Clutch - Subtle Hustle Lyrics

Back Again With A Quickness, Pick It Up, Pick It Up.
Master Arithmeticness, Light It Up, Light It Up.
I Got The Heat In Both Feet, Snake Handler's Hands.
Come Back With Slickness And Do It All Again.

My Subtle Hustle, Smooth As Mother's Butter.
I Let It Ride On, I Let It Ride On.

Now I'm The Media's Darling, Pick It Up, Pick It Up.
An International Phenomenon, Light It Up, Light It Up.
I Cause Eclipses With A Wave Of The Hand.
Let Them Hang In Ellipses And Do It All Again.

My Subtle Hustle, Smooth As Mother's Butter.
I Let It Ride On, I Let It Ride On.

I Got Your Number. I Steal Your Thunder.
I Got Your Mother's Maiden Name Tattooed On My Arm.

I Drive Out Daemons. Can I Hear An Amen?
Now Say My Name.
Lay Hands On Screaming Heathens. And Do It All Again.

My Subtle Hustle, Smooth As Mother's Butter.
I Let It Ride On, I Let It Ride On.

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Clutch Subtle Hustle Comments
  1. Marc Gak

    Back again with a quickness, pick it up, pick it up.
    Master arithmeticness, light it up, light it up.
    I got the heat in both feets, snake handler's hands.
    Come back with slickness and do it all again.
    My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
    I let it ride on, I let it ride on.
    Now I'm the media's darling, pick it up, pick it up.
    An international phenomenon, light it up, light it up.
    I cause eclipses with a wave of the hand.
    Let them hang in ellipses and do it all again.
    My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
    I let it ride on, I let it ride on.
    I got your number. I steal your thunder.
    I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm.
    I drive out daemons. Can I hear an Amen?
    Now say my name.
    Lay hands on screaming heathens. And do it all again.
    My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter.
    I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

  2. Chris Gore

    I admit, I was one of those scum bags who accidentally pressed dislike and only realized it after I listened to the song again

  3. Helen Parish

    My Gods... A kick ass album... 💜

  4. Alex r t Jones

    My truffle shuffle as smooth as mother's butter, I let it ride on I let it ride on.

  5. Gail Rogowski

    My friend has "I got your mothers name tattooed on my arm" on his arm

  6. K Comm

    I got your mothers maiden name tattooed on my arm......I got your mothers maiden name tattooed on my arm......needed to read that twice to understand the awesomeness of it.

  7. xRENEGADE156

    I feel like this song has a kindred spirit with "Like Clockwork" era QotsA


    Viva la bam !!!! Enough skating Tony!!!!!! Lmao 😂😂😂😂

  9. ProRisky Bread

    Well I found free $6324a money making system that is really working for me>>> Woow amazing....thanks.

  10. Jon Barth

    ODing on Clutch!!! So much bad ass music

  11. Sky Valley

    God I'm so fucking lucky to exist at the same time as Neil Fallon.

    Tom Beisly

    I was thinking lately how my life would have been different if I had discovered Clutch earlier. Legitimately have had a major impact on my life.

  12. Clayton McMahan

    Saw them on my birthday was awesome as hell

  13. Lorrendale Johansen

    the drums in this song are fucking incredible

  14. Guts

    the hustle of 26 people is neither sorrow or smooth as mothers butter

    David Ziol

    this is the greatest comment every lol well done well done indeed


    +David Ziol it is suppose to say subtle

  15. GLMusic

    light it up, light it up! what a song

  16. bootstomp77

    Smooth lyrics jam time for ....

  17. Justin Gricheck

    Let it ride on

  18. MoonGrrrl of my favorites.

  19. bob bobo

    Such a great song. The lyrics are genius. So many crazy good songs on this album.

    Jive Turkey

    Blast Tyrant was one of my favorite albums of all time. Not one song I could willfully skip haha

  20. Firehex1

    It is from viva la bam season 2 ep 4 =)


    @***** wut ??

  21. FireLightning16

    Don Vito: Tony Hawk is a criminal!

    Jon Baird

    @FireLightning16 "whataltallya ashton koosher orsumtin backdeer?"
    Don Vito.


    first time i heard this song and loved it!


    +Robert Paulson Mothervulcan reindeer games!

  22. Minteee

    so smoooth

  23. xaropitakas

    Κατέβηκα στα σχόλια να δω αν έγραψε Έλληνας...

