Cochran, Eddie - Blue Suede Shoes Lyrics

Well, it's one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go, cat, go

But don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
Well, you can do anything
But lay off of my blue suede shoes

Well, you can knock me down
Slap in my face
Slander my name
All over the place

And do anything
That you wanna do
But oh, oh honey
Lay off of my shoes

But don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
Well, you can do anything
But lay off of my blue suede shoes

Well, you can burn my house
Steal my car
Drink my liquor
From my ol' fruit jar

Do anything
That you wanna do
But oh, oh, honey
Lay off of my shoes

Now don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
You can do anything
But lay off of my blue suede shoes

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Cochran, Eddie Blue Suede Shoes Comments
  1. Owen Pearson

    Nearly 60 years on since his sad passing, but his music still gets the foot tapping and it still sounds good to me! I hope there will be some 60th special TV shows when we get to April 2020.

  2. Darren Nicholl

    brilliant song I sang in my band

  3. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 75yo Aussie fan.

  4. federico maéva

    The best version of blue suede shoes of carl perking .....

  5. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est fantastique c'est trop trop trop mimi 👍

  6. Ronald Goodhall

    Eddie was just like billy fury in a way wonderful gitar well Don Eddie r I px

  7. al rae

    simply THE BEST

  8. roland johansson

    IMHO, in spite of Eddie being # 1 in my 'book' of Rock'N'Roll, Carl's original is the best, Ed 2nd and then...I dunno. NOT Elvis for sure, though I love most of his 1950's stuff - after early 1960-61 all really went downhill for him, 1968 comeback or not. There are some of El's stuff from the 50's I can't stand and among those are his "Blue Suede Shoes," "Love Me Tender," (So weak it hurts... Ouch!) "Blueberry Hill" & some more. Eddie, like all artists also made some crap, like "Theresa," "I Don't Like You Anymore," (I think the title was of that crooner or whatever it is) "Cheerished Memories." Is that a military marching song or what? It sounds like that, the original released master, BUT there are at least one version that differ in a big way, released many years later, that's pretty good.

    June Scoular

    Isn't it funny........yet Elvis had the biggest hit with this in the charts. He covered it because of his great friend Carl Perkins had
    been in an automobile accident and he knew the royalties for the song would help pay his hospital bills. Eddie's version is a good cover too but he sings it in the same way that Elvis did. There was no That's Alright Mama or Mystery Train or Heartbreak Hotel
    for Eddie as he was far too young at the time anyway. You must remember....Elvis's background was steeped in Blues music, it
    was in his blood, he was surrounded by it. Eddie was from Oklahoma and that's about it.

  9. Mr. Soul '69

    Well, Billy-be-damned! I didn't know that EC did this one! Very very good version (not that I'm surprised)

  10. Ron Whitehead

    Best version

  11. leonard Vinci

    Le plus gran Rockeur de tout les temps.

  12. gilbert federico

    The best version of blue suede shoes of Carl

  13. leonard Vinci

    Le plus grand Rockeur de tout les temps.

  14. Pierre Van Osselaer

    For me, the best version so far.

  15. M.j B

    Chuck Berry et lui son les KING !!!!

  16. Shelley Percy

    This is COCHRAN and not Carl Perkins !!!!!

  17. TheSmithChannel


  18. TheSmithChannel

    great song love this song

  19. TheSmithChannel

    just to good

  20. TheSmithChannel


  21. Sacco Archimedo

    la + belle version de blue suede shoes de tous les temps , du très grand Carl Perkins ! Sauf respect pour notre immense Elvis , le coup de patte d'Eddie sur sa gretsch et sa voix rebelle et sauvage exprime à la perfection le rock'roll , comment rester assis sur sa chaise ??

  22. HarryWebb46

    American Icon!

  23. Thierry Richard

    ecoute pelvis papa riokidagain

  24. Jim Burrows

    To listen to this, in 1960, and not to realize the Presley cover in1956 is earthshaking and otherworldly, while this is just OK, is to invlve in wishful thinking. eddie was one in a million, yes, as a giitarrist and as a singer, but Elvis was one in a billion, as a singer and as a stage performer. ELVIS SINGS THIS SONG, WHILE EDDIE ON HIS EFFORT TO SHINE HE ACTUALLY SHOUTS IT...

