Clyde Carson - Slow Down Lyrics

[Hook: x2]
I tell em
Slow down, you know you can't catch me
I move too fast on the gas, don't chase me
Slow down, slow down

[Verse 1: Clyde Carson]
(I tell 'em)
Ay, I'm on the case gettin' sideways
Dolla fo' five on the highway
You know a nigga state to state
On a dolo mission I got a date with the cake
Wide awoke, 3 A.M
Prolly touch down when the sun come in
Ay, when them guards hit the gate I be tired as fuck after that 8-hour race
I come from the land where we swing our cars
Figure 8 Benz concrete leave marks
Call it paid, super-charged
Back to back race the Benz with the four door Porsche
I'm tearin' up tires in this luxury
Hella smoke says she wanna fuck with me
Money on my mind ain't nothin' for free
Tryna keep up with me but it's nothin' to me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Kaz Kyzah]
(I tell 'em)
Slow down, you know you can't catch me
Hype without fugitive, Snipes Wesley
Fuzz get on me tried to test me arrest me
Wet than a motha fucka whip like a jet ski
Ride like Presley, pills like Graceland
They wanna shit me the readee and off to reception
Nah, ain't tryna see the state pen
I'm Black Scaled out in my Ray-Bans
Diamond-certified, I ain't neva lied
I ain't had L's since Pac died
Ridin' through the biters, couple bundles talkin' bout sliders
Run from the labors, mind's still swift
FedEx movement all on the bitch
Audi with the stash box, Cazzy too swift
No frontin' push a button give a nigga that... gift

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Mayne Mannish]
I'm Jeff Gordon in his heyday
Ridin' like Tony Stewart smashin' through a two-way
Doin' bout a hundred kinda burnin' up the Lou-ie
Lou-ie, Louie 13th motha fucka yeah Louie
D.U.I. drivin black Henny on my lap
Pedal to the flo' with a 808 clap
Money motivated doin' sprints when I'm chasin'
And it gotta be a hemi I don't normally do the basic
Six-cylinder, r-really bruh? Slow it down, keep up
And I'm killin' ya, hope I'm not offendin' ya
See you at the finish line, leavin' em
Burn rubba, bu-burn rubba
This is how we do it when I'm dippin' on a corna
Burn rubba, bu-burn rubba
This is how we do it in Northern California

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    Edit was corrections

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    Knew this song since it came out, me and my cousins stay jamming to this song

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    People who dislike this video is some gang hater or listening clasic radio los santos

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    Shazam : Clyde Carson ft. The Team - Slow Down (Official Video)

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    Been looking for this song and artist after hearing it in every Wantster Cassiday Campbell video when he plays pranks as Brian of white boi entertainment. He blasts this in library's and all over .
    Never seen a more legit video of actual real people! No glammed up fakes!

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  65. SkitZita

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