Clutch - 50,000 Unstoppable Watts Lyrics

Airstreams tethered together like silver sleeping oxen
All the best locations are located on the margins
Suited for telescoping the interstellar scene
It's a mean killer in the daylight, but that's life for you and me
It's a reliable source of information.
Fifty thousand unstoppable watts.

Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor.

What if I told you they been lying
About that double wide with water rights?
And now the town cars are back again!
They sold you some old line
About the greater good and sacrifice
Your friends from Langley are back again!
It's a reliable source of information
Fifty thousand unstoppable watts.

Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor.
Coming at you live!

It's just some people can only see the stars
In the reflection from big black cars.
It's a reliable source of information
Fifty thousand unstoppable watts.

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Clutch 50,000 Unstoppable Watts Comments
  1. Domenick Stewart

    First time in a couple years watching this video and just realizing those robot schematics are for the ones in Burning Beard

  2. SevernWomble

    Am I that only one who sings this to my cat?
    "50000 unstoppable cats..."
    No. Just me then.

  3. marc mo

    the lead is wearing a Mastadon shirt. He alright with me.


    Watch Blood and Thunder @ Red Rocks 5 - 3 - 2015

  4. William Wofford

    Why do I want to buy an airstream caravan all of a sudden...

  5. Bill Schuch

    Still one of my favorite Clutch tunes!

  6. Ors Tari

    that guy at 3:08:D:D:D

  7. Kathleen ziggrl

    Alex Jones brought me here.

    Discharge Summary

    Kathleen ziggrl me too

  8. Heil Honkler

    A general distrust of government has never sounded so good

  9. Paulbyron Desfosses

    2:44 pm 4/10-11/2019 ... 361886vwz... cmtn 202 ... 3014 holiday dr. 70131 ...nov wk 1-2..monday...

  10. Cindy Fairbrother

    This band is exactly what the doctor ordered. So big time Thanks.

  11. Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    Deaf forever

  12. James Virostek

    What if i told you they been lying about that double wide with water rights

  13. bandpassmess


  14. andrea layne glad i finally figured out i was coming at people live and i qlways felt weird shit, that WATCHED feeling 24 7.Its just anyone i told said, no Andrea its ur gd schizophrenia, but still i dont know if its still going on or wtf to do.ive told my mental health people, and the only 2 guys ive dated seriously in yhe past 2 yrs, noone around here seems to be able to come up w an answer


    Hujowe piosenki, ale nadal da się żyć. Także wysyłam siusiu w kopertce.

  16. Sunglass Shinpan

    Who is the woman in this vid?? 😍😍

  17. Edward Berry

    *opens video/stream in VLC player* | *puts on repeat while playing audio only/disables video* hehehe

  18. Mike Spiegelhalder

    My gott Bronislav b b. Á áé

  19. Jay Gobolos

    Free Alex Jones!

  20. Kathleen ziggrl That's how I found this song.

  21. Dingleberry Handpump

    The girl in the video is a babe!

    Also, Clutch rules!

  22. trinketgobblin brought me here

  23. Billy Costa

    Thank Christ for Clutch......!

  24. George Gallagher

    INFOWARS 🇺🇸✔

  25. DrLongshlong1 wiseman

    How in the hell does a band this damn good be about for 20 fekkin years before I heard of em? CLUTCH FOR PRESIDENT! Much love from the UK.

  26. John doe

    The woman in the video as some of the best looking arms I can recall on YouTube out of the past 10,000 videos I've watched. They have just that perfect amount of definition plus no tattoos like all of the other sheeple women followers have these days.
    Oh and she has a very pretty face also

    Dustin Adolf

    So if you get a tattoo your sheep?

    John doe

    Your a follower.

    Dustin Adolf

    @John doe Do you mow your lawn? Drive a car? Watch movies? When you decide to come down off that two story horse your riding I'll be here to congratulate you. Lol

  27. Mike R


  28. thomas mahon

    I love you guys so much! I love that you have the schematics for the Robots that are in the Burning Beard video in this...oh the continuity!!! Please never stop rocking the earth!

  29. Clint Mullins

    Watch Jean Paul's corner
    So effortless..

    Clint Mullins

    Really all of them, but go to a show..
    How DO they conjure up that energy? (CSHHHH, cshh, csh.. (radio.)
    Gonna c ca ca callit effortless now?
    Huh Booker T?

  30. Culler Crew

    dude frederick md really? i am in cecil county rock on man!