    Μιχαλης Μιχαηλ

    xaropitakas Ela re


    Μόνο Έλληνες έχει ψηφοφόρε

  24. AmericanIdiot181

    i dont hear say my name

  25. Alex Sims

    I cant stop listing to this song

  26. kaizoku

    On the part where he says "I steal your thunder" I always thought he says "Im still your father"

    Seth Rabin

    that's understandable, including with the next line, "I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm."

    Katherine Letkeman

    Haha I sang it as I steal your father 😂😂😂


    The first time I heard it I thought he sang “my Son hustles, through and through, I let him ride on, let him ride on” funny how that goes.

  27. trizzaa_

    :39 did it say as smooth as mothers butthole!?!?!

    Katherine Letkeman

    Mothers butter :p

    Panos revelator

    buttler? that's why the children are bold

  28. pangajackterhor

    a bit too religious? let me know if im wrong.

    Alex Sims

    No dude there stoners u thing any o there stuff is religious


    Alex Sims some of their stuff kinda is this


    I think on the contrary, the song is about those smooth, slick "evangelists" cashing in on religious people's faith.
    Snake handler's hands, driving out demons, "can I hear an Amen?", media darling, international phenomenon, mother's maiden name (credit cards) all popint to those con artists I think.

    So I think the song is not religious but using a "religious" issue as a theme.

  29. ablazetrogdor

    I got your mother's maiden name tattooed on my arm, HAHA

  30. dirtydeeds61

    No margerine for me, from now on only mothers butter. awesome tune

  31. chupacabra11583

    Viva la bam!!

  32. Zach Harper

    Viva la bam

  33. NuclearConvoy

    My subtle hustle, smooth as mother's butter is what I hear. I may be wrong.

    Carlos Geissendoerfer

    truffle butter

  34. SamoIsKing


  35. William Fallecker

    Smooth as what?

    Unstable Games

    William Fallecker mothers butter

  36. Marine man1234

    I think it's trying to communicate?

  37. TheAmazingDom

    This is the best pot song ever

  38. Chazz Durden

    This is fucking awesome if it actually happened :D

  39. Massimo Pecile

    This song is awesome.And this is one of best rock cd ever

  40. John Lacy

    its like we were given another Zep or Sabbath or Deep Purple...but 30 years later.

  41. Dark Pinette

    Damn Volvo its a disease.

  42. doseofreality100

    one of their best albums..... but then again what album of their's isn't one of their best, haha

  43. doseofreality100

    your hustle wasn't subtle... or smooth as mother's butter.

  44. Remco Leenaars

    To be honest, Maybe the car helped me survive a bit.
    I drove an Volvo 340 from 1985 at that time.... That thing was built like a tank! The sad thing was... It also sank like a tank :(

  45. Marine man1234

    You sir are raw badass

  46. LinusGidlund


  47. Steve Veasey

    Absolutely agree, I bet its fucking guitar geeks complaining at the lack of a 'proper' solo...

  48. The0blivion1

    yep,perfect.ear porn?eargasm more like it;)

  49. James Gullett

    10 dislikes WTF is wrong with those retards this is one of the greatest bands ever and at the top spot on my list...

    missy marshall

    James Gullett.
    Subtle Hustle is one of my personal favorites from Clutch.
    Clutch is one of my favorite bands..... There aren't many songs or bands that make music this good or original anymore nowadays

  50. Alez maniak

    awouawa c'est d'la balle !

  51. ozankaya


  52. Jamie Raygun

    I have a spiral stair-case, had my phones on. Found myself at the bottom of the stairs with a bleeding leg, nothing broken. But all because of 'Subtle Hustle'. Bastards.

  53. jellydibby

    this is by FAR the best song by clutch. no matter how many times i listen to other shit, i always come back to this<3

  54. mikeburrell

    Why did it stop you? It should have helped...

  55. TheSonOfUlster

    I was gunna have a wank... but this distracted me

    Rex Weathers

    TheSonOfUlster nothing quite like a good wank

    Jonathan Sebo

    TheSonOfUlster this comment deserves an HTML blowjob. Check's in the mail, I outsource this kind of shit

  56. endimion666

    totally worth it

  57. KingTrollable

    Blast Tyrant is the best fucking clutch album EVER

  58. Tyler Blackport

    you sir win a cookie

  59. James Armitage

    it would be an honour to have my mother's maiden name tattooed on sir Fallon's arm!

