Clutch - La Curandera Lyrics

Did You Not Grant Quarter To The Daemon, Giving Treatment To Its Wounds?
And Would You Not Consider It Unnatural To Be Born Outside The Womb?
We Eagerly Await Your Response And Your Best Defense.

La Curandera Is The Young Girl
In A Linen Dress Of White.
She Dances On Black Sand In The Night
In Her Linen Dress Of White.

Let Us Vote To Dunk The Witch In The River Styx And Photograph The Lye.
So In The Shadow Of Cerebus Her Spirit Will Reside.

La Curandera Is The Young Girl
In A Linen Dress Of White.
She Dances On Black Sand In The Night
In Her Linen Dress Of White.

Bird In The Fire, Mouthful Of Sand
King Of The Briar, Mouthful Of Sand
The Scale And Feather, The Lock And Key
The Lord Of Weather, The Beast At Peace

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Clutch La Curandera Comments
  1. Mad Dog

    When you think it can't get better it shifts to overdrive. fuckin love it!

  2. NintendoBrother

    Viva La Bam brought me here

  3. Sputnikski

    This song easily gets stuck in my head.
    In a linen dress, in a linen dress, in a linen dress of white...

  4. Rodrigo Ribeiro Freitas

    That intro riff is pure power

  5. Alex Bell

    This riff is so catchy

  6. andrea layne

    It's.simple.were ALL FUCT.

  7. Abel Riquelme

    Peaso tema!!!

  8. Jason Swaine

    what a riff!

  9. Mark Smith

    Look, 35 idiots!

  10. enkephalin07

    Wtf is with that long silence at the end? Considering that wasn't part of the track, it's not excusable.

  11. Chris Lindsey

    March 15 indy yeahya

  12. Santilheno Silva

    Amazing song! 👏 A true rock band!

  13. Hilton Klymok

    Havent listened to clutch for like 4 years glad im back

    420 construction

    Welcome back welcome back to shattering the Grand Illusion welcome back to simple Rick's

  14. Grayson Goss

    Still Badass

  15. macerton1

    Leslies or sound effect leslie ..Hmmmmmmmm

  16. STR8L8CED

    Their best song.

  17. SummitEntertainment7

    Viva LA BAM brought me here! Episode when they are with Tony Hawk and they go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This is such a DOPE song!

  18. David Sanderson

    (notes from the trial of) La THAT is a strengthy diddy!

  19. Marcass Busta

    Don't get no better

  20. AlexK611

    i love this album!!!

  21. zach a

    I just love to rock, Clutch provides said rockiness.

    420 construction

    With the swiftness

  22. Jon Gill

    Some of the best song writing I have ever seen,,,,so deep, Love it!!!!

  23. Ryan Buck

    Did You Not Grant Quarter To The Daemon, Giving Treatment To Its Wounds?

  24. LoFloW 6

    Killer groove.

  25. CrimsonStorm1968

    Love this entire album ,pure excellence!

    Jon Gill


    Daniel Rice

    CrimsonStorm1968 I have to say that it's a toss up between vBlast Tyrant and the self titled release as to which are my personal favorite ones from Clutch

    Horace Osirian

    Fucking unimpeachable.


    In every songs of this band the most complicated the title of the song is the more BADASS the song is

    Vic Santiago


  27. Gameslayer Hunting



    Fuck yea


    And Band.

    damiron yan

    yaro djanai ka!!

    420 construction

    Easy killer

    Horace Osirian


    Blast Tyrant is on high-rotate in Buddha's en-suite bathroom in Nirvana (no, really).

  28. Somnus Reef

    Had this tune pop in my head, earlier today. Clutch seems to be something I can't forget. Not that I'd want to, but they have an uncanny alchemy to their songs. This is still one of my favorites.


    uncanny alchemy.. excellent way to put it

  29. Brad Schmidt

    "Curandera" is a word that very poorly translates into English. Roughly it is a witch doctor/herbal healer.

    Eduardo Celis Quintana

    +Brad Schmidt true; literally would be "healer", but conceptually comprises much more mumbo jumbo

    Magic Man

    It translates to "the healer"

    Marcelo dos Santos Mosso

    Brad Schmidt you're right!

    Thunderforall *

    You understand when you've met one

  30. Leonard Kowalski

    Top 20 Clutch song of all time imo

  31. Raising A Hitter

    Love the organ!

  32. ezernut9mm

    mouth full of sand..

  33. Jon Baird

    "Tony Hawk is a criminal"


    Jon Baird ?

    Dickbrain McGee

    Enough of the skateboarding we just want to get to Mardi Gras!

    andrea layne

    Yeah? How's that?

  34. keefriff99

    That riff at the end is beyond incredible.

  35. Fuchfam4

    I miss Mick.

  36. tommy radomski


  37. Rod Torque

    'Shed not a tear for humanity', good advice.

  38. bob bobo

    The [email protected] Love it man, I buy everything CLutch puts out!

  39. Jorge Yoryeth Valenzuela

    VIVA CAIZ!!!!!!!

  40. Spring A

    Pure Maryland Rock!!!

  41. Truck Dean

    Their the absolute best since the Sabbath & AC/DC Era! & couldn't of came at a better time. Many thought that Rock Was either Dead or Dying and these fellas proved so many so wrong! Many thanks to the band for keeping it real and working you're asses off!!!

  42. Adam Kieffer

    Couldn't agree more dude! Great band! Better people!

