Clutch - Who's Been Talking? Lyrics

[Words by Howlin' Wolf]

My baby caught the train. Left me all alone.
My baby caught the train. Left me all alone.
She know I love her. She done me wrong.
My baby bought the ticket long as her right arm.
My baby bought the ticket long as my right arm.
She say she gonna ride long as I been from home.

Who's been talking everything that I do?
Who's been talking everything that I do?
Well you my baby I hate to lose.
Goodbye baby, hate to see you go.
Goodbye baby, hate to see you go.
You know I love you. I'm the causing of it all.

I'm the causing of it all.

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Clutch Who's Been Talking? Comments
  1. clit crusader

    Why does this remind me of tom waits

  2. Room 237


  3. D33BUG

    This is very mafia 2


    I... I like video games


    This song was written long before videogames were invented 😂

  4. veiga1000

    One of those songs that reminds you of a woman from long ago....

  5. Christopher Richmond

    straight toe tapping jam

  6. RadicalBlackMonkeyII

    I know it's a faux par to say you prefer the cover to the original, but I really do prefer the cover to the original in this case.

  7. Blues Sevenfold

    This is a pretty nice cover. The Howlin' Wolf original is the best, though.

  8. Carlos Dorantes

    By far my favorite band

    Christopher Richmond

    they're amazing for sure

    Room 237

    Mine too seen them 34 times do far

  9. Arkady Yablokov

    Классический хит американского блюзмена Хаулина Вулфа,  от американских стоунер -металлистов  Clutch...

    Zen Dragon

    ^^^^^ Da


    this just might be the best fucking band of all time.

    Leonard Kowalski

    +METLEDSABBATHICA UDO what do you mean might?


    @Leonard Kowalski right. Best band of all time. 4 years later.


    i have come undone.

  12. Jack O

    they did howlin wolf justice!

  13. Intaminator

    I love the hammond organ. You never hear that amazing instrument nowadays. Love the sound of this song, reminds me of The Beast by Milt Buckner. Should I ever go to Las Vegas, then these two will be blasting through my speakers.

  14. John Hamers

    First aid, for healing your soul.

  15. C0T0HA

    if Clutch released a full album like this, I'd be soooooooo happy

  16. Jack O

    check out their new song, pigtown blues.

  17. 111vnderbnder111

    I didn't know this was cover tell about a week ago!

  18. RevNasty

    Someone commented checking out Clutch's cover of this song on Howlin' Wolf's original. This cover really needs a harmonica and sax to give it that dirty scandalous blues feel the original had. I'm not feeling the organ or the tone of the second more tinny guitar either (enters the song at ~1:30). Clutch's singing is spot on though. It’s a fun variation on a classic either way. I'm glad their are musicians like Clutch keeping the blues alive and well! :-)

  19. eire138

    @nustada NO SHIT. that would kick ass.

  20. Andrei Gorgos

    So "I Loved Another Woman" by Gary Moore is just a cover/ripoff? :|

    Daniel Ratner

    Peter Green......

  21. Metalmaniac365

    Soooo grooovy and chiiiiilll, I can dig it

  22. ltsandes

    @brandedcfh420 dammit! Clutch+Motorhead? OMFG where? So jealous dammit!

  23. John Dough

    listen to the original howlin wolf version, yeah it gets way better!

  24. nustada


    I am waiting for clutch to cover tom waits.

    I would love to hear them render chocolate Jesus or Mr Siegal, or just about any of them.

  25. WorldOfLewis

    for everyone wanting jazz/blues clutch, check out the bakerton group. its there jazz/blues rock side project, with same band members.

  26. brandedcfh420

    They opened their set with this song when they hit Charlotte NC on their tour with Motorhead last saturday!!!

  27. telemov


    I'd love to hear Clutch cover 'Goin Out West' by Tom Waits.

  28. vinnieb333

    @meretsger If you havn't already, check out "The Bakerton Group" it is all the same band members but it sounds more like it might be Sults ideas. Anyway, I bring it up because it is really bluesy.

  29. dapnd

    @CynicallyAloof clutch, waits, and alice in chains. my top three forever. grinding bluesy rock, always fantastic. listen to "swing on this."

  30. Uberownager

    True to the original, but much awesomer (yeah)

  31. therealdude100

    @wretchedSTONER yea it would be great woldnt it

  32. Johnny Chopper

    that would be cool as hell if they did any marvin gaye song..........

  33. therealdude100

    i wish clutch would do a cover of Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye you know make it new but still have its blues feel

  34. Arthur Correia

    Eles deviam ser mais conhecidos

  35. DRAGONAUTA StonerRocker

    SOOO TASSTYY!!!!!!

  36. GBPackersfan

    Doesn't get much better than this


    hell yeaH!