the states who listened to different music they didn’t have technology but they sang for people and generations hope they understand how difficult it was to tour

  40. daboys1215

    People forget that Roger Peterson (as ill-equipped he was to fly that plane) also died in that horrible crash. Then there is a little one who never had a chance at life. Buddy's wife, Maria Elena was pregnant. She miscarried shortly after Buddy's death. RIP to all of them.

  41. iHeart Gaming and Whose Line

    man this was basically the pre-american pie

  42. Phayzyre105

    Sad. You can definitely hear the pain in his voice of losing his friends. 😥

  43. Nikolay Yanev

    Eddie's pain when he sing this song!This is so sad 😢😢😢

  44. Nikolay Yanev

    I am 15 years old boy from Bulgaria and Rock'n'Roll is my life!I am crying now😭😭😭RIP LEGENDS

  45. Wendell Moreno

    😞 ouvindo aqui no BRASIL

  46. Zach Evans

    I heard him sad!!!

  47. rockonthestone 64

    One of the very few tracks that have actually made me tear up (more than once). I'm a huge fan of all three of em.
    But what makes me the most emotional is Cochrans performance. Especially on the second verse.

  48. Matt571

    I am surprised there was no proper tribute song to Eddie after he tragically died.

  49. Beatle Fan

    Bawling 😭😭😭😭

  50. HarryWebb46

    Surely Eddie was the biggest loss? History will recall that Eddie's monumental influence on what would become the British Invasion bands of the 1960's into America was beyond question!

    The Fonz

    HarryWebb46 get real. He wasn’t ten percent the influence that Holly was. Take Holly out of the picture and you don’t have a Lennon, McCartney, Clapton, Jagger, Elton John et al. Cochran was a third rate Elvis and didn’t write his own material. Not comparable at all.


    @The Fonz That's TOTAL BS! You are clearly infatuated by the the Ghost of Elvis Presley! ! am not. I now see him for what he was, a manufactured record company money machine! Eddie was the real deal!

  51. Guy Furet

    Eddie Cochran was killed in just 1 year and 2 months after the loss of Buddy, RItchie and J.P RIchardson (Big Bopper)

  52. weirdwizzard 72

    It's really putting shivers down my spine, keeping in mind that soon he would join them.

  53. Amanda Hunter

    no surrender

  54. tonyajw85

    I heard that Richie told his people to never release this song. So it went unheard by the public until after his death, when the record company put it out (sometime in the early 60's).

  55. Loretta Najarian

    This is a gorgeous song Eddie Cochran full of emotion and sadness after Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper died. Sadly, Eddie followed shortly after. I remember that The Beatles were so excited to be perfoming with Eddie on his Britain tour. They were fsns of his and they were devastated. Side note.... Paul got into John's band in 1959 by playing and singing Twenty Flight Rock.

    Don Pierson

    Loretta Najarian song was written by Tommy Dee

  56. Devon Blue

    rock n roll is here to stay. no more words to be said rest in peace boys everyone sends thier love always

  57. Dee Jay AKA A Dj

    Omigosh I have Sirius Xm on and La Bamba is playing!!!

  58. StagPreston

    Tommy Dee did the original version and had a small hit with it.

  59. Mark Lanzarotta

    Very moving and heartfelt.

  60. kevin flanagan

    What a beautiful song in memory of those young rock n roll stars and Eddie did them proud. Gee were gonna miss you all :,-( the song may have ended but the melody linger's on.

  61. Peter Prest

    yeah the tragic events that night altered rock n roll forever and though budy was my fave i still loved the songs of richie and the big boper and eddie will be singing along in heaven an awesome foursome

  62. albas life

    There a four stars now Eddie Cochran is my favorite singer ever music back then is way better then now who agrees

    Brian Binks

    Didnt showaddywaddy do three steps to heaven Not three stars Both great songs though

  63. David Gamboa

    We lost Eddie 1 year later

  64. David Gamboa

    Ima cry!!!

  65. Buddy Holly

    58 years ago today! Rip

  66. Ray Ellery

    3rd february,1959 buddy holly ,ritchie, big bopper was taken from us, i was a teenager then and eddie cochran sung three stars,eddie was killed a little later at chippenham,wilts and there ia a momorial at rowden hill, chippenham, thanks for all the pleasure you have given us all these years and the music has not faded away,that ,ll be the day

  67. Robb F

    Eddie Cochran so sad that you followed them too soon as well.

