Clyde Carson - Not Me Lyrics

Not me [x16]

[Vesre 1:]
Don't try me with all that bullshit
I ain't the one I got ain't got patience I be doing it
I'm holla out next bitch, you ain't no threat
Hey you ass so fast like you can't get wet
Not me, not me
It's only work full less sleep
She put that money on the dresser for a G
Working pimp C
I holla at my partner from the town who be puttin em down
Told me he rollin in the H need to get that now
Just came from out the Benz an locked both hoes down
They wasn't shook though cause they [?]
I fuck with gansgtas an stipper who don't play fair
Bitches fuck with me cause they know I'm rare
One of a kind, I'll charge em for air
Just to breathe in my presence
With him you can settle

Not me [x16]

No sir, not feet
I've be trippin on strong, this treat is not weed
Don't you see me an Clyde, she got geek
But I know she a runner, she got feet
I pop peas but not eat
An that shit you see in the mirror is who, it cannot be though
These hoes think they fittin to get the music got free
But from who though, not me
An I step with a limp, tell the chef get the shrimp
Not lookin to stop no show, so I don't stress off a chip
Say hello in air cause but I'm high as a blimp
Neva trippin off bitches
Some a these hoes wanna sip
An it's like this, tell em how it is
My conversation needs conversation
Meaning I rather have residuals than relations
What you mean niggas jocking you
Man chill out, hold on, hold on
Man who this bitch talkin to

Not me [x16]

I don't play that, please don't try it
If you do that, it's gon be a riot
I ain't gon tell you what I'm fittin to do
I'm fittin to see me save all that square bullshit
For the TV, ain't a soap opera
You a throat doctor
Go figure out some more money to throw my way
All hundreds, cash cow
Trappin in the day in the night, now after hour
Got me fucked up, I'm as sharp as the Eiffel tower
Gotta stay on your toes dealin with these hoes
Not me, not me
I just rest dress an check fees
She need a place to rest with no Gs
Don't even waste your breath coming at me

Not me [x16]

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Clyde Carson Not Me Comments
  1. Love Me

    yeah this song do go hard

  2. Kiki Fields

    I'm feeling it here n East Phoenix

  3. greenpheenrp

    Yeeeeee dope ass colabo...bay shit the only stuff worth listening to...