Cochran, Eddie - Milk Cow Blues Lyrics

Well I woke up this morning, looked out the door
I could tell that was my milkcow, by the way that she lowed
So if you see my milkcow, please send her home
Well I ain't had no milk and butter
Ooh, since my cow's been gone

Tried everything baby, to get along with you
Now I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do
Gonna stop my cryin', leave you alone
If you don't think I'm leavin'
You just count the days I'm gone
'Cause you're gonna need me
Need your lovin' daddy one of these days
Yeah, and you gonna be oh-so-sorry you treated me this way

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Cochran, Eddie Milk Cow Blues Comments
  1. David Gurka

    Love this ...

  2. fennec Labaci


  3. Mike Deasy

    Recorded August 25, 1959 at Goldstar Studios, Hollywood, CA.

    Eddie Cochran - vocal, guitar, guitar overdubs
    Mike Deasy - rhythm guitar
    Jim Stivers - piano
    Dave Shriver - bass
    Gene Riggio - drums

    Matty Griffioen

    Most informative comment I read today!

    Sean Magee

    Remember Eddie from my college days. Like Buddy, Eddie was a sad loss- Great guitarist

    Sweet Memories

    Are you THE Mike Deasy?

  4. david young

    If Eddie would have lived, his guitar playing would of got even better, sad and unnecessary loss to the music world.

  5. Tina Patton

    Gretch King Cochran - Rockin' Rrrrrrattle Snake solo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Steve Bradley

    Gone but not forgotten

  7. Buddy Ollie

    Did he play the solo???

    Tina Patton

    Sho nuff Bud. Balin' wire-bendin' Eddie baby, and hear-ya he is 'Milk Cow' - Live!

  8. roland johansson

    Great, by my main man. He could play anything, and very good. # 1 in my 'book of Rock'n'Roll. But I am looking for that take/takes with studio chatter, false starts etc.. It is the best one I know, so damn cool. (Eddie invented cool, not saying it but being it) Eddie saying stuff like: "Ready Fellers", "Jeez guys..." and chatting with studio engineer Levine.

    Raymond Cunningham

    +roland johansson Have a listen to the lp record the Hollywood sessions there's a great out-take on it when he plays Strollin Guitar

    Axel Van Mechelen
    This is so freakin good!!

    Axel Van Mechelen

    I maybe be 14y old but man! I am born in the wrong century

    Sweet Memories

    @Axel Van Mechelen You have great taste in music. Eddie was a Brilliant musician.....

  9. Mauro Bueno

    puta som muito loko

  10. Gary Bentlage

    love eddie Cochran, amazing!  brian setzer was inspired by eddie Cochran. He was a very amazing guitarist!

  11. Ari Mitrani

    Guitar solo is amazing!

    Gary Bentlage

    @Ari Mitrani I agree, great solo!

    samuel johnson

    Ari Mitrani 😯
    I was really surprised to hear him sing real blues, boy got down!😯

  12. kkh369

    Amazing how young he was....

  13. Doxx Diggler

    RIP Eddie

  14. Rafael Reis

    elvis who, now?!

  15. TallicLizzy