Cochran, Eddie - Little Angel Lyrics

Deep in my heart there's a fear
And in my eyes you'll find a tear
I'm scared that I'm losing you
That's why I cry
If I should lose you, little angel, I'd die
Oh, little angel, I'd die

Oh-oh, I had a dream and you were gone
Without your love, I was alone
So don't ever leave me and don't say goodbye
If I should lose you, little angel, I'd die
Oh, little angel, I'd die

Deep in my heart, I have to know
Your love is true, don't ever go
So tell me I'm crazy to worry 'bout you
Tell me that your love, little angel, is true
Oh, that your love is true

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Cochran, Eddie Little Angel Comments
  1. HarryWebb46

    America's Finest!

  2. Graeme Smellie

    My wedding song

  3. Graeme Smellie

    My wedding song

  4. Graeme Smellie

    My Wedding song

  5. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est trop trop trop mimi j'adore 👍

  6. Mauro Bueno

    obrigado Eddie Cochran, sua musica e sensacional e apaixonante e você e eterno para nós seus Fãs

  7. Julie Reyes

    Greatest ever

  8. Holger Oppel

    Es ist die "Flip Side" der Liberty Single (F-55217) vom Nov. 59 A Seite ist Hallelujah, I Love Her So. Der Song war Auch Track auf der Liberty Lp "Never To Be Forgotten" von `62

  9. 1rafmertens

    the crownprince of rock 'n' roll

  10. Amanda Rodine

    my grandpa is playing the piano for Eddie in this song!

    Fernando Maron

    Your grandpa and Eddie are amazing. This is one of my all time favourites songs :)


    Who's your Grandpa? Was he the only piano player for Eddie?


    Amanda Rodine Your Grandpa did a terrific job sweetheart!

    Patria o Muerte

    Do you grandpa is Little Richard?

    Hell Bent

    Amanda Rodine - how kool, lucky he was

  11. Linda Hudspeth

    In April 1960, I was single and just love Eddie Cochran music, listening to it every chance I got..When I heard he was killed ,I was really sick over the news, For a long time I would not listen to any other music but his.

  12. HarryWebb46

    Rockabilly Superman!

  13. Michael Paddy

    What would he have achieved had he not passed away so young. The mind boggles 

  14. walt7500

    I prefer this version, never liked the Johnny Mann Singers back up. One of my many favorites.

  15. Dirk Diggler

    anyone who sits on the chords to this song?

  16. steve harvey

    Great Eddie Classic

  17. barnaba pinco

    the james dean of rock and roll....

  18. Clarice20081

    Eddie forever, i love his music

  19. Aux Caves d'Enghien

    One of the kings of rock'n'roll

  20. Edward Cochran

    He and His music is still with us and 1 day.................We will see Him again in Heaven!

  21. Mike Potvin

    Wahat a great song. Cochrane was one talented cat. I mourn the loss of this guy. Had this guy survived, along with Buddy Holly, music would have not changed the way it did in the 60's. THe stuff today is crap. As much as I love the Beatles, they opened up the door so that the garbage from the 70's could take hold.

  22. fagends57

    if you like eddie cochran listen to the instramental strolin guitar cant find it on cd but found it on limewire truly a classic eddie tune

  23. My car's on fire!

    He was waaaaay ahead of his time. Too bad he never got to hear the Beatles whom he influenced. He probably would've worked with them at one point.


    Can you explain 'ahead of time'? Does it involves a time machine?

    colin sludds

    @walt7500 it means he was far more advanced than most at that time.. His talent, ability, ideas were way a head of other's before they started to think the same way.. SMART ARSE 😉

  24. stacey41581

    what a voice,it gives me goose bumps!

  25. ukbarton

    Thanks so much for this.
    I have tried for months to find this track. I knew the words and melody but not the title. I can even remember him singing it.
    Eddie made so many good records and this is one of his best.


    Think in the UK it was b side of Summertime Blues

  26. old65rocker

    How right you are.

  27. dodge591

    thanks from sweden

  28. A.C. Acquafondata

    rock 'n' roll died in a taxi in 1960

  29. tony ryan

    thanks for your great songs eddie ,top rocies