Clutch - Struck Down Lyrics

Struck down by a vision of beauty
Said I was struck down by a long legged archer
Oh the city was hot, but my blood ran cold
Oh, the city went dark, keep calm and carry on.
I was a young man, only 19 years old.
I was a young man so very far away from home.

Ah she got me, struck down, right through the heart, struck down.
Ah she shot me, struck down, right through the heart, struck down.

Keep calm and carry on, reefer madness quiets the falling bomb.

I want to be an old man, damn you, von Braun.
I've been laid low by a blinding light.
I've been torn asunder by the banshee's wail.

Ah she got me, struck down, right through the heart, struck down.
Ah she shot me, struck down, right through the heart, struck down.

Keep calm and carry on, reefer madness quiets the falling bomb.

I was a young man, only 19 years old.
I was a very young man so very far away from home.
I was imprisoned by a vision of beauty.
I was struck down by the long legged archer.

Keep calm and carry on, reefer madness quiets the falling bomb.

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Clutch Struck Down Comments
  1. Joseph Paladion

    Greatest band ever!!!!

  2. Cashmere Creek Farms

    Ive been torn to sunder by the bitches cant make that shit up

  3. Michael Baird

    Fuck to the hell yeh the best around. cant quit listening

  4. Rich Hamel

    I keep repeating the end of the song, from 3:25

  5. DrasticJordan

    that guitar sounds like Royal Blood-Figure It Out. isn't it?

    man, anyone figured it out?!?! xdxd

    strober dolb

    +DrasticJordan boooo . go away

    Justin Ruth

    more like royal blood kind of sounds like clutch. this song came out first

    strober dolb

    fuck royal blood

    Justin Ruth

    +strober dolb right in their pussy

  6. T-roy in T-okyo

    been listening since the self titled cd days.... and will continue!  loved seeing them live last year!!  clutch rock!


    im fucking back. I was a very young man.

    Heidi Blackburn

    Traveling light


    cant stop. I cant, I wont.




    fucking great.


    I cant stop with the clutch. I was a very young man.

  12. DaveDragon1985

    yeah this is why i dont like anything after robot hive..

  13. 111vnderbnder111

    This song sounds like it's from robot hive and that's awesome Clutch forever!!!

  14. First Last

    Far out is so right !!!!!

  15. First Last

    @jcfromap so awesome!!! posibally the best thing ive heard in a awhile!

  16. demanton

    Clutch is such a tight musical unit. Their music has evolved into pure rock fury.

  17. Mo HL

    i'm a young man, only 19 years old, and a very long way from home. she's shot me! struck down, right through the heart... oh how clutch speaks the gospel truth

  18. Chris Cotter

    Is it possible to dislike CLUTCH, they have lovely beards

  19. sobeita

    @Samusownz I flagged him 'cuz he's a bitch.

  20. Bram Cano

    @s10wcheetah you are horrible. just horrible. only someone as evil and perverted as you could say something like that. jcfromap is right.

  21. s10wcheetah

    @jcfromap *sniffles* why you gotta be like that man?

  22. s10wcheetah

    @jcfromap You'll hear Clutch at the strip club I'll own. Hey! And in 13 years I can hire your daughter ;)

    You shouldn't know me

    s10wcheetah 6 years to go man

  23. s10wcheetah

    @jcfromap What Clutch song do you she'll come out to once she turns stripper?

  24. robotface74

    i actually feel bad that i got into this band about a year ago. i wish i knew them sooner because it would have given me a better appreciation for good music such as this.

  25. Jim Thompson

    @jcfromap That is freakin' awesome man. It's important for us to pas along what we think is worth the time. My kids like Clutch, too, but they're not TOOinto it. My son likes them more than the others; He really likes the way the words sound. Great stuff.

  26. Christian Allinson Fischer

    Thumbs up if you came here because you searched for "calm stoner music".

  27. onett128

    @TheSaintOfPain Anger is not healthy for your colon!

  28. damulac1

    silly rabbit, insults are for smart people!

  29. zwaager

    @TheSaintOfPain wow. id say someone didnt eat their wheaties! lmao.

  30. grin60

    @TheSaintOfPain ok

  31. grin60

    @TheSaintOfPain hehe

  32. grin60

    @TheSaintOfPain whatever nerd

  33. Beholder505

    Veterans of the Trade

  34. grin60

    @jcfromap: congratz, in 15 years she'll be a crack addict haha

  35. 78Crab

    never heard Clutch before , but its amazing , threw me to high

  36. MorningView4

    This song jams, just discovered these cats. Good Stuff.

  37. kovalevisgod

    @WickedSongsRUs with you on that one these days is fucking shite...but these guys just flat out rock. Why aren't there more bands like this???

  38. joe mawmaw

    @WickedSongsRUs Tool and Puscifer are good 2 !

  39. jake chatham

    clutch is bad ass !!!

  40. trippytrucker

    Same here mate. Can't wait to see them live =D Roll on monday!

  41. FlamingHomelessDude

    thank you Mr.Knott

  42. Drumology UK

    Amen to that brother!!!

  43. alternatemoniker

    Another great album, and I love this track. Really looking forward to catching them in Oct in KC. One of the few bands that I make a serious effort to watch every time they pass anywhere nearby.

    wysiwyg1000 is correct, great driving music. Best part is my son can't get enough of it, cracks me up hearing an 8 y/o wandering around singing his favorite Clutch songs.

  44. william phillips

    Clutch and Ween are the only groups I have to buy the new CD as soon as they come out. Both these groups are amazing live also. Neils a heck of a nice guy. I got some CD's signed by him in Faitvill Arkansas one time. True to thier art and we love em for it keep it up.

  45. wysiwyg1000

    Actually I think it's supposed to represent the letters 'ch'?

  46. wysiwyg1000

    Oh yes indeed!! Ultimate driving music.. The cd holder/foldout work of art is awesome, but not very practical. Can anyone tell me about the last 4 dots on the inside of the outer cover? I'm guessing that it represents the letter 'h', but how?

  47. Mark Boyd

    Long live Clutch. They take care of their fans. One of a very, very few bands you can count on as a fan to deliver every time. Can't wait to get the disc tomorrow, and man are these guys smokin' live. I agree with Greydjinn...We NEED clutch these days!

  48. wormdrink414

    Agree totally.