    Payton King

    Robb F s

  68. geezersinc

    Multiple takes had to be done on this song as Cochran kept breaking down. The release was put together from the various takes.

  69. TheDestroyer 789

    I always get sad when he sings about Ritchie. Can someone please tell me why I feel so close to Ritchie I akways have been since I was growing up. I am not joking I feel like Ritchie was my brother.

  70. TheDestroyer 789

    It's Four stars not three stars because Eddie passed away just a few years later in a car crash. Rest peace boys. Rocking in the heavens above


    he died the next year. sad

    TheDestroyer 789

    And they will be remembered they are gone but not forgotten.


    That is sacred Rocknroll death, better than a cancera. All stars let behind them a nice body ans pure rocknroll soul.

  71. TonyG

    if you could listen closely, you could hear someone pad him in his back at 02:20

    Tyler Lee

    tonylocs13 Yeah i heard it too

    David Coyle

    If that was a "pat on the back" it was a damn hard one to be so audible on the recording.

  72. Dethorath

    you can tell how broken up Cochran is mentioning valens and holly :'(

  73. Scott Marcil

    When I hear this song it makes me feel like this wasn't long ago. I'm sure it will always be like this.Forever they live on

  74. Teddy Leather

    What a great tune and tribute!! two greasy thumbs way up !!

  75. torche sound

    4 stars now Eddie. R.I.P. guys

  76. Ron Remy

    what the hell are you guys talking about? Me and a friend had a very nice dinner and visit with Eddie back about 1990! what the hell?

    Nick Bradforth

    Ron Remy maybe that was Brian Setzer.

  77. King Z

    he was only 17 ritchie valens

  78. jimboy302

    So sad the way they left us


    Yep; the truly sad thing is that it was so preventable.

  79. Fiona Dyer

    still makes me cry to hear this

    Cheeseman Entertainment

    Same here fiona, even Eddie was tearing up during the recording of this song coz Buddy and Ritchie were his best friends, though it's kind of ironic that he made this song and then died in a car accident a year later making it four stars now

    Rosalee Zephier

    Cheesy Tube Eddie Cochran Big Bopper Richie Valens and Buddy Holley are in heaven talking to each other now there are four stars making it five stars when Elvis Presley dies in 1977

    Cheeseman Entertainment

    well yeah in fact bill haley is also up there with them

  80. colin oakes

    so many stars up there now

  81. colin oakes

    i miss them all

  82. Honest Cannabish

    I don't like him because of his looks but for his respect

  83. Honest Cannabish

    Every night I cry into my pillow wishing that they wher hear because I love Ritchie Valenzuela and I'm only 10😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😗😗😘😘😘

  84. Honest Cannabish


  85. Blepbloop Bleeplop

    Rest in peace, beautiful souls... Four stars, now.

    Colton Falletti

    If you mean Eddie Cochran as #4, then you are correct.

  86. Daniel Nazario

    I only wish we could have had them here on earth for a little longer. their music meant so much to so many. now when I look at the stars, I'll look for buddy Ritchie jp, and eddie.

  87. hunchbacked

    With Eddie Cochran himself dying the following year in a stupid car accident, that makes 4.


    gee, he was in a car with Gene Vincent. i really do start to think that that was some kind of planned murders of all rock'n'roll stars

    jimmie Roan

    it was voodoo hoodoo from the deep south, down around the Mississippi swamp lands, some democrats got together and paid this voodoo priestess big bucks to get rid of any country singers that were loved too much, dam i think shes afte r the fanslllllllllllllllllllllllllsxkZ too, she already got me boys,,ive lost control in fingers lk

    s to take out all the

  88. Louise M

    this song is so sad when you hear the words but i love it ty and yes Eddie is singing it with with his sorrow heard in his voice

  89. Al Lps

    57 Years Ago today we lost all three of those stars. Shine Bright forever.


    56 takes another.

    lance mckellar

    60 years today. ♥️🌷🌷🥀🌹

    Shawn Malone

    It's 60 years now. 1959-2019!