  31. jonny290

    official ham radio dirtbag anthem

  32. James Baker

    Alex Jones brought me here

    Alex86 Alex86

  33. Brian Scott

    fort detrick baby!

  34. Richard Lee

    Thank you! \m/

  35. elena skrypnikova

    I discovered Clutch only two days ago, shame shame I 've never heard about them before. They are GREATEST ! Powerful sound , incredible vocals. Blowing !!!

  36. Sunglass Shinpan

    As Wikipedia says, Definately "Stoner Rock!" 🌿😎😳🔥

  37. Sunglass Shinpan

    Who is the woman in this vid? 😍🔥

  38. Concussed 1

    And liquor!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  39. Crank Lab Explosion - lab central

    Not here because of some right wing menace but because blues rock kicks ass.

    Sean STRYKER

    "right wing,left wing, same f*ckin' bird!"--george carlin...admired by one AJ

  40. Laszlo Gorcsi

    good music

  41. calmlike abomb

    Best band ever

  42. Michael McLaughlin

    The song & vid are great ..but that girl ..she is hot🔥 ..saw the guys early 90s

    I always think of the band Anthrax when I hear this song.

  43. Brian Coleman

    read between the lines then you get this tune ace

  44. Andi Layne

    which i DID

  45. Bo Gonzales


  46. Andi Layne

    suppose I'm trying to contact Jean Paul, can someone have him call me?

  47. DX295.3

    I am sorry but from the pit of my stomach while enjoying such an amazing song... I can't help but wonder.... who the fuck is the guy reading the magazine in some of the background clips of Tim Sult??? Again, I apologize, but....

  48. Heil Honkler

    Alex Jones brought me here.

  49. Matt Aaron


  50. Mightypi

    I saw that cheeky FieldNotes. Show yourself Draplin

  51. Sofia

    Sometimes I wish I had a beard of my own.

  52. John Pickens

    def talking about KAAY and XELO... I could listen to those stations on the other side of the rockies

  53. Carmicha3l

    Free Alex Jones

  54. George Gallagher

    Infowars. 🇺🇸 brought me here. Kick ass song. 👍🙂

  55. Bob Maze

    Neil is SOUL DEFINED

  56. Red State

    1776 is the answer to 1984!

    Ronaldo Murphano

    @Spike 70 yeah back in the day Alex was more likeable. He used to not be a total

    Discharge Summary

    Turn the frickin frogs gay 🌈

    joe raines

    joe raines

    @Spike 70 Alex Jones was talking about Jeff Epstein 15 years ago. If you listen to his show you would know that 90 percent of what he brakes is true.

    Spike 70

    joe raines I don’t listen to his show at any length these days as he lost it jumping on, and then off, the populist ticket. His show was fun before he went ratings Uber alles, if you catch my drift....

  57. RealRobert Hours

    I want to infect that chick with my personal doctrine.

  58. King Alpha

    Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor.

  59. Room 237


  60. D Lll

    Who is the Hottie behind the computer? Looks like the girl from Tomb Raider.

  61. catbird

    Very fine Alex Jones Show bumper.

  62. Dan Anderson

    I don't tend to like modern rock...but i just love these guys ,,they rock :)

  63. D Lll

    I have to pause this video so many times. There are sooooo many pictures that flash in the background that all have meaning. Remarkable video.

    Paul Taylor

    I pause everytime I see that chick.

  64. Roberto Moreno

    Who else is here because Alex Jones played Clutch during his radio show today? Anthrax and radio baby!!!! MAGA KAG BABY!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪💪

    Andrew Fernie

    Roberto Moreno Uh... No. Alex Jones is untreatable. A man to be pitied and tolerated, up to a point.

    Sean STRYKER

    @Andrew Fernie and why is that?

  65. Matthew Davies

    What album is this from? I can't remember!


    Matthew Davies ...Strange Cousins from the West

  66. beyondthetruth


  67. Robert Stringer

    I saw them in Beaumont Texas with the Bakerton Group. One hell of a show!!!

  68. sanjurodog

    I had that same German army jacket in high school!

  69. Muhammad Shafiq

    This band and Karnivool and two of my new cherished discoveries

  70. cabij

    Hard Rock didn't disappoint

  71. ブランク

    Ha never noticed before but at 2:23 and a few other spots there's a window open with the robot model from the Burning Beard video

    Andi Layne

    I'm checking that shit

  72. mikessaints


  73. Ian S

    Infowars baby!

