Cochran, Eddie - I Remember Lyrics

I keep thinkin', hopin' and prayin'
That you will remember and come back to me
When you remember the happiness of our past
Do you think this heartache will last, remember, oh yes

If love's a game, for you can't win
Remember, I lost, losing you
If you find, in time, your love is mine
Come back, I'll be waiting for you

I keep thinkin', hopin' and prayin'
That you will remember and come back to me

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Cochran, Eddie I Remember Comments
  1. Peter Haynes


  2. Miguel Moreno

    Le robaron el tono a esta canción para escribir tus ojos de los yaki o los locos del ritmo que fueron los que la hicieron supuestamente

  3. PreGame

    I wonder IF these 1950s songs gonna do a comeback in 2050s .. 🤔🤔👌

    Shaun Garratt

    Certainly hope so!

  4. Chris Boyle

    Beautiful song and a beautiful car, but the convertible version is much better.

  5. Jean Bonnett

    The haunting. Voice of. The Great. Eddie. Cochran. Just great.

  6. john johnson

    So beautiful song

  7. Jeff Palmar

    His records were fantastic, self confidence oozes from the grooves.

  8. N Ferrer

    When I listen to this song, I can't help but think of my mother who suffers from dementia. She recently had a stroke and lost her ability to speak, move and eat on her own. I find some comfort every time I listen to this beautiful song by Eddie Cochran. So sad he died so young. R.I.P.

  9. walt7500

    Superb classic!

  10. Juann Costanzo

    Que autazooo!!!

  11. Rodolfo Aguirre

    Me encanta 59. Ford el 59 yo nací por eso me embrujo quisierasa encontrar un carro de mi tiempo solo parAr a pasear Haro que cumple.años de de 60 de vida de Rudy y diaz

  12. Bob Pegg

    My favorite song by Eddie!  Back in the days before record collecting trade shows came to the Pacific Northwest USA I met most of my fellow record collecting friends in second hand stores looking for records myself. One of the people I met at my local Tacoma Goodwill and I eventually got together and this was one that I really liked that he had, this was in 1971 12 years after Eddie recorded this. Not a rare record but in 1971 it was before I was really aware of the rarer records of this genre.

  13. Bianca Bagnolet

    excellent j'aime très très bien


    Mad' à Jo' ... oh ! Baisé de FRANCE le 18/02/18 Merci

  15. Павел Rave


  16. jeanpierre delfolie

    Super 👌 c'est magnifique toutes mes jeunes années

  17. Tark Z

    I ask Santa Claus for Christmas to bring me a Gretsch G6120 guitar !

  18. Jim Cushman

    Recorded January 17, 1959 at Gold Star Studios in L.A....GREAT song!!!

  19. Kathleen Northcott

    Love the song and well sung

  20. Mitchell Weycker

    So heartbreaking...thanks for the amazing music, Eddie. Love you.

    Douglas King

    oh good as it gets.......................
    ...doowop dougie

  21. john citizen

    I went to see Eddie, Ray price, Buddy Knox & the Rhythm Orchids ..1957 Albuquerque NM civic auditorium, I got there early and walked in the back door. They were just carrying instruments in....Eddie said hey ..wanna help? Sure,,, and I helped set everything the Doors opened, the girls rushed in with pen and pads in hand saying who is Eddie,,, he said "Right there" pointing to they began to play... I signed about dozen autographs as Eddie,,,he was playing drums and he grinned and winked at me! He was a very likable guy, great talent and could play about anything....he died in a car accident a few years later!


    Man, that is a cool old story. Being born in '63 I missed all that cool stuff but am thankful it still lives on via recordings

    Steve was a great story for sure.

    Fernando Maron

    He was the coolest cat for sure, all stories about him confirms me that, you're a very lucky dude, thanks for sharing this with us other Eddie's fans.

    MrBlyat 0

    So lucky you were

    Sweet Memories

    That sounds like Ed, alright. What a Sweetheart. Thanks for sharing.

  22. wrotenwasp

    Hell, Elvis ain't got shit on Eddie Cochran. For such a short career, he's definitely in the top 5 of the greatest rockers of the late 50s- early 60s.

  23. Mike Sullivan

    Acoustics and sound engineering are otherworldly in this and his other tracks. All of his music just sounded heavenly louder

  24. im the count

    " Tus ojos"

  25. im the count

    2;oo, it's a 1959 Ford Fairlane.

  26. irisheyes4you

    Jesus I didn't think the guy would be that f**king homophobic.

  27. Mike Walsh

    this is only One of his great numbers, there were many More never to be forgotten RIP Eddie

  28. Peter Haynes


  29. Marakesh7

    One of my favourite Eddie Cochran records. I saw Eddie on stage with Gene Vincent in 1960. Both great performers. No lip-synching there. The good old days of rock 'n' roll.

    martin ruffley

    You were so lucky mara ,to see both of my heroes live ..

  30. Kevin Clark

    Eddie Cochran was so underrated as a songwriter ,guitar player and all around performer . So frustrating that a lot of these cats died in accidents that never should have happened ....

  31. Charlotte Lalli



    Better than Elvis!