    3 February 2016 .
    “Shall we mourn here deedless forever a shadow-folk mist-haunting dropping vain tears in the thankless sea” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion .
    Let us remember when the world bright, and "Rock" was fun, Will


    RIP ... all 4 of you... on this anniversary...

  92. Genny Mikel

    Its so horrible that these talented young men died such awefull young deaths.  Modern musicians cant match the kind of talent and ability they had, inventing new material and creating work.  I hear some rapper thinking he's talented but he cant make his yelling and monotonous drone compare to someone like this.

    Tien Nguyen

    Yeah, isn't it ironic how rap rats, oops, 'stars' kill themselves and each other. Long live real music, Pre-rap/slop/hop and 'new' country.

    Lucky Luke

    Not just ultra talented, it great human beings.

  93. Simon & Garfunkel

    This event had badly shaken Eddie, (Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens were some of Eddie's best friends) he was even going to give up going on tours, because he believed that he would also die on one. Sadly, he was right and died  in a car crash that occurred at 11:50 p.m. in Bath, England. The man driving the taxi was speeding and the cab had blown a tire, lost control, and crashed into a lamp post. Eddie was sitting in the center of the back seat and he threw himself over his fiancée, Sharon Sheeley, to protect her. He was then ejected from  the car when the door flew open. Eddie died the next day at 4:10 p.m. in the St. Martin's Hospital. Sharon and singer, Gene Vincent survived the crash as well as the driver, who was fined £50, suspended from driving for 15 years, and went to jail for six months. I was able to go to the rock 'n roll hall of fame last weekend, and I got to see one of Eddie's shirts, and his guitar as well. Eddie will always be in our hearts.


    Rowden Hill Chippenham, Wiltshire. There is a memorial plaque near the crash site. Google have got it wrong.

    Ivan Pleschner

    not many people here but me (17 in these days) & some friends listened their songs by American Forces Network - army radio in Munchen, West Germany. Just over the Iron courtain. I.P., Prague CZ.

    Baxter Knievel

    Gene Vincent was tough sailor & rocker he had been survived 2 road accident even thought make him limped for the rest of his life

    rob rees

    Janu Kumoro he died in Bath at st martins hospital, the crash happened at rowden hill Chippenham

    Kieran O'Connor

    You just pasted this from Wikipedia ffs


    what a moving performance.

  95. Dillon Hunt

    I can only imagine the pain Eddie went through singing this song. Buddy and Ritchie were both close friends of his, and when they died, it really struck him hard. Even in this song, you can hear him breaking into tears, and it's sad to think not long after he recorded this song, he as well came to a tragic end. I guess there are four stars, now.


    SO TRUE.

    Devon Bott

    The plane crash happened February 3rd, Eddie recorded this song Feb. 5th, with profits intended for the families of the three. After the recording was finished however, Eddie told the producer he'd never record another song again if this were ever released.

    Rege Suchma

    Dillon Hunt they did a behind the music on buddy richie and the big bopper and the narrator said that eddie cochran never got over buddy’s death


    I can also imagine it has well, but you also have to applaud his bravery in singing this i am also hard song for him to record. You can tell it in his voice, somehow he never met the Big Bopper. And I bet when he learned of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens' death in the plane crash, it had to hit so hard. And now that are 4 as he died early too, and even younger then Budd Holly.

    Ian Meadows

    @Rege Suchma Buddy's wife never got over his death, she couldn't even go to his funeral in fact to this day she's never been to his grave.

  96. HarryWebb46

    Eddie was the biggest loss of all!

    Buddy Holly

    I doubt that bro Buddy was

    Grease Monkey

    I agree

    Matt Matthrix

    All of them was a big loss

  97. Randy Sheldrick

    Eddie and Buddy were good friends and he never listened to a Buddy Holly song after Buddy's passing till the day of his fatal crash. He always knew his ending

  98. enigmath

    I didn't know this was his last recording. Wow. I also just found out he was 22 as well, somehow I never noticed that. Dammit I'm already older than these guys.

    The Fonz

    enigmath it wasn’t.

  99. Paul Beard

    Lovely song that brings tears to the eyes.