Cochran, Eddie - Cherished Memories Lyrics

You're going away, away from me
But here in my heart is the memory of
The way we danced the way we kissed
The way we fell in love

Oh the little secrets that we shared
When I was sad the way you cared
You let me know you understand
The way you hold my hand

Cherished memories the things a fellow can't forget
Cherished memories I'm leaving but I love you yet...

Now you say that we must part
And even though it breaks my heart
There's one thing you can't take from me
That's my Cherished memories

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Cochran, Eddie Cherished Memories Comments
  1. Aaron Joyner

    Yesss I love this song

  2. walt7500

    Superb classic!

  3. Jamesyboy1808

    Thee man👍❤️

  4. WOODBINEXX .john r

    excellent Eddie at his best