    Clive Bate

    Carl Perkins original is pure rockabilly. Elvis sang it faster & ruined it.


    For me it's the best version!

    Alan Smith


    Alan Smith

    Jim Burrows bollocks

  25. Linda Hudspeth

    We canot find DVD's of Eddie

  26. Arnfinn Bratseth

    Here is one young,rocker too,so dead for young,eddie cochran,he have the best version of,Blue suede shoes+ elvis and carl,next,he write this song.Why we missed all this young big rockers/singers so young??

    Thierry Richard

    +Arnfinn Bratseth et oui  mort trop jeune; et quel guitariste la classe,

  27. Andy Hansen

    i know this is Carl Perkins,, but this just imho the version.

  28. Pierrick Broussaud

    GENIAL, Bravo Eddy, dommage que tu nous a quitté trop tôt, Gène Vincent a eut plus de chance.

  29. mark malak

    This is the coolest version of Blue Suede Shoes EVER!

    An Oasis Can

    Elvis is.

  30. riokidagain

    much prefer the Elvis version of Blue Suede shoes


    Mr ROCK"N"ROLL !
    Gretsch Guitarist a GENIUS !!!

  32. Ray Clover

    Well redwashre you dont listen to a lot of music cos I have Carl signing this on at least 7 various albums.

  33. Tom Thompson

    who ...wrote this??

    anthony sava

    Carl perkins

    Skander Bel

    Tom Thompson Carl Lee Perkins in 1955 december 26 th

  34. JAARNO88

    this is more influenced by the elvis rendition, becuase the breaks are different from the carl perkins version, which he himself changed after hearing the elvis recording. check out the perkins original recording if you dont think so.

  35. MartinCloes1977

    It's not him, it's Carl Perkins !!!!! :)

  36. kathycantrellbrown

    Eddiie cochran is really good,sorry he pass on at such a early age.

  37. NeilThompson30

    Carl Perkins version is great - but I don't like Elvis' version. I think this is one of the best things Eddie recorded - it really rocks.

  38. james hunter


  39. Jim Johnston

    Eddie rocks!!!!!!

  40. Jim Johnston

    Eddie the master of guitar and this is about what rock "n" rock is about fun!

  41. Alex Holub

    Dynamite version! I've always liked Eddie Cochran. I always though that if he wouldn't have died he would have taken Elvis because Eddie was all around better.

    An Oasis Can

    lol. Listen to Elvis' Good Rockin' Tonight and Blue Moon. Elvis has way more range.

  42. Peace Bro

    @jt123egypte actually there was more than one elvis imitator who had some minor hits covered by other's true

  43. nzone affe


    yes man! Only the good die young...and he was the best

  44. Joker Man

    Eddie Cochran, what an amazing guy. Elvis is a clown.

  45. joel pichon

    super .quelle epoque

  46. dylants92

    thats fucking cool

  47. Peace Bro

    first started the name calling which means you got frustrated....elvis was the king....nobody replaced him....but ...i love all music.....50's rock 60's rock,folk, gospel ..all sorts of 70's from aerosmith to i ain't hating far as size...don't even go there bub...u don't know me too well lol

  48. Peace Bro

    threats? hahahaha ......ok little boy...

  49. Peace Bro

    how can elvis imitate cochran when he was first....don't be one of those people who argue against elvis being the greatest because you want everyone to think you know something they don't.....elvis was the best just accept it and your life will be a better one....

  50. everhard1000

    greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Peace Bro

    eddie was the best of the elvis imitators.....

  52. nzone affe

    very rare that i like a cover version more but, man, its eddie^^

  53. Schlicktown

    weit besser als Elvis

  54. Mister Fender

    the king!

  55. baldyholly79

    Incredibly good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Shaking Fitzgerald

    nothing like his guitar no one take rythim like eddie

  57. Kav Kavanagh

    Eddie Cochran...Master of the favourite version bar non of Blue Suede Shoes

  58. A.C. Acquafondata

    it sounds like theres an extra guitar overdubbed. is there a version without that? i could be wrong

  59. george mcmillan


    Alan Smith

    george mcmillan

  60. Mister Fender

    Eddie the king!!

  61. johnny kline

    I met carl perkins memphis sound but listen to the echo eddie used on this man .go cat go! johnny suede