  32. René Contreras


  33. HarryWebb46

    Beyond Space and Time Eddie Cochran Reigns Supreme!

  34. José Blanco

    Mi padre manejaba un Ford como aquel yo era un niño y la dueña era la Señora Quelita, me creia la muerte en ese Ford, un saludo muy grande . Desde Santiago de chile.

  35. krs965

    Good tune, great car.! I drove to high school in a '59 Ford everyday. One of the best years for Ford in sales, beat the gull-wing '59 Chevy that year.

  36. letsHugElefanten

    How many pictures did you take of your car?...


    if I had a car like that I would

  37. gary anderson

    Great song, have this on a 45.

  38. thebigfist

    I`ll tell ya,If only Eddie Cochran had used a backround group, like the Jordanaires, doing doo-wop backround instead of the guitar alone,this song would have been a major hit!He used the backround group on "Drive-in Show" and "Sitting` in the balcony" very successfully!

  39. thebigfist

    Wow, what a wonderful Teen ballad from Eddie.Thanks for posting it!

  40. Edit Almási

    Én is emlékezem, mert azért voltak szebb idők is az életemben!

  41. Doug Wass

    It is a 'Skyliner" . Look at the seam about 9" from top of windshield.

    Doug Wass

    @Doug Wass ... also note the gas door & trunk area.

    Real Talks

    Good eye! I never would have noted those details!

  42. Dominique FARAUT

    When Eddie COCHRAN Died , I Was Not Born .........
    But I'll Never Forget Eddie , His Fantastic Voice & His Fabulous Way of Playin' Guitar.......
    R I P , Eddie .....

  43. 59cadcoupe

    Fantastic sound and that Ford ain't bad either !

  44. DerMitten

    Today Eddie, 54 years on I Remember. RIP.

  45. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Csodálatos ez a dal, nagyon tetszett Klára.

  46. Thierry Richard

    super video thanks

  47. Zev Feldman


  48. cs100443

    the song is over 50 years old and still as wonderful

  49. cs100443

    the song is over 50 and stiil wonderful

  50. golum540

    christine quel belle voiture quand meme

  51. delklass

    Great tune, and well kept car. Keep it going brother.. may the music and era continue to live on in our hearts. Thank you for taking the effort to upload this awesome clip.

  52. skrivbok

    Yeah... nowadays it's just about making as much noise as possible and swearing even more... It's nuts! =/

  53. skrivbok

    Yeah, it's a '59 Ford Skyliner... one of the best Ford ever made... damn thirsty, sure, but WONDERFUL in any case...

  54. solomonkain

    I make sure I rock this song as well as all of Eddies others in the summertime as I cruise around in my clio. RIP Eddie one of my favourite musicians

  55. Luak427

    R.I.P.Eddie Cochran,Ritchie Valens,Buddy Holly,Elvis Presley :'(
    That was the music...D':

  56. Ro Doch

    Can you imagine, everyone used to drive around in cars like that ... that must have been amazing

  57. Joss. Demonty

    everytime I listen to this track I think of what awaste of a young life; apparently a burst tyre was the cause and he died of a brain haerrhage; iam 66 now and these tracks puts me back in atime warp; I was 16 in 1960; see you back in the resurrection eddie boy

  58. elmer zu

    @campwill3 I never knew that til' this day. It was Buddy Holly & the plane crash, then it was Jim Morrison, Cass Elliott & Elvis....but I heard nothing about Eddies whereabouts thru the years....Now it has me thinking of others past present or future. Anyway the legend lives on despite the fact he hasn't been around for decades.

  59. elmer zu

    @chrysler30062 We had a '59 Ford (4 door sedan)in the family back when this song wasn't heard on our local radio stations here in Vancouver. It was a Ford Fairlane so I don't know where the Ford Skyliner fits in. The top of the line was the Ford Galaxy and did it shine after the car wash hey! Here in Vancouver u need to was ur car most often as we have precip on 200 days of the yr & clouds rule the sky for 300 days a yr & no bull 'bout that!! This song by Eddie sux, I know him for ohers.

  60. OBDjFH05

    Gorgeous wheels!

  61. Harris Dupree

    @JoshMan522 I feel that you have LOST YOUR MIND!! Cochran was great but don't discount Elvis because he STILL is the standard. BTW Cochran would agree.

  62. Harris Dupree

    @BenandJerryRig Play about "Why Can't Anyone SING like this anymore?" Thats the better question.

  63. Willy Junes

    @memphis77 great song ... great artist . and by the way ..i think you can recognize every 1959 car cause if i remember well 1959 was the year the double front lights appeared on praticaly every producer . regards Willy

  64. WubbaRder

    my dad has that car ( ford fairlane galaxie 500) but it is white and light blue, and it has 4 doors, so the roof won't go down : D but it still is cool and awesome (: ! and so is that !!

  65. Steve White

    love the song and the to see it with the top down..... that long truck has to be for hard top convertible..... there used to be one in town.... cherry like this cept was two tone white and that orange cream like color...

  66. Mohammed Alami Ouahabi

    I looove it... Thanks

  67. Mister Fender

    Ho man good!

  68. ricknelson69

    The greatest song by Eddie! God bless him in heaven!!!