Coal Chamber - Rowboat Lyrics

Love is in the air
Blinding me with smoke
You are the air I breathe
When I choke

Butterflies in the jar [x3]
So breathless

Get out of my rowboat [x4]

Captured my heart
Goodies in the basket
S-s-s-stuttering the ways
I love you honey

Insects in your kiss [x3]
You are my sunshine

Get out of my rowboat [x8]

Get out, get out, get out
Get out [x13]
Get out of my

Get out of my rowboat [x8]

Get out
Get out
Get out
Get out of my

Get out of my rowboat

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Coal Chamber Rowboat Comments
  1. dancing days

    2019 still black rowboat vibes!!

  2. Sergei Funt

    They should retitle this song “our band sucks donkey balls boat”

  3. isaac brewer

    get out get out get out get out

  4. Jeff Patterson

    66 people who don’t like this can inhale my dick

  5. Jeff Patterson

    Get out of my row boat !!!!

  6. King Rooster

    No, you get outta my rowboat....

  7. Irony of the dead


  8. LittleBitchWithMoney¡

    Ella escuchó ésto antes de morir.... Solo ella y Dios podrán entender la locura que pasaba por su mente :') descansa en paz Ha-neul

  9. Harvey Tinseltin

    No It's just the skin of a Cincada.

  10. Harvey Tinseltin

    We Need a Row boat To Travel The River Stix.

  11. IDHmusic

    Still banging this out my speakers in 2019.

    The MPrachtkl1

    IDHmusic me too! I’ll always rock this no matter how old it gets!


    @The MPrachtkl1 Good choice man!

    The MPrachtkl1

    IDHmusic fuckin a right!

    LemOn Led Kill

    We too, in Brazil!


    Cool song

  13. Slots Player

    Bad ass........

  14. Sp0on Test

    2019 and still breathless

  15. Marc Byzantium

    set speed to 1.25

    Marc Byzantium

    and get out of my robot :-D

  16. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Gollum? 3:25

  17. Shay Janina

    Saw this live, pushed my way all the way up front! Epic \m/

  18. Vinny Gonzales

    I'm guessing meegs and dez still have a grudge on one another.

  19. 中野悟志


  20. Dragilav1

    Love is in the air.....................

  21. Kelsey Copeland

    Didya haz fun at the cancer ward and reviewing the snuff of me? ASHLEEEE

  22. Kelsey Copeland

    That wood b perfect right ash? Wheres ur skin wig goof

  23. Kelsey Copeland


  24. Alex Salinas

    You are my sunshine...

  25. Kelsey Copeland

    Ashley, being a different rapist is just blaming someone for what u did.
    Eat ur dishsoap

  26. LittleBitchWithMoney¡

    Va para mi playlist uwu

  27. Kelsey Copeland

    And shes a rapist! Not just a neuroscientist or a nasa doctor der der pig

  28. Siegfred Avila

    ilove coal chamber very nice song so clear

  29. Siegfred Avila

    ilove coal chamber very nice song so clear

  30. Siegfred Avila

    ilove coal chamber very nice song so clear

  31. Kaden Toth

    Who made the original song?

    M L

    A band called Flood. Coal Chamber did a sick cover of it but I like the original version better. Here's a link to the full album.

  32. Piplup tø the extremø

    good song to prepare for exams

  33. Sudeep Chowdhury

    2018 anyone?

  34. Pretty fly for a WiFi

    I just punched my parents cat listening to this....should have go out of my row boat.

  35. MaD HaTTeR

    Play at .75 speed shit sounds raw and dirty as fuck

  36. opscrag

    i love the ending <3

  37. Melissa Blank

    "Love Is in the Air, blinding me with smoke. are the air I breathe- when I choke.."

    absolutely fucking amazing I m/F _LoVe_ this part sSoOo much

  38. The seeker

    wooooooooooooooo you cant see me, natas copis.

  39. The seeker

    98 rock...

