Clutch - Abraham Lincoln Lyrics

Oh Abraham Lincoln, carried across the street.
Oh Abraham Lincoln, carried across the street.
The assassin, the coward,
shot him in the head.
The assassin, the serpent,
Struck him then he fled.

Oh many many many people, gather to hear the word.
Oh many many many people, tremble at what they've heard.
Snickering, drunkards, from cover of dark.
Treachery's their master,
murder is their heart.

From the table, rips his chair.
Cross the people on the stairs.
Watch the limbs running for.
All across a empty bar.

Oh Abraham Lincoln, buried him in his grave.
Oh Abraham Lincoln, buried him in his grave.
The assassin, the coward, no grave for you.
The assassin, the actor, no cross for you.

From the table, rips his chair.
Cross the people on the stairs.
Watch the limbs running for.
All across a empty bar.

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Clutch Abraham Lincoln Comments
  1. Proraptor

    Everyone keeps talking about riffs.....what about the amazing vocals?

  2. Paul Dempsey



    I would be very worried as IT IS GOING TO BE BIBLICAL.


  5. john bunton

    I would like to thank beavis and butthead for playing a shogun named Marcus. Otherwise I may never have found clutch and my life would be incomplete.

  6. Jim Deighan

    What a riff man, what a riff!!

  7. Into the Void

    Best song to jam in the shower while drinking beer, perfect

  8. POPPY 1776

    Abraham Lincoln would kick a LIBERALS ass today.and the REPUBLICANS are going to kick it again.including liberal bands.

    Lies, Lies, Lies other then Jesus Christ

    Cut yourself loose from that Talmudic web we’ve all been stuck in at one point in time.

  9. Thunderforall *

    Do I hear a billion!?!?

  10. Pig Ford

    Clutch is probably the greatest underground rock band of all's like they do everything the way it should be done

  11. Case Christa

    Most underrated band of all time. Gonna c them on Dec 31th

  12. Sam Drake

    Clutch has never fallen into the trap as most bands -- everything starts sounding.the same With Clutch, each song has it's own signature. No two songs match.

  13. Wayne Rolfe

    Lots of negativity I'm a monster of 60/70 Rock this is as badass as anything so if you don't like fuckyourself n listen somewhere else🎸🎸🔉🔉👊🏻👊🏻

  14. KainedbutAble123

    I think the lyrics are wrong online for this. Going by Fallon's comments on the writing of the song I hear:
    From the temple, grips his chair, watch the people at the stairs, watch the leaves rot and fall, all across the empty mall"


    I mean, those lyrics make more sense for the subject matter

  15. KainedbutAble123

    So powerful. Can someone make a video of this song with historical photos etc. That would make it even more awesome.

  16. Chad Barker

    The most metal song about a president, ever.

    Vernon Watts

    Not about a president by today's standards but how about Genghis Khan by iron maiden?

  17. M Morales

    Best in the business.

  18. Nahid Ul Islam

    extraordinary and brilliant. Let see in willing of Allah how unique will they remain in history of music/art (/Karma). Thanx & ciao evry body.

  19. northyorkguy2012

    Just seen them tonight in Toronto ,great fucking band !

  20. Blake Doll

    clutch Fucking rule

  21. franco gonzalez

    Awesome band fuck yeah!

    Karen Cooksey

    ROCK ON BRO !!

  22. Michael P

    thanks for the upload.... whats up with all the empty sound at the end of every track?


    are you stupid? the description literally says why the extra minutes are there: an error on the uploader's part.

    and if you're really so stupid as to think scanning for licensed music is done by looking at total video length, you're a lost cause.

    Michael P

    oh my bad so sorry i did not read the description because I WAS ROCKING MY MOTHER FUCKING FACE OFF TO CLUTCH!! do a better job next time.

  23. senorstrangelov

    treachery is their master , murder is their art!!! damn man this song gave me chills. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.