  43. Murray's Stuff

    You must be joking??? Clutch are one of the few bands in the rock/metal genre that consistantly produce challenging, intelligent music that makes no attempt to chase "scenes" or pander to the lowest common denominator!
    Seriously, go see 'em live and prepare to be blown away.

  44. Jed Schofield

    viva la bam?

    Zach Harper

    Jed Schofield mardi gras episode

  45. TheDrkstr

    Really? In a time where most heavy rock is either watered down metal or regurgitated old tunes this band has consistently churned out the best original non metal music for 20+ years.

  46. GeneralDiffuse

    Where have I heard this song before.

  47. Courtney Teague

    We eagerly await your response and your best defense.

  48. MrWalkingguy

    Something like 'Ms. Faithhealer'

  49. andygrimster

    you're why sarcasm is so fun

  50. sillileivos

    Oh, how so? If you could list some bands which have same tune or similar "groove"? This song prolly aint most unique peace of their production... but still it clearly is Clutch song.

  51. Megadethfans Areajoke

    This band doesn't sound very unique or original.

    Brent Saylor

    Megadethfans Areajoke hahahahahahahahahaha! Good one!

  52. kent schulz

    I shat myself once at a live concert. Yes, it was Clutch. No, I was not drunk. Not the proudest moment of my life, but I was jumping and singing as if possessed by the music.................or the chili dog at lunch.


    I laughed so hard when I read this... no, I am not 12

  53. Ions11

    Go fetch my stars...

  54. channel X - Detroit

    they are referring to the dislikes, not how many people are in CLUTCH...

  55. Roki B

    Shed not a tear for humanity.

  56. clint mullins

    dude, theres always been four. Your oblivious to reality and good taste in music!

  57. Robbie Cole

    The obvious dickheads have bred - there are four of the thick fuckers now! :-(

  58. AmericanIdiot181

    great freaking song

  59. SexyBanjo

    I listened to this song while taking a dump and I shat out a luchador.

  60. Matt Encina


  61. austin brymer

    Best song ever heard

  62. dakota heidleberg

    when i got
    married and i had niel play at my house it was beast cost me a shitload of money but who gives a shit clutch rules


    dakota heidleberg fuck.....lucky. Worth it. Once in a lifetime experience.

  63. 31CaptHowdy13

    Clutch is so clutch

  64. Weep Weep

    don't fetch my cards

  65. Costis St

    Noun 1. curandera - a Mexican woman who practices healing techniques inherited from the Mayans
    healer, therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy

  66. Acousticnoiseuk

    actually it doesnt. its just most translators dont find a corresponding word in english most of the time

  67. XtrAvaGent46

    correction, the dislikes were accidents! xD

  68. 111vnderbnder111

    Don't catch 9 cars?

  69. Tomo Leather

    It means The Healer

  70. llenin6767

    Yup, take a break Neil. We got this lyric-writing stuff covered.

  71. Keith Buhrman

    epic jam starts at 1:54

  72. llenin6767

    Goat fletch mice tars?

  73. TheHostileWest

    No, it's "Go fetch my stars". Stars are obviously belonging to clutch.

  74. James

    I eat lemons on the toilet sometimes.

  75. llenin6767

    @thorndarkblade No, its "don't french my stars". Stars are obviously to hot to tongue-kiss them.

  76. Holly

    Would you not give quarter to a demon giving treatment to his wounds?

  77. MrSluggoSir667

    What happened to the LOVE button?

  78. bassmonster07

    awesome song

  79. ezernut9mm

    @iluvbilliejoe08 absolutely, and i thanked you...twice. i'm just jabbin' at ya. relax.

  80. ezernut9mm

    @iluvbilliejoe08 so you had to come on here and let us all know how you felt... again, thanks for sharing.

  81. ezernut9mm

    @iluvbilliejoe08 thanks for sharing. now back to the side of the road with ya! there!

  82. Pablo García

    The Spanish accent is horrible, but the song is great.

  83. sedat yıldız


  84. dhylan spano

    @sk8kevhdf It means "the faith healer"

  85. Thrashard91

    a folk healer woman is the define meaning of "Curandera"

  86. Timothy Walker


  87. deathninja771

    La Curandera, I believe its Latin for "the whales vagina".All kidding aside,love the song,love Clutch.There is none higher in my book.

  88. theeja A

    2 People are obvious dickheads! CLUTCH ARE WITHOUT QUESTION ACE

  89. angryRed69

    @savydo6 thank u this song makes alot more sense now!!

  90. Blah Anger

    @sk8kevhdf la meaning the , curandera meaning healer btw :p

  91. ChefJFK

    the midway point reminds me of Ghostbusters... but then it rocks hard as fuck

  92. AshMonday

    Two people have failed to be cool.

  93. colocho chaparra

    if i die today i`ll go happy knowing i had clutch in my life..rock on

  94. colocho chaparra

    if i die today i`ll go happy knowing i had clutch in my life..

  95. ezernut9mm

    it says right in the song what a "la curandera" is...mouth full of sand....

  96. HeilSatan

    @sk8kevhdf That's exactly correct - and it's also the title of a play.

  97. Rob DeClue

    La Curandera means The Curandera in Spanish.

  98. Blah Anger

    @sk8kevhdf la = the Curandera = Healer it's a spanish opera I thinks

  99. Trae Rivera

    I love how Clutch has so many spanish influence songs.
    This one being one of them.
    This song makes me happier with every second.
    THAT'S 5:32 seconds of x100 happiness people!