Clyde Carson - Bet Against You Lyrics

New business, ain't finished
Mothafuckin' life
They just scared, my cousins sinners
Free med, still trippin'
Clippin' of the [?], but is exact with my sissors
I'm livin, I'm fillin'
Like girl, that nigga
Saucin' in my Gucci slippers
Gorgeous feet just for my women
Percy Miller, see no limits
Earl Stevens saucin' with it
Young Clyde feelin' killer
Young Clyde feelin' killer

(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
Tryin' to bet against you
Bet against you
(I'm doin')
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
Tryin' to bet against you
Bet against you

I'm drippin', they slippin'
Tryin' to keep up, but they just ain't got the vision
Follow soon, get busy
I'm pushin' my line, while my neck and wrist is freezin'
On water, dog walker
If it's problems, if it's problems, if it's problems
In the studio, we get straight to them karmas
Like 2Pac, I got ambitionz of a ridah
I got rocks up in my ring, like I got titles
Can be star like Michael Jordan in the finals
Michael Jordans on my feet, where did you find 'em?
With this shit don't need no mothafuckin' wind-up

(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
Tryin' to bet against you
Bet against you
(I'm doin')
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
(Why she on my, why, why she on my)
Tryin' to bet against you
Bet against you

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Clyde Carson Bet Against You Comments
  1. Guilherme Ryan

    Brazil aprova bro

  2. Tarek Tukhi

    People forget Game signed him, dude always been underated from the bay , team album NEG..league 2 wasup ?

  3. Chode

    what up pimp

  4. BOBBY758

    cassady campbell like slow down...white boi entertainment

  5. Mitchel Ortuno

    I’m white tho

  6. Chris Hall


  7. Ofelia Ramirez

    Clyde if you read this you are the shit !! 😉😎

  8. Lands End

    Clyde since the team✊

  9. Jocsan Mejia

    Bay Area ! Sj 408 sharks 🦈 territory

    Ayoo Louie

    Jocsan Mejia you already know 🤙🏻🦈🦈🦈

  10. Nathan Henry

    Discovered you thru Cassidy lmfao! I fuck with this

  11. Juan Hernandez

    Sounds Like A Famous Dex Nintendo Ass Beat , Shit Is Hella Wavy 🌊

  12. rocknrolla7479

    please remix this sickness with sir micheal rocks!!!💣💣💥💥

  13. Cole Smith

    Bro this lit

  14. JCrack DaCrackSpitta

    My nigga Clyde always got slapperz on deck bruh!!!!

  15. Branden Williams

    Currensy on that 2nd verse would a been dope. But this flames either way🔥

  16. Kathryn Cavanaugh


  17. Omer Oner

    Cassady Campbell brought me here. white boy tho.

    Josh 2-E

    Omer Oner aight bet

    Jay Money


  18. Koba Forever

    i saw you work with cassady 'nelk 0.5' campbell. i unsubbed. bye bye.


    Koba Forever what happened

    Young Dial

    Koba Forever aite den fuck u too then aite bet

  19. Darrien Quijas

    Ive heard this beat to many times. GAS by fargo is better

  20. Chul Teet

    You and Vince Carter have unique music choice for tracks. Trancey and trippy. A nice combo

  21. JSCRILLA253

    Dumb fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Nazar Kravchuk

    Boy that shit slap, that’s some Oakland song boy, blessing my man. I love it.

  23. Leroy Greer


  24. kevin k.v.b

    This is fire 🔥🔥 respect from the Netherlands

  25. john thomas

    Clyde always on some wavy shit... Give you the ride around dope erryytime.

  26. TacoVox

    Ridin' round ma hood pumpin that shit since it came out. Lit! Thx, brah!

  27. CALIV1k GSXR1000


  28. Matthew Flores

    Ain't nothing like that slow flow Clyde always comes through 💪💪

  29. steven21180

    Clyde shit knock

  30. Elisa Castillo

    Nice! 🔥🔥 🔊

  31. ALIEN D not from earth

    Bruh slow down

  32. J L

    Ooohhhh shhhiiitttt💥💥💣

  33. Marko Maleš

    3s on deck pymp

  34. Wolfgang

    Clyde always come back tougher!

  35. NaSarGR

    Always here when Clyde drops new shit always dope never disappointed. Stay fly Clyde !

  36. Ninja Gaming


  37. Dominic Tappella-Nicholson

    “Slow Down” was your best song by far, but this is great, too.


    Go search the teams old albums bro, the negro league was fire , Clyde was popping off since then . Listen to all out and im on one

    Modestrian Sanchez

    Definitely not his best song. Must not know real slaps.


    Dominic Tappella-Nicholson Clyde Carson = NO sleep . Slow down alrite not all that


    norcal600 had to be a punk bitch norcaca talking masa


    norcal600 bro are you stupid ? Can u read?

  38. Frank Castro Jr

    Clyde always on some Coo Shit! 💯💯💯🌊🌊🌊

  39. BigNose McGee

    This song is fire new favorite 👌🎧

    Clyde Carson


    BigNose McGee

    Imma have this song on replay for so long

  40. Leon Hicks

    hell ya ridin down da block setting car alarms off,heavy bass beat....

  41. Casper 98

    Booming late night hella good work man keep it up 🤘🔥