    I saw the pillow he died on
    ..Clutch delivered

  24. Nuke Nukem Nuked Em

    Marianno. As a mason, I've never sold my soul. As for you conspiracy nuts. Ask 1 2 be 1. You'll find out, even our secrets are benevolent. Those who besmirch us, know nothing. Fear of the unknown is legitimate, but fear and hate is stupid.

    Grayson Goss

    why yall kill kennedy then? and his brother? and his son? and mlk? answer the question.. why only 3rd degree or higher presidents after yall killed mr. kennedy? your 600 year old grandma sucks.


    The real secret of the Masons is a quickie saw with a diamond blade.



  26. numb3r 6

    Holy shit those drums is bad ass.

    Tanıl Tellikurşun

    holy shit those drums is bad.

    Sam Drake

    numb3r 6 Holy shit those drums is bad Ass.


    this is kick ass. best band going.

    Frank Kahnert

    Bad as Hell CLUTCH is!

  28. dirtshaman

    I have the body of John Wilkes Booth part 2?

    Vernon Watts

    Which part? top or bottom?

    Tyler sprague

    I think body of john Wilkes booth might be a sequel to this son, due to the fact that john wilkes booth fled and was killed some miles away in a barn. So says the us government.

    Richard Cambre

    dirtshaman yeah I would like that


    Today, you made a sick discovery

  29. Friedfish Ruff

    I simply love this song! It sums up all the things I dig about Clutch - Badass riffing, badass basstone, sick drumming, awesome lyrics and singing all held together by THE groooooooove! They reign!

    Thunderforall *

    It was only fitting....after finding the body of John Wilkes Boothe

  30. Geek37

    Clutch...the best stoner/metal/rock band ever? 

    They are awesome whatever genre they fit into.

    Pro Snagger

    I'd say biker music haha they're their own genre. Clutch is a genre.


    +MrThemathgeek37 /Blues

    Amariei Calin

    Though they're a pretty unique band I put 'em in the stoner category, along with Orange Goblin.

    ryan c

    Geek37 ever? I don't know sublime and quotsa are tough competition in that category


    @Pro Snagger Exactly! genre is Clutch and no one does it better

  31. 493john

    that snare drum is the SHIT!

    Tanıl Tellikurşun

    that snare drum is SHIT!

  32. TA392

    Saw this live a couple nights ago; Fallon played rhythm on it as well, and it sounded fucking amazing, even better than the album version.


    they took my shit at a the last concert I went to- 3 jays. assholes.


    the assassin the coward. bad ass . I fuc#[email protected] love- CLUTCH.

  35. Mik Mlynek

    jesus fucking christ take your complaining somewhere else!

    Dannie Laird

    Please, don't take the Lord's name in vain. Thanks.

  36. johnnyboy562

    i know right, sounds pretty arrogant when they say shit like that

  37. George Pan

    You are right on that but music is not about true musicians.. it's about fans.. want it or not, mainstream music reflect the audience and as you see there is no musical education..

  38. AsTheSeasonsGray

    Love that nasty, bluesy feel these guys have. At 1:27, you can practically feel the mud running through your veins.

  39. Dan Christmann

    Not sure what you guys mean by simplicity. Sure the main riff doesn't need a whole lot of skill to play, but the way the music is layered and composed is anything but simple.

  40. J Harju

    Speak for yourself, self-serving little "musician". Nothing makes you less credible than contradicting yourself by saying Clutch is simple and then advertising Queens Of The Stone Age, a band that also plays quite simple (but equally creative) Rock music.

    Getting over yourself could be the best decision you'll ever make. I recommend it.

  41. Wysefool

    I'll admit their music is usually simple, but it's really on-point and Neil has some GREAT lyrics. This is a bit of a bad example but a lot of the songs have some great wordplay going for them!

  42. TheJanamaker

    A clutch fan and a Big Lebowski fan. You cant go wrong with that combo!


    Well that's just like...your opinion man.

