Clutch - Minotaur Lyrics

In a city of crooked alleys,
Crookeder women and wicked men.
Dim lamps in the rumor mill
Suspicious kith and unkind kin
Haruspectre General
Sleeping soldiers in the field
Below the elders conspire
To turn the merciless and massive wheel

Strange cousins from the west overstay their welcome

Locked in among skeletons
Broken hearted and damned
Sorry to have to break it to you friend
But life seldom goes exactly as we plan
Strange cousins from the west overstay their welcome
Peculiar manner and strange dress
Who will ever dare to tell them?

The city's always thriving
Hungry bellows of the Minotaur
Everyday more are arriving,
And everyday it requires more

Unexpected circumstance
We must not delay
You have all been so very very kind to us
And we will return the favor one day.
Fate is the idiot's excuse!
Freedom is the sucker's dream!
But we hope you find some measure of comfort
In considering us to be your family
Strange cousins from the west overstay their welcome
Peculiar manner and strange dress
Who will ever dare to tell them?

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Clutch Minotaur Comments
  1. Paul Desfosses

    90 cmnt 232949 vwz... 7:30 pm 28/9-10/2019 oct mon... 309 alien asendnc... 3014 holiday dr. 70131 .... 450 mn afrnun... 204-891-9570 paul lapazu ...

  2. Sukhdev singh

    Suspicious kith, Unkind kin. (2019 AD)

  3. Jeff Martin

    It may be quite difficult for a person to put the discography of Clutch in a "best of" order or sequence. It is a natural tendency to celebrate the catalog of Clutch in it's entirety. I love The Elephant Riders deeply and unconditionally. I hold close the truths that are represented on the marvelous Earth Rocker document very dear. I received Robot Hive/Exodus and found a most suitable description of the record(with regards to awareness of quality that lies therein)to be: astounding and incredible. Likewise, Blast Tyrant is undoubtedly a deliciously gorgeous addition to their oeuvre. Of course the self-titled album is an undisputed gem and will remain absolute in our hearts forever a classic. Their potent repertoire is a robust blend, and the outfit themselves, laden with brilliance, are an astonishing muscular groove machine. Creating hit after solid hit, year after year, Clutch is a joy! Outstanding and cloaked in exuberance, I am so very grateful we can all of us share them with one another.

  4. Tracy Wallace


  5. Drone Meets Nature

    I grew up on this old school groove. It's got real soul man. More soul than most. And always will.

  6. FinnMoon Ratzo

    Love these dudes!!

  7. Bubba DooM

    8:37 PM 7/11/2018

  8. Adam Brennan

    Could be a theme song for "Hell on Wheels"

  9. Stl Silver Fox

    It has an old school Black Sabbath vibe. Totally. But still maintains true original. Timeless man. Fuck!

  10. Lord Of Allusion

    Are the members of Clutch into Freemasonary??

  11. Leonard Kowalski

    Even with the most recent Earth Rocker and Psychic Warfare releases, Strange Cousins From The West remains my 2nd favorite Clutch album of all time, only behind the self titled. Just my opinion Clutch fans.

    Welfare Crusader

    Self titled is my favorite too


    Elephant riders has always been my fave, but I never gave this and robot hive a proper listen but I will now

    Up Up

    your opinion is spot on if you ask me.

    Rob Sorgdrager

    To me they have all had there place in my life. Trans national has to be my favorite album but space grass or Cypress Grove fave track.....they say the water tastes like cherry wine and the girls are easy all the time. ... Jupiter's cyclops winks at me, yeah he knows who's driving 😎

  12. Paul Kruger

    Best band in the world.

  13. Marcus Juarez

    Audio sounds super low volume


    its not

  14. Koogzie

    Obama has Overstayed His Welcome.


    @***** If We Couldn't LOL We Would All Go Insane!

    Ryan Freeman

    @KOOGZIE Really? You realize your comparison makes no sense right? Don't defile such awesomeness with your biased and unfounded accusations. If you really have that much of a hard-on for that sort of thing, go make petty comments on some CNN post or something.

    So go sit on the porch of your mobile home and crack open a can of natty lite :D Leave the music be



    @Ryan Freeman Sorry Ryan, I apologize;
    I made this Comment under Intense Psychological Stress, while I was going through a Severe Identity Crisis.
    It was the Day I found out that President Obama and I, were Both Distant Cousins of Brad Pitt.
    And from Where I Sit, Indonesia is To the West.
    Somehow in My Delusional State of Mind, it All Made Sense.
    That, and I Drink Modelo, and Don't Live in a Trailer.

