Clutch - Let A Poor Man Be Lyrics

I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town
Where none of your friends are hanging around
That's right, I'm gonna move to the other side of town
Where none of your business is hanging around

Woman, please let a poor man be. Let a poor man be
Columbia, girl, please let a poor man be. Let a poor man be

I'm gonna build a castle out of Goodyear tires,
Cinderblock and busted doors; that's where I'll retire.
Gonna dig a mote. Fill it up with ale.
Not much of a defense, I know, but the supply never fails.

When you come knocking all in tears wringing hands and genuflecting,
You'll understand that I am a busy man and my subjects demand my attention.
These walls don't build themselves and I am running out of time.
So if you desire anything else, you had better get in line.

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Clutch Let A Poor Man Be Comments
  1. Dan Roose

    Rev up the engine & dump the Clutch and smoke those tires to the threads.....hell yeah..

  2. Pete Webber

    Jesus this is good shit

  3. Germán Gorchs

    Lovely riff right there

  4. Paul Desfosses

    7:20 pm 28/9-10/2019 ... 228 cmnt ... 1251296vwz... 441 mn afrnun... oct mon 3-4 wk  3014 holiday dr. 70131 ... 309 alien ascendnc...

  5. John Rayner

    Clutch as a Resonant Team are Absolute Sonic Spell Binders, they know how to pluck ones Heart Chords and strum evocation of the Mind and Spirit whereto challenge the status quo of the Establishment that verses the Common Good

  6. Mike Spiegelhalder

    Ok proMads. Me top Mađ ma7

  7. Cu Nt

    Livara θεσσαλονικη σε λιγες μερες με τρελο Line up... αντε να γουσταρουμε

  8. 414Cavalry

    My shit.

  9. Jack Slays

    How can anyone dislike this!

    zeb vanzandt

    I'm be guessin' Mr Jack they scroll rite up to th" top an click on that thumb that be pointin down here, u see him....up top? That then completes how someone can be dislikin' this or any other content on YouChewb.
    Have a great day now buddy.

  10. Tres Olas Riding Company

    Clutch/// just fucks your WORLD ......

  11. jeepmor

    They only get better with age.

  12. POPPY 1776

    I found that CLUTCH voted for Obama and all those LIBERALS Nothern Whores TRYING to open our southern and northern borders to any TERRORIST liberal Bitches. LIBERALS OUR SATANS AFTERBIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SACRILEGIOUS ATHEIST WHORES.

  13. Kelly Ace

    FuCK YEAH!


    Who you calling strange?

  15. Randy Vienna

    Support CLUTCH! Buy your tickets for the Book of bad decisions tour!!


    Done, it was awesome!

  16. Scott Manthei

    Pure guts n raw talent. The best. Thanks

  17. Scott Manthei

    Best band in the world. USA

  18. Jason Christopher Capps

    Jason s Illuminatie Hybridsblood lines Manly pHall illumuninatie Jcc

  19. edward bloome

    "These walls don't build themselves. .."

  20. David Hoyle

    I love letting the government listen to me listen to THIS PORN RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

  21. FinnMoon Ratzo


  22. Q Tē

    5yrs brother....
    I'm gonna have to subscribe to your channel, I'd like to see you post the things you like. And if in this time anything has happened to you or your family, I would like to extend my deepest condolences.

  23. Darin Lane

    Best fucking hard rock metal band in decades, maybe the best. We will see what the future brings .I have great confidence in this band

    Big Billy Goat Gruff

    they have been rocking for like 30 years lol...

    Ed Norton

    Im a big Clutch fan Ive been following them since 97, so when I say Im a fan I am. But that statement is light without any thought to other bands that rock just as good. At a certain point they are all good rock and roll bands, then it becomes personal preference. For me that can change daily depending on my mood. Some have come and gone before they even got to slow their roll. Im not saying that are not deserving of that term. But you cant take away from the rest. In rock "metal" things tighten up a lot but I dont go by terms like that. They either rock or they dont. Ill give ya a few to think about,. God Smack,.. Zakk Wylde, Black Crows, Rage Against the Machine. 3 Doors Down, Drop Box, The Black Keys, Audio Slave, Slash with any one he plays with, lot a bands made or are making good music. Not all fall into the Rock "Metal" term but they rock none the less.

  24. Murfin 25

    clutch is fuckin badass!!!

  25. Hollow Jack

    MELECHESH font

  26. shawn tay


    Michael Kester

    shawn tay right the fuck on, man! Me too! Maybe 96?

  27. Chris Cole

    Clutch is one of if not the greatest band of all time!