    Into the Void

    @112steinway Shut the fuck up Donnie

    Jeff Martin

    Nothing is fucked here dude
    Nothing is fucked

  43. Night Fury

    david gilmoure agrees

  44. Tim Mason

    I think youre completely misunderstanding the whole "to each his own" type of thing. Get fucked

  45. 87Gabor

    good shit!

  46. Azazel Acheron

    Stop listening to bullshit radio friendly music...

  47. Miss Smith

    Clutch played a 3 hr set at CTO few years back for twenty kicked out after the first set cuz a buddy lit up....he still owes that me 20 bucks.


    Sucks, the Clutch concert I was at had tight security too... Still managed to light up but it just didn't seem right to be like that at Clutch/CoC!

  48. FerretOverlord

    >>Overly simple
    >>QotSA isn't simple music

    I really hope you don't think QotSA is muscally complex

  49. penlikker

    Or just desert/stoner.

  50. steve bell

    The nu age of the 70`s man Gibbo`s playing ,and yer bk there , Big Love x


    This band only sings about the GRAND ARCANUM,While they are a kick ass rock band they have nothing in common with me

  52. severewindnoise

    there is no better music

  53. gunfuego

    you need to listen to better music...

  54. thevidshow13

    do you see the dislike bar? I don't ether

  55. pocketlint60

    That first one is an opinion and the other two are simply false.

  56. MaritimeViper

    Fuck the fucking Eagles too man!

  57. Chris Purolover

    If every band would have equal success to their quality Clutch would rule the fucking world. Cheers brother, rock out!

  58. GladStoneFoxhound

    i have a new favorite band! Why have i not heard of these guys?

  59. govhater4

    Abraham Lincoln was the coward, assassin, and actor..

    Donovan Barrett

    Fuck off and eat shit you racist bitch.


    @Donovan Barrett Lincoln was a tyrant.

  60. IAmBound

    It really bothers me when musicians say they can't listen to simple stuff. Sometimes simple is better.

  61. sammanzhi

    Hey now, just because somebody said something dumb about Clutch doesn't mean you should go bashing Megadeth. They're both great and completely unrelated bands.

  62. mouni klameno

    dude u r totally right!!!The Regulator is epic!!!!fuck the rest baby!!!!

  63. Nidhogg12321

    Sorry man but I've been a musician for a long time and I still find this shit gold.

  64. Fourhand1917

    I was looking up the lyrics to this song, and I was confused when I saw that it was "the serpent", and not "sonbitch".

  65. bob johnson

    Theres a reason Kirk Hammett left Exodus, they were to heavy and badass for him and they wouldnt let him suck their dicks like Lars and James do, so he called up Lars and Lars said "sure come on out, give us a round of blow jobs and try your best to play this Future hit song Dave wrote called Seek and Destroy, and after you swallow all of our sperm, play this other great song Dave wrote called The four horsemen". True story i swear.

  66. NuclearGuru350

    hey man, that's excessive.

  67. SuperWhiteMan420


  68. Nectarbro

    i describe clutch as psychedelic country rock. best i could come up with.

  69. DEATHrocket777

    Your opinion sucks, but that's just my opinion.

  70. Michael Mattson, Jr

    To be technical, the genre would be Stoner/Blues/Rock.

  71. Quentin Hamilton

    or because he was always drunk maybe?

  72. MakeupInMaking

    shits badass....u dont like tough sheet

  73. CaptainBeaverballs

    I love Megadeth, and I like Clutch a lot. Why you gotta hate on others' music?

  74. Tea time

    thay soud hawe put it on to the itro of the movie abraham linkon ampire killer.

  75. NuclearGuru350

    Chill? I'm chill. I've been chill for the past 7 months since I posted that comment, on my own video. Just because I don't share your opinion doesn't mean I need to "chill the fuck out." How about you chill, brah?

    Also, I respectfully disagree.