  40. Gerard Adri

    This is my breakup song

    Shay Janina

    Fucking right, my ex used to sing this to me, this my fuck u song to him haha

  41. BlackHawk993

    Lyrics plis

  42. BlackHawk993

    Good song i love this song

  43. Scarlet Peoni

    I always thought it was 'in sex and in your kiss' 😶

    Hans Grubers Goatee

    I thought it was incest in your kiss 😥

  44. mobiusline1


  45. Chris

    Haven't heard this track in ages, still love it and coal chamber

  46. eduardo abreu

    Br na área show coal chamber

  47. Dom Cisco

    Although I'd say this song is probably better.

  48. Dom Cisco

    As well as The Love Shack

  49. aegrisomnia07

    This song takes me back to like, High School and 19.... always understood the meaning behind the song..... but now I know it.....

  50. MaggotKing556

    Insects in your kiss you are my sunshine

  51. carmelo macaluso

    This sound like "Break Stuff" lol


    Except for the fact that this is actually a cover song, and pre-dates 'break stuff'.

    Festacore Entertainment

    @MrParkerman6 thanks I was wondering that

  52. RxOD Entertainment

    Insects in your kiss💯😨👏👌😈💪💪💪

  53. Mucki Kleiner

    I Love this and "loco". Is there any more great Stuff like this?

  54. David Morrisnewell

    Dez is screaming at the 17 people who disliked this song to get out of his rowboat

    Jackson Perisutti

    The number flipped. ugh

  55. Indigo Flame

    good song to strip to

    Jacob Luechtefeld

    I tripped one time with a female friend and now I have hellish nightmares when my 3rd eye opened up all the way. Now I can't undo it and I have massive panic attacks.

    Jacob Luechtefeld

    @It's Me me too

    Sinister Reviews

    Yes indeed it is. Remember me Sarah? Haha 😈

    Indigo Flame

    Sinister Reviews 😉😋

  56. William Hill

    Considering Dez and the rest of the band didn't screw up in the day of fame they would be bigger than slipknot IF not the Slipknot of their time. Then, someone goes on a serious trip with Devil Driver! Dez, cmon! I'm still pissed.

  57. Danilo Torrisi

    get the f**k out of his rowboat b*tch !!!

    MaD HaTTeR

    Danilo Torrisi stop talking voice 2 text bitch!!!

  58. Psycho Cat

    Love is in the air...Lalalala...Fuckin goddamn awesome!!!

  59. daniel hajne

    Best song in their album in my opinion

    Wait What

    daniel hajne i think friend? Is better

    Mike Watkinson

    its a cover. and def not the best song on this album. always good though.


    daniel hajne Oh shit, there are other songs on this album?

  60. Savannah Boyd

    everyone loves when I dance to this song at work lol XOXO <3 Star muah!!!!

    Emma Drinks Bleach

    Savannah Boyd id like to see that!


    Shiit can I see u dance to this

  61. Evil Rabbit

    GET OUT OF MY ROWBOAT!!!!!!!!!
    I love Coal Chamber....

  62. Sarmen Mirzakhani

    who's listen to coal chamber on meth?? anyone?

    Pretty fly for a WiFi

    Anyone know that song they do with the chick singing? I had a blank disk and I was on meth in a hotel room fucking the hell out of a hooker...good times!! Song anyone?

    Cherry Convoy

    Why would anyone do that?

    Oona Moonsong Mullins

    Everyone lol

    TJ Riffer333

    This whole album is about meth. Just listen to the fucking lyrics.

  63. Sarmen Mirzakhani

    love the guitar riffs

  64. Paris P

    can anyone help me finding hardcore songs like this? i mean, i wanna get more of this sweet slow and extremely awesome heavy deep guitar...

    Garrett Anderson

    Listen to old school linkin park and some korn and drowning pool.