  28. Dom King

    Great stuff

  29. randall scott burress

    Take this job and cram it i ain't woken here no more

  30. unkleskratch

    there's the cure- just pry the gun out of a Texan's hand and stick a guitar in it.

    Eric Johnson

    be careful that guitar spits fire

  31. doug ryan

    just remembered a line from my old band, so if u got enough to keep on buzzin, move on over cause here comes my french cousin DUTCH UNCLE- the BEAST

  32. ty riedle

    you guys rock.

  33. Chris Cole

    What a phenomenal performance!

  34. Chris Lowe

    Best place to see them is a small club

  35. Lawrence Sally


  36. Ciro Atômico

    Puta som foda

  37. Stl Silver Fox

    Workin' it all night. Finally get home with a honey. I put on Let a Poor Man Be. 2 minutes in, she leaves. She will never know my pain. I have a fundme account if you can spare a buck.

  38. randall scott burress

    It's a funny thing how GOD talks to you? He don't need English,spanish,german,french>>He justmgotsin your brain???

  39. zz1965Serg

    ааа-а-хринеть! такое впечатление что это из самого конца 60-х начала 70-х .... такой классИк! мммммммм!

  40. Sam Drake

    One of Clutch's best!

  41. Kristopher mathis

    I like bein poor cause in the words of my buddy Purnell bitches be trippin!

  42. Gary Dolphin

    let a poor man be!!

  43. MegaKargon

    word on that phantasomtserr

  44. J.M. Dowden

    the drums

    Tyler Feemster

    JP Gaster is one hell of a drummer. He practices EVERY DAY. Look up some of his videos on here, you will appreciate him even more when he talks about his craft. Hes a true musician, not just a guy banging on some drums.

  45. Tanıl Tellikurşun

    is clutch a christian band?




    They aren't a christian band per se but they incorporate a lot of religious imagery and references in their songs. 7 Jam is the one of the few examples of a song that can be a fucking headbanger rockfest of a tune but still be pretty uplifting with some extremely spiritual lyrics, referencing Samson, Bedlam and some less specific general christian symbols

    James Valimont

    It's called rock n roll ...

    j R

    Probably not. More like it's a big part of american culture in the west and the south. We're all raised in it out in the boonies, it's a common language. Even when you're an atheist, you know the bible better than some preachers, and that intimacy with the religion is why most folk leave it behind when they grow up.

  46. bootstomp77

    these walls don't build themselves

    Jason The Terrible

    bootstomp77 says Trump to Mexico. hahaha

  47. bootstomp77

    dig a moat

  48. Dimitris Perrakis

    fuckin awesome....
    let a poor man be \m/

  49. Todd Porter

    ffs! plz!!!

  50. phantomshTTer

    I have found that women ALWAYS let poor men be.

    Wanicki 357

    phantomshTTer very true friend

    lance james

    Finallly some honesty haha

    Adam Sanders

    F'in A bro! thankfully, I found the one perfect woman who didn't let that stop her, lucky me! but, it took a while to find her lol

    Mona Johnson

    Not a real , stand up woman. I met my husband 40 years ago. We both made less than minium wage. We worked and together got " not poor"

  51. Alan Broughton

    Let a fucking poor man be woman


    ear ecstasy

  53. michael rollo

    Clutch son!!!!!

  54. gibbut1

    saw them live last year, they performed a lot of earth rocker, and a bit of older stuff... they were SPOT ON and had the crowd jumpin.... what a show!


    +gibbut1 same here... you can alreasy listen to one complete song of the new album here on yt and excerpts of all of them on amazon...its freakin amazing

  55. Daren Redman

    Never get sick of Clutch. They are the band that keeps on giving haha.

  56. TrackHead Studios

    Anyone who enjoys this, check out my channel to hear some of their as yet unreleased 2015 songs.  Its amazing how much they've grown; only getting better and fucking better!  Who could have even thought that was possible.
    Check out the stuff I captured from their New Year's Eve show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.

  57. Scott Sims

    Every noise Clutch makes RULES!!!

  58. Jack Smith

    The end kind of sounds like 'When the Levee Breaks'.

  59. Nuke Nukem Nuked Em

    I agree 100% definitely underrated.

  60. Nuke Nukem Nuked Em

    A brother of mine reminded me of there awesomeness. A long time ago I heard a, "A Shogun Named Marcus". At first I didn't care for them. Over time Clutch has become one of my favourites. I love all there music. Still. My favourite is, "Abraham Lincoln". Not to go mtv on anyone. It's just a killer tune, intelligently pieced together. These guys are pros.
    Lol end chapter one.

  61. MikSane


    Daren Redman

    Lucky you.

    Reverend Benzo

    @MikSane I, too, have seen them thrice. Kansas, Florida and Louisanana (New Orleans).