  76. randall eastridge

    pure rock fury

  77. Thomas Blithe

    Why all the hate for Megadeth?

  78. DEATHrocket777

    Fuck Megadeth. There's a reason Dave Mustaine couldn't stay in Metallica: he sucks!

  79. mmcnak47


  80. MClostworld

    Absolutely! Clutch plays Rock pure and simple...It's a matter of fact!!!

  81. ThePowerExcess

    One can like Megadeath and one can like Clutch. Also, one can like both.
    Comparing bands is pointless and vexing.

  82. brolykill545

    This is good...But Megadeth fucking rules.

  83. loomerlol

    It's fair to say Clutch's riffs may not be particularly complicated, but they nonetheless do what they do -very- goddamn well. What they do is well constructed songs with fantastic lyrics and a surprising amount of symbolism.

  84. 111vnderbnder111

    What?!?!?!?! All I ever listen to is Clutch and Megadeth!

  85. channel X - Detroit


  86. Wickedtriple

    I grew up in Rome. Wish they had played when I still lived up there.

  87. Iain Bell

    As a musician I find that plainly silly to find Clutch boring. Have you listened to the lyrics that Fallon puts out. Absolutely fantastic! I'll admit Strange Cousins isn't my favourite album, but check out the rest of them.

    Also, as someone else said, Fuck Megadeth.

  88. MadMax55777

    Its interesting...I listening Clutch, but don't even hear of Megadeth.But I love this band.

  89. George Bynum

    Dude, I'm a muscian, and I think this shit kicks ass. It's simple blues riffs, but it feels good to the soul. Blues is a beautiful thing, my brother, don't judge it, feel it. The roll of the drum, the whine of the guitar, the thump of the bass. It's simple, it's beautiful, and it's perfect.

  90. 111vnderbnder111

    Clutch are GODS


    People who hate Clutch can suck it

  92. NuclearGuru350

    i saw Clutch in Syracuse a few months ago and when they played this i had to laugh to my friend: "I was the one who put this shit on youtube when it came out! They don't even know it!"

  93. CenterClarity

    Hey man, as much as I agree with you, I love Megadeth :P

  94. Trdls

    FYI bonetap, don't use word's like overly simple and musician's ear in a same sentence. I'm a musician and to me. Their simplicity is the genius. Overly complicated is a problem too to some. What you have expressed here is your OPINION, not a fact of life about musicians in general.

  95. NuclearGuru350

    this is a very minimalist kinda song but not all of their stuff sounds like this. have you ever heard The Regulator? Or anything off Robot Hive Exodus? Or their self titled album? Also, fuck Megadeth.

  96. Bone Tap

    Clutch is not terrible. It's just SO FUCKING BORING. It's so overly simple that to a musician's ear, it's almost sickening to listen to. I've tried to like this band so many times over the years, but at some point I just have to admit that I am averse to their sound. You want a band in a similar vein that REALLY fucking rocks, check out The Dead Weather, Queens of the Stone Age... or just kick it up a notch and listen to some fucking Megadeth. Either way, I like to say fuck alot so FUCK!!

  97. Dave L.

    Preach brother. Amen, amen.

  98. richard danger

    @gh3tt0bl4st4 Dude everything gets better when your drunk thats why people drink. Ugly chicks get prettier, fat chicks get skinnier! And mediocore songs sound like stairway to heaven. Tell ya what, go get hammered and listen to Starland Vocal Band's "sky rockets in flight". I guarentee you'll sing along.

  99. ninjaaassp

    @ballzunhairy fffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggg...

  100. richard danger

    @nonicknamekid2010 Well its just my opinion, i can except yours. But one time i was in this bar with my friend todd when an inebriated homosexual male came burshing through the door to play this inparticular clutch song 39 times on the jukebox before whisking away our male bartender for a little midnight climax. I was left feeling slightly disgusted and cofused. Why would clutch do this to me? Why? I bet they were listening to this song during and after the hard yet sensual night of ass play.