Clutch - Motherless Child Lyrics

Every last blind pulled when I walk down the street.
The only sound I hear is my tired heartbeat.
Sometimes I feel just like a motherless child.

This place once had a name.
The people once had faces.
In every town I find it's the same sad situation.
Sometimes I feel just like a countryless man.

My father tried to break me, my mother she tried to raise,
The county correct me from my wild ways.

I once saw figures about a mile off.
So I waited in the woods until they were gone.
Sometimes I feel just like a wandering dog.

My father tried to break me, my mother she tried to raise,
The county correct me from my wild ways.

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Clutch Motherless Child Comments
  1. Leonard Kowalski

    Mother's Day brought me here.

  2. 1st Citizen

    my new country will be my own creation.

  3. MegaKargon

    Trump has disliked this vid 11 times. Why does he keep coming back ?

    G A

    suffering idealistic despair, eh?

  4. john quayle

    Born July 8, 69... adopted, never met my father,,, great tunes.... i need to buy a ball cap

    Thunderforall *

    We have a family here friend.... Having never seen the color of my father's eyes...

  5. Natasha Carmen Lintukangas

    2x2= no mother...

  6. Noble Savage

    The county correct me.. When i was younger i used to hear "the cat people read me". It is stupid but it would make sense cause, c'mon people its Clutch!

  7. cotogus28

    Greatings from Argentina.. amazing cover from PAPPO.. nice job men! 

  8. dirtshaman

    This song popped up on an idle window on my web browser and started playing.  Spooky.  I'll take it as a sign from the Gods.

  9. Simon sabbath

    is the whole album good? saw for a good price a vynil of this kind of cheap also colored vynil I think...........

    Jack O

    Listen to it and judge for yourself. every song is readily available to listen to on Youtube. I would get the vinyl just for the unreleased track, Metroliner Special. it owns


    Personally, I would give it a strong 8/10 so check it out man. I prefer the first two albums myself, but every album is good. 

  10. Intaminator

    You goota check out the acoustic version that was released with Pigtown Blues. It's great.

  11. Garrett Salberg

    sorry to hear of your loss, there is plenty to Love. Yes, even beyond the constraints of Clutch. :)

  12. Garrett Salberg

    sucks to be you then I guess.

  13. spudy1216

    Us English give you Americans a lot of slating for different things, but I can honestly say we have nothing of of these guys...

  14. snarzola891


  15. bidefordrfc

    I don't actually mind the modern day "heavy" metallica, I guess they've slowed up and got heavier over the years, perhaps a sign that they themselves have slowed up and got heavier....

    However Lars blows...


    metallica? Clutch pisses over them

  16. snarzola891

    Metallica proves that bands can also live forever by becoming the very thing they used to despise. Good job, guys!

  17. bidefordrfc


  18. Pin Pan Pun

    thumbs up a fan from argentina

  19. sunspots799

    please help! how the hell do you count this? i want to play it on the guitar but y keep getting lost

    Redwood Lloyd

    sunspots799 It switches between 7/8 (4+3) and 6/8

  20. Calligraphy's Music

    totally's in the songwriting, there's many math rock bands for example that have exceptional drummers but the songs are self-indulgent (look at me mum, no hands!) and overly complex so the message in the song is lost and normally enjoyed by pretentious musicians who get smug because they know the time signature switches etc...the best drummers know they are there to keep the beat in as simple yet effective way as possible (dynamics) letting the riffs/vocals breath i.e meg n patrick...

  21. bigflatfoot

    Bono sold us the fuck out!

  22. 111vnderbnder111

    this album sounds like it's missing something to me!

  23. Travis Chuning

    @111vnderbnder111 still though he is in a thrash metal band and honestly they are the least thrashy of them all

  24. 111vnderbnder111

    @psyckla5 he uses them in at least 1 song per album....

  25. Travis Chuning

    @111vnderbnder111 shit? why does he even have double bass drums if he uses it on ONE song out of all of their work

  26. 111vnderbnder111

    @SNARZ891 umm, Metallica has lived forever but uhhhh well the drummer know.

  27. kinkynikk

    Me gusta this song xD :D

  28. Bram Cano

    I'm sorry I have no idea what it's called, but I love the 'Guitar part' here.

  29. glenn willett

    I justed pissed myself

  30. ChrisPawley21

    anyone know the time sig for the verse? isi like 7/4 or summin cos it sounds awesome

  31. Oren Wun

    I'm usually listening to Metal or underground HipHop.
    I've got 6 of their albums, and I just can't get enough of this.
    Clutch is on another level of Rock no other band can see!!!!

    Neil Fallon kills!

  32. patvaterl

    Clutch, great Band , great Song

  33. schwilly75



    @nyrangers731 I noticed this the other day when the WOODSTOCK docu ran the richie havens footage.

    of course EVERYTHING is touching yet very nice when todays MUSE tips the hat to yesterdays MESSENGERS

    "Yeah, wondering dog, yeah"

    they tried didnt they Neil, they tried and failed and so will all who try to domesticate this species.

    something is telling me to go run naked in the woods sleep in the shade by day and bark at the moon by night
    am I alone with this? :D

  35. Ulrich Schwarz

    very good- hardcore bluesrock- great

  36. nantucket68

    Clutch in Richmond the other night was always! Neil and company do not disappoint.

  37. heebyjeebus

    i've seen Clutch about a dozen times over the last 5-6 years, best band on the planet right now. They've got a strong and loyal fanbase in the UK, shame they're not more widely recognised!

    This album is probably my number 3 favourite, after Elephant Riders and Blast Tyrant. They just keep impressing me, never made a bad album and continually redefining their sound.


  38. clutch 3672

    I can't wait to get this tomorrow so I can rock it. ss72

  39. Mal Havoc

    Naw, man - This is rock 'n roll, plain and simple. \m/

    Can't wait for July 7th!!

  40. rollbar7666

    Clutch is in a league of their own.
    Swamp boogie groove metal I think the genre is called.

  41. L0ve4music4life

    Ah, Clutch...need i say more?

  42. dalimaxx

    Greatest Band in the Land!! Hands down !

  43. flukemaster101


  44. rensq

    uno monthamore-o to go go. oooph-a! this'll be guda for spreading the wurda. pro-rock baby!

  45. john legend

    RnR \m/