    Robert MacPherson

    Sadly coal chamber are quite unique , try Kittie they rock

    The great Cornholio

    Paris P definitely look into white zombie


    Yo i know this was 3 years ago but listen to conan theyre so bad ass


    4th of July- Soundgarden

  65. C Nice

    Heaviest song ever

    Emma Drinks Bleach

    C Nice ur profile pic is hilarious!!😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Cranberry Kitty

    Coal chamber is legendary to see live

  67. mrhairy1221

    just wound the clock back 13 years, sweet nostalgia

  68. Sicj

    YOU MUST SEE THIS LIVE YOU MUST SEE THIS LIVE YOU MUST SEE THIS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw it live.. WORTH IT!~

    Emma Drinks Bleach

    Sicj look up Corey Taylor can to can't. best - song - ever

    Mucki Kleiner

    I Love this Song but Corey's Voice is much better...

  69. MetallicNate

    Saw Coal Chamber with Soil and Dope yesterday and they are all amazing

    Emily- GetSchwifty-

    @NIGHTMARE10694 i saw them at Wolverhampton, they were great

    Extra Spooky

    Holy shit Coal Chamber and Dope!?! Jealous!!!

  70. Kay Vicious

    This. ❤️

  71. ParkHopperDiego

    Anyone think the guitar sounds a lot like "KITTIE's" old work? Like from the song "what I always wanted" I love it tho. Coal chamber is so rawwww.

  72. Bill H

    Devil Driver..  Just because someone can't be nice..  Coal Chamber is and will be better!


    @Bill H HAH so I'm not the only one reminded of Devil Driver when I hear old Coal Chamber

    Chris Bombino

    @SATANlST Well, I mean, it's the same singer. And Devildriver formed shortly after this album dropped.

    Michael Mcdowell

    we need more of this music, blacker that the blackest black times infinity


    Michael Mcdowell than*


    Nah. Two different types of metal. Devildriver(early) is some of my favorite metal period.

  73. leintati

    first time I heard this song I was fucked up on acid, was the best nightmare trip of my life


    leintati I would be tripping hard hearing this on Lucy

    Terry Grissom

    Sick bro!

    Judy Moody


  74. Brock Herndon

    makes me want to drag a handfull of nails across a looooong chalkboard for the heck of it. happy rage

  75. Erika Patterson

    you are my sunshine 

  76. Gian Schmidt

    Butterflies in the jar!!! get out of my rowboat. 5uP312 C00L ch4m8312

  77. Josh Pepe

    Best break up song ever

    Wand Erer

    Y'all are GAF. Fuck bitches, there's a million replacements out there

    Hannah Madeline

    @Wand Erer lol


    Fun real story: my ex-girlfriend showed me this song, started to listening to it alot. The song just talked to me so much like it was a sign, fast forward about 3 weeks i dump her lazy, good for nothing ass and started to row my boat faster than i ever taught i would. The song was perfect for the situation i was in.

    Hans Grubers Goatee

    @Glove-On you should go scorched-earth and fuck her best/most attractive friend.

    Taylor Shinn

    @Hans Grubers Goatee I 2nd this

  78. Nes

    Holy crap, so long since I heard this song. Still so good :)

  79. dsetgetatme

    Just got into rick n roll about a couple yrs ago. Songs like this make me glad I'm starting to like this genre of music :-D

    Mike Mohn

    Listen to some Prong, some Corrosion of Conformity, and Dog Fashion Disco.


    this is not rnr, this is nu metal

    Mike Mohn

    @Ivana Iki
    Metal is definitely a part of rock n' roll.  Rock n' Roll is a very broad genre of music.


    okay. I just wanted to go straight to the point.

  80. Louis Minett

    #mrjointsmoke  It's a cover, but it's a great cover.

  81. MarkH88

    Coal Chamber's best song In my opinion, simple but effective.

  82. Ewerton Almeida

    i miss that

  83. Serkan Fizik

    fucking great old times !

  84. Emulated Nostalgia

    Fuck I cant wait until Download!

  85. Lexi Vette

    So excited to see them next tuesday with Lacuna Coil!

  86. Patty May

    mhhhh love..

  87. justin cornejo

    takes me back to junior high. THIS SHIT

  88. Max Fury

    they are back?