  74. Heather Comeaux

    Neil Fallon is sexy as hell. That's real.

  75. Karl Reimers

    50K unstoppable watts - Anthrax HAM RADIO & LIQUOR (MOONSHINE)!

  76. LesPendens1

    Hi, Alex sent me.

  77. Jstall7543

    This song has everything! Love it!

  78. Nigel Wang

    Anthrax, and radium, and liquor

    jeff wannemacher

    Anthrax,Hamm Radio, and liquor

  79. idontcare

    I'm convinced this is what gods voice sounds like

  80. Antonio Cutino

    Great Band!!!

  81. Solo Travis

    Clutch has another track I like alot called : x ray visions

    Chaz bono

    Big Fat Pig and Revelator are alo fantastic

  82. smp156


  83. Ms. Suzy Lee

    Sexy Boys

  84. Heath Sylvester

    Luvn sum Clutch!Hells yeah,catch ya on Dec.15 in. P-town.Tear it up boys

  85. no name

    Yo clutch has this sound that i cant explain


    Exactly. Turned my buddy onto Clutch last week. He had asked what kind of music they're like. I honestly couldn't explain it. After he listened he said Clutch is what he imagines bootlegging moonshine would sound like it it had a sound. Having been a bootlegger I think that's the best description of Clutch's sound Ive heard. Great stuff!

    work horse

    Listen to more 70s hard rock if you wanna know where this sound comes from.

    Austin Hubb

    No one can. Clutch is a genre all their own. They're just Clutch.

    Heil Honkler

    Pent a tonic rock and roll

  86. bicylindrico

    Makes me think of Monster Magnet. Another kick ass band

  87. Mario Vuic

    Daaaaamn gooood stuff......Greetings from Croatia!!

    Sunglass Shinpan

    Hey fellow slav; 🇵🇱🇺🇸here. ✌💪🌿😎

  88. EnigmaX28

    Dammit it ended a few seconds prematurely

  89. Joey D

    Who's the girl?  Man! She's cute! 
    I first heard this as bumper music on the Alex Jones Show. And Shazam, here it is!

    Not my fault

    I've been trying to figure out who that girl is since this video came out in 2009 and no luck at all so far. Makes me think it's someone in the band's S/O or something.

    Joey D

    Not my fault She looks like she could be part Asian. Super cute.

    Matthew Wilson

    I'm guessing somebody's daughter :-)


    she is Girly #7. she is married. to Mr. #7, so hands off all yall pervs.

  90. rocklobster900

    Alex Jones anyone?

    Matt Roberto

    The only good thing about Alex Jones is he uses a sample from "Escape from the prison planet"

  91. Kristopher mathis

    I think their drummer is top notch!!!!

    Andi Layne

    for real!!!!!!


    He is a master of groove

    sm d

    JP for the win

    thomas mahon

    Saw an interview where Neil says that he practices for hours everyday they are on pays off!

    Daniel Kreiss

    Jean-Paul does more with less. So whoever says a drummer needs 9 million Symbols is out of their mind!!!

  92. BlackWhite96

    When the client wants another field in the registration form...

    "All the best locations are located on the margins"

  93. Gary Dolphin

    its a reliable source of information....

  94. Mark Wright

    Lyrics to every clutch song are Tom Waits Esq yet totally original and always executed with a military discipline.

  95. Chicken Soup

    I love how have they been like this from the beginning!
    They r just amazing!(+_+)(+_+)(+_+)

    work horse

    Na, their early stuff was hardcore then they grew up and started playing real music.

  96. AshGBoxing

    This reminds me of the matrix sort of...
    the lyrics : "What if I told you..." sort of shit, then the dudes in suits and shades pop in. and all the shit about computers and getting controlled and shit Maybe its just me

    Adam Cochran

    Double wide with water rights...

  97. rtrumble

    Here because of the Alex Jones Show


    Played it again today...never heard it before. Go Infowars!

    Mark Liebsch

    @Dyros55 Ditto


    you guys know that Neil clarified within the last year or two that conspiracy stuff is just fun to him and he didn't realize how seriously people actually took it, right?

  98. Eddie The Head

    My dad for this album around the time it came out and listened to a lot. I was 9 then. I specifically remember the chorus.

  99. VisionOfTJ

    Jesus christ this is sooooo good. I love this band.

    Derrick Tyson

    Jesus Christ is better! He died to save you! Give your life to Jesus Christ before it is too late, friend!