    Ryan Freeman

    Well put! If you had put dos equis instead of modelo I would've been rollin'!!! lol


    What's with the capitals?

  15. Carly Squires

    I love this band so hard

    Tentative Fawn

    I wish more people knew of Clutch... They're missing out.

    Tentative Fawn

    @***** Man frick yeah! I like the way you think!

  16. RubenLopezL

    While teaching about Greek mythology my English teacher put on this masterpiece for us.

    Thanks Mr. Bryant!


    What a badass teacher!!!

    Tentative Fawn

    I wish I had a teacher like this... Lucky!

    Tick Tock

    @RubenLopezL Blast Byrant

    Donald John Murray

    +Tick Tock Nice.


    fucking great.

  18. TheAbbott88

    16 days until my umpteenth Clutch show.  Just as excited as my first time.  \M/ \M/

  19. GreatDivideGlass

    These guys just keep getting better and better.

  20. Professor Doomfinger

    My beard itches

  21. b1ack c0wboy


  22. Jon N

    Kingcrusher said it best. Every album is different. I would be disappointed if this album did sound like the rest...and same goes for Earth Rocker. Every Clutch album is uniquely awesome in it's own way.
    Long live Clutch.

  23. semencore

    You know, I thought the same thing until I picked it up a few weeks ago and listened to it all the way through, and I really enjoy it now.

  24. TheHostileWest

    That made me smile.

  25. John

    hahaha yea the riff sounds very simlar

  26. Bender Clutch

    Awesome is Clutch but this song makes me think of Cheech and Chong for some odd reason. Earache my eye I guess.

  27. Emma

    This one was produced by the guy who produced RH/E. Therefore, similarity in sound.

    Also, seeing as they use multiple styles of song-writing and music, as well as time sigs, they probably get bored with something and move on to something else. Like their first official album is very different from this.

  28. JVRbobbett

    Just ordered this album :)

  29. Jared Monk

    i have strange cousins from the west

  30. 111vnderbnder111

    true, haha :D

  31. Nick Fifis

    Who the hell could dislike this song? They must have shit in their ears. I feel sorry for those two gentlemen.

  32. Nick Fifis

    Every Clutch song is a good live song lol

  33. 111vnderbnder111

    this is a good live song.

  34. TheHostileWest

    My brother sold his truck... with this CD inside... my CD. Fuck I miss that album.

  35. johnbad1000

    @UnkleAlbert tool is cool but clutch have the touch

  36. UnkleAlbert

    @psyckla5 Tool is Cool, no dowt abowtit! I need music "with-in whistlen' distance," and CLUTCH seems to know your sposta come home when the street lights come on. They know about the gnarled southern spirit and describe a life I recognize. Obsessed- I feel like CLUTCH happened only in my world. And to think, spacegrass was the first song ever i heard. I thought it sucked. But i gave it a 2nd hearen. then a 3rd..then hooked for life. I'll almost listen to nothing else.

  37. weathermaker91

    @IRISHprik411 a wise man once said....

  38. Travis Chuning

    @UnkleAlbert what about tool?

  39. Honey Green


  40. UnkleAlbert

    Clutch is by far the most coolest of all bands to ever surface from the spooge of sub-human tyranny. I found them for myself almost 6 yrs ago, and havent heard or seen another group who clings to my psychci as they have....they are a gift.

  41. Toews19 | NHL 14|

    i agree one of their best albums!!!

  42. electricpigeon28

    @ItsYourBlood I'm with you, man. This album is a little better than Beale Street (too tragic for me to listen to), but OK isn't good enough from Clutch, at least not for me.

  43. William Scott

    Man this song brings back memories... I got jumped and the shit kicked out of me lol but i could still hear a great song during the ass kicking and for that.. Good Times

  44. mynameispolak

    Clutch couldn't be any more amazing and the fact that theyre so unheard of is so strange to me...

  45. The Max Last

    fuckin awesome! love the new album!

  46. Rambowjo

    @ItsYourBlood I don't know man, I like all of their stuff. Minotaur is one of my favourites on this album. Great song.

  47. Seth Powell

    @horrormonger No one has to agree with my opinion.. I wasn't stating a fact. The fact of the matter is, I don't think their songs are as good as they used to be.. You obviously don't agree with that.. No need to be such an arsehole about it though..

  48. Seth Powell

    @DecimusValerius1 In YOUR opinion they're still as good as ever.. and as a band, they are as good as they always were.. but their songs are shit now.