    Leonard Kowalski

    +Reverend Benzo Five times. Chico twice. Sacramento, Reno, San Francisco.


    +MikSane three times this year alone. Clutch is the best band I know of.

    Tyler Feemster

    23 for me. I'd go to a Clutch show on my deathbed if it came down to it.

  62. Xrysa Del.

    Η Ελλαδα γουσταρει Clutch λεεμεε

    Daren Redman

    No idea what you said lol

    Xrysa Del.

    @Daren Redman here in Greece,we looove Clutch!! :p

    Konstantinos Kaperonis

    +Xrysa Del. η Ελλαδα γουσταρει μουσικαρες γενικοτερα...


    let a poor man be

  63. Devin Mitchell

    Like Zeppelin if Robert Plant had a Man's voice

    Christopher George

    Zep has nuthin' on the mighty Clutch.


    @Christopher George I guess ZZ top has obvious similarities with Clutch. Cant really see any with led zepp

    Ioana Opait

    Hahaha! I'm a zepp fan but i still laughed hard. The man is right.

    David Lane

    Devin Mitchell

  64. epile3teenaonoma

    τι κομματαρα!

  65. 84schmitra

    how have I not known about them


    @84schmitra NOW YOU DO!!! Rejoice!

  66. harry dick

    Best band currently

  67. tony brigman

    i've seen them like 10 times.....hope to make it 30....... most underrated greatest band of all time


    tony brigman just got my ticket to see these guys with Primus in August, a first for both for me.

    Noble Savage

    check Planet of Zeus, actually friends with Clutch and Naxatras


    tony brigman only if you promise to check out a band named Nightstalker from Greece

    dancing days

    i completely agree i ve seen them on hellfest 2019 and all i can say i have to watch them live as many times is possible! they sound twice better live. in fact it is the best live band i ve seen

    Ra No Father

    First of October will be my 13th time. Last time I saw them I fractured c-7,8,9. Some sloppy fuck flew into me. Only thing that broke my fall was a metal guard rail.


    so great.

  69. Luke THOR

    "let a poor man be "

  70. John P

    Όλοι οι ελληνες να γουστάρουμε!

  71. elmorenusGMO

    dunno but love this song <3

  72. dirtydeeds61

    BAD..... ASS......SONG!!

  73. Ifitallfails

    Love. This. Song.

  74. Μιλτιάδης Νικολαΐδης


  75. Mesmer Lab

    That's the Mason's secret handshake. The index finger is extended as if pointing.

  76. josh carr

    I must be stupid, but I JUST realised there's only three fingers on the bottom hand lol.

  77. tony pickle

    Seen um on this tour and they are coming back 11-01-13 Memphis will rock again

  78. SIDERAmasaei xabis

    gamaei auto to tragoudi

  79. kazacsay

    clutch & beer = B.F.F.E.

  80. Sir Solo

    they are fer sure the best live band to date Clutchaholics unite!

  81. WhereDidItRun

    So you have poor feel of language. Who's problem is that? :D

  82. Mr. Peezy

    Bad Clutch song... What is that, Norwegian? The sentence doesn't even make sense to me.


    me like.

  84. george gramm

    προσπαθηστε να οδηγησετε κατω απο 100 χιλιομετρα ακουγοντας clutch!

  85. Micah Wisecarver

    3 who unliked are from shallow end of the gene pool. Clutch are one of the all time greatest ever.

  86. KURLYFRY424

    Going to dig a moat and fill it up with ale, Not much of a defense i know , But the supply never fails. !!!

  87. Naomi Frye


  88. ed aplin

    Clutch RULES! Period.

  89. johnnikol66

    Δωσε πονοοοοοοοοοοοοοοο!!

  90. rean van Dommelen

    I totally dig you. damn right yr. clutch rules

  91. Shannon Perrow

    If "the shit" had a natural born son, his name would be CLUTCH!!

    denise s

    Shannon Perrow best comment EVER 🤗

  92. mouni klameno

    geia sou re sai kala gia to upload...!!!meine mastouromenos!!!!!!!!

  93. dragonmoo88

    Apparently, you do. Backstreet boys lol. Backdoor guys? Don't shit this kind of music if you listen to that garbage.

  94. faceyourerasure

    Probably because most people listen to what basically amounts to auditory fecal matter.

  95. dragonmoo88

    Really confused on why they aren't hugely famous by now. One of the best bands I've ever heard.


    dragonmoo88's simply because they have their own record company and will never see any real credit or radio time....

  96. tacobill70

    May Clutch be proclaimed across all across the land, mountain top to mountain top, sea to shining sea!