  60. Stavros L

    You are epic buddy!!

  61. nksmecha nks

    hahahahahahaha klaiw

  62. Alex Gallahoodaddy

    @MrSluggoSir667 *toketoketoke* this is some gooooood shit

  63. MrSluggoSir667

    @FieldswordShinobi 'ere...coughcough

  64. XtrAvaGent46

    one of those few songs that you cant stop listen 2!

  65. Amrcnhdchrg

    @yoursatan Clutch saved your life, keep rockin' man

  66. MrBrink10

    @jAbMaN6961 You, sir, are awesome.

  67. Johnny Chopper

    @TheSxDx - HAD cookies.....

  68. Ian McPherson

    @yoursatan...You fucking are the very definition on RAWK!!! I salute you sir...

  69. Tabby Johnson

    Clutch = Fucking badass backwoods music.

  70. Mikhail Alhazred

    kinda sounds like
    "smooth as mothers butthole"


    FKN A hell yea

  72. Remco Leenaars

    @wretchedSTONER Well I'm glad that you enjoy it! My mother didn't.... She started slapping me when I was in the hospital! She asked me why I always did stupid things.... Then I reminded her who my father is!

  73. Johnny Chopper

    @yoursatan - This is the greatest comment anybody has, or ever will, leave me. This made me laugh. Glad i ate those 2 cookies this morning, cause that made it even better.........

  74. Remco Leenaars

    I wrecked my car to this song... I was on my way home from work, The same road I have driven literally thousand times before! I just forget to take the corner... I was so busy singing and dancing that I forgot to keep my hands on the steering wheel... I went nose-first into a pond, Broke a rib, my left arm and had a big concussion. I learned one thing! As long as you listen to Clutch in a crash, you won't die!

    Sterling Jackson

    Ride on ride on!

  75. Alex Gallahoodaddy

    @wretchedSTONER I'm about to go light one up, burn one for me sometime soon brother

  76. Johnny Chopper

    @H20654 - has anybody told you FUCK YOU today? if not, let me be the first.......

  77. Johnny Chopper

    @FieldswordShinobi - AYE-FUCKIN'-MEN!!!!!

  78. Alex Gallahoodaddy

    @wretchedSTONER Can I hear an Amen?

  79. Alex Gallahoodaddy

    @killED122 They got poked in the butthole midclick and it scared em so their hand jumped a little and they still reset it and clicked dislike XD

  80. Alex Gallahoodaddy

    @jrfwee Lucky! You shoulda told him I said hi lol

  81. mashadow21

    8 months on here now and less then 1 dislike each month (5) but 4788 likes /month !

  82. insertpithycomment

    Met Neil a few times, 1st he gave me a Guiness, then offered me food...the other guys offered me other stuff. Very down to earth.

  83. Johnny Chopper

    @jrfwee 0- man i would love to have a conversation with neil. i'm jealous.....

  84. jeremy F

    I met Neil Fallon the other night before one of their shows!hes cool as fuck!

  85. Jenn Matamoros

    Oh God!! my night went from 0 to 100, just what I needed

  86. Andrew Guimond

    fuggen great song jus gets my day goin with a good jamm

  87. Uriel Robles

    @wretchedSTONER You really do honor your username

  88. Johnny Chopper

    @H20654 - how do my nuts taste? they must taste as good as jesus' balls cause you been on 'em real hard for the past day. get the fuck outta here. dont come back. you arent worthy enough to listen to music of this caliber.....

  89. H20654

    @wretchedSTONER Yea OK that comment deserved a friggin oscar for originality

  90. Johnny Chopper

    @killED122 - they probably thought it was the Love button......

  91. RJ Macri

    2 people must have hit the wrong butten by mistake

  92. EmporerNorton1144

    well alright then......

  93. denim_chicken

    Smooth as mother's butter

  94. denim_chicken

    1 person doesn't think this song is as smooth as mother's butter

  95. Brady Wright

    i like this album so much, i got the fly tattooed on my arm. still my favorite album overall.

  96. JohnSierra

    this is fuckin ear-porn

  97. chrish1028

    master arithmatic-ness...light it up, light it up !!

    Recently announced tour coming to St Paul, MN: BLS and Clutch....oh my!!