  49. Seth Powell

    Is it just me.. or is Neil Fallon gettin' lazy? Remember all those kick arse lyrics he used to write; "Back again with a quickness, pick it up, pick it up.
    Master arithmeticness, light it up, light it up.
    I got the heat in both seats, snake handler's hands.
    Come back with slickness and do it all again."
    I really miss that Clutch.. all the songs sound like they're off "Robot Hive" now.. This makes me sad.. :(

  50. colmonic



    HAPPY 420 all you mothers from different cousins

  52. strutnoodle

    @Hodgemanx13x I think it has to do with how we consume and never are satisfied til we take it all. And then there will be nothing left. Strange Cousins From The West . . . Native Americans, perhaps? It sounds like it has to do with manifest destiny, also.

  53. Mike Hodge

    Also, Neil talks about the meaning of the song in an interview. The video is on Youtube. Search 'clutch interview neil fallon' by MoreMetalDotCom. He doesn't talk about it until about 6:04, but he does explain the meaning of the album's name, and this song.

  54. Mike Hodge

    @FullContactCMA The band's name is designed like that on their 1995 Self titled album. The one with the view of Earth from the Moon.

  55. Mike Hodge

    It's very easy to assume it's about what's going on in the Middle East right now. Even though the Minotaur is a Greek myth and not from the Middle East, but the Mediterranean.

    However, if you want to go that route, it could very easily be about Hippies.

  56. MrBasilGanglia

    Are you unable to learn? If so, you'll end up on the public dole and the rest of us will have to pay for you. Get your shit together soon buddy.

  57. ph1llyblunt19

    so fucking great song

  58. ijf18c

    The strange cousins from the west are those who disagree with this system. Currently the US is the least socialized of all large "western" countries. Europe is the highest concentration of socialized nations. Americans are the strange cousins.

    In a socialist system you always need more payers to support he masses. This song pretty much mirrors Ayn Rand in saying that in a socialist system, "...eventually you run out of other peoples' money." The minotaur always needs more.

  59. ijf18c

    The third verse is a sarcastic claim to a social service (healthcare, welfare, etc). The circumstance is unexpected and cannot wait. The recipient thanks you and promises to return the favor (pay in to the system so you can take from it later). In a traditional system, one turns to ones family in an emergency (family, friends, church, philanthropies). In a socialist system, that is replaced by the collective (government programs). Therefore everyone is your "family."

  60. ijf18c

    Actually I think this song expresses a position that is full bore against socialism.

    The first verse paints the picture of a corrupt, godless society run by a select group of politicians. The labyrinth is a medaphor for the city or urbanism as a whole. The minotaur is urbanism/socialism. The massive wheel is the government.

    The second verse is the cry from a "hopeless" citizen crying foul and excusing his circumstance.


    Care to elaborate...?

  62. ijf18c

    This song highlights both sides of the capitalism/socialism conflict.

    The first part sets the scene, the second part cites the flaw in a capitalist system, the last cites the flaw in a socialist system.

    Americans are the strange cousins from the west

  63. SymbioteIII

    Oh. Well, yeah. I misread. Sorry. Lol.

  64. SymbioteIII

    Well, officernarc had the obvious answer. I was looking for the less obvious answer. Figured it may be something like that. Rather interesting that it'd be a female that would play the song, though.

  65. SymbioteIII

    Not that you shouldn't listen to this song in your English class, that's awesome--but, why did your English class listen to this song?

  66. Chris Coble

    Get to see them next friday. Should be kickass

  67. Brady Milligan

    fate is the idiot's excuse ... freedom is the sucker's dream ...

  68. william phillips

    I wanted to drive down from Pryor Creak Oklahoma so bad. Whats 6 hours to see Clutch? Nothing but a great time. Sorry I missed it.

  69. william phillips

    its strange to say but I agree with you the self titled is my favorate but I do think they get better over time and their new stuff is juat as good but how can that be? House Peter built and the Body of John Wilks Booth are my favorate songs but Prothets of Doom, 10,000 wittneses, The Rapure of Riddly Walker, and Never be Moved are just as great in their own way. This is not typical music this is even more then a cut above everyhting. I find myself very exited about a new Clutch CD.

  70. Max Lichtor

    "Strange cousins from the west overstay their welcome

    Peculiar manner and strange dress
    Who will ever dare to tell them?"

  71. ClutchFan1971

    This is good, but nothing compares to the self titled album. I would probably say that is my all time favorite album by any band.

  72. Dubfx316

    Definately a sick song. Clutch comes through once again! Whats up with the masonic handshake on the cover though?

  73. SymbioteIII

    One of the best songs from the latest album, Strange Cousins from the West